Message Board from a Roadside Find

Hello sweet Friends and welcome to Trash-to-Treasure Tuesday, my favorite!! If you are new around here, welcome! Once a month I get together with some super talented ladies to share makeovers. Be sure to look for the links to their projects at the bottom of this post. 🙂

My project today actually was trash…I found this on the curb when I was out running errands last week:

Now why would someone toss a perfectly good frame?

The original mirror was missing when I found it, and I guess it was lucky for me that someone couldn’t see the potential in it!

A little chicken wire and some hooks turned this into the perfect place to hang a few photos and other favorite things:

Turn an old dated mirror frame into the perfect photo backdrop or message center!
A simple white makeover was all this frame needed to update it. This is my new-found Bit of Sugar by Behr that I made into DIY Chalk Paint. (I added a video showing how I make it to that tutorial if you missed it.)

This white isn’t quite as stark as the Ultra Pure White that I usually buy right off the shelf, which I still love too, but this has more of a vintage white feel to it.  I’ve included a few affiliate links to help you find the products I used.

Those pretty curves are more accentuated now…


Turn an old dated mirror frame into the perfect photo backdrop or message center!

Some black and white photos of my favorite people bring it to life:

My youngest helper…

Being poked with chicken wire isn’t my favorite way to spend an afternoon,  but once you get it started, it’s pretty easy to secure it using a staple gun. (This cheapie one is the one I use and love!)

Secure chicken wire to your frame with a staple gun.

Trim the excess with wire snippers. (These are awesome.)

Turn an old dated mirror frame into the perfect photo backdrop or message center!

I debated whether to add fabric to that top panel or paint it a different color, but in the end I opted to add a simple stencil instead. You can find the one I used HERE.

Fleur de Lis stencil from

I also made the clothespins to match.

Make matching photo holders using clothespins and scrapbook paper.

I just spray painted them, and then added strips of scrapbook paper using Matte Mod Podge.

Turn an old dated mirror frame into the perfect photo backdrop or message center!

The hooks are from Hobby Lobby and were originally black…

Adding hooks to this frame adds more function.

I used chalk paint on these this time, then sanded a little and sealed with a clear matte spray sealer. (HERE are some almost identical hooks on Amazon if you don’t have a Hobby Lobby near you.)

They add another function to this frame, perfect for necklaces, keys, or leashes.

Turn an old dated mirror frame into the perfect photo backdrop or message center!


Turn an old dated mirror frame into the perfect photo backdrop or message center!

You won’t find this on the curb anytime soon now!

Turn an old dated mirror frame into the perfect photo backdrop or message center!

And don’t forget my friends are sharing makeovers today too!

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I hope you enjoyed this edition of Trash-to-Treasure Tuesday! {You’ll find all of my Trash-to-Treasure Tuesday projects HERE.}

I’ll be back on Thursday sharing the update of the longer unfinished table I brought out of my parent’s attic:

See ya’ll then! 🙂

UPDATE: Check out how this table looks now HERE!



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  1. Awesome job, just love love it!

  2. Now that’s a score!! You did a fabulous job of giving that frame new life. So refreshed and useful!

  3. Christina in FL says

    Christy, this is so lovely! I’m glad you used chicken wire rather than hardware cloth.
    How did you finish off the back once the chicken wire was stapled in?

    • Thanks, Christina! I left it just as you see it in the photo. I just made sure any sharp pieces were curled inward with needle-nose pliers so nobody poked themselves when picking it up. 🙂

  4. Love what you did with that piece!!! Never would have thought to do what you did!!! You are so creative.

    • Thank you, Sue! I was so excited to find it…like it was just waiting for me to come along 🙂

  5. Sherry Schillaci says

    Oh, I LOVE what you did with this old mirror. I’m so inspired!!

  6. Ooh, how lucky you are! Clearly you have a way better imagination than whoever tossed this to the curb. Your sweet black and white photos are the perfect accessory too. 😉

  7. Don’t you just love the thrill of it when you come across a find that you can envision becoming a lovely re-purposed rescue? I do, that’s always something that will make my day! Great job on this, I love it!

    • Thank you, Terry! And yes!! I was SO giddy to come across this treasure just waiting for me on the curb. It really does have a funny way of making your whole day!! 🙂

  8. This is wonderful, Christy! (Would be perfect for my entry way. 😉 Love the new white color. <3 Another "Christy miracle"!

  9. Sherry Stuifbergen says

    I am going to start watching road sides for “finds” like this one…course it takes a “vision” from a good eye to see the potential. Looks 100% better, really functional piece! You do such GOOD WORK!

    • Thank you, Sherry! I SO appreciate that! I actually rarely find anything good on the curb around here…this was definitely a lucky find for me! XOXO

  10. Mary Kaiser says

    Gotta LOVE free!! I am working on a big curb side FREE dresser right now, It is turning out amazing. To bad I forgot to take a before picture, that’s what always happens when I get something free, I just have to get going to transform and I forget to take pictures!! LOL

  11. This is such a great use for this old mirror frame! Love it.

  12. True trash finds are the best!! I love what you did with this and your sweet babies photos are the perfect finishing touch! xo

    • Yes real trash really is the best, although yours was pretty trashy to start too ha ha! Thanks, Nancy…love being able to sneak my babies in there! XOXO

  13. That is fabulous, I love it. You did a great job. One mans trash right?

  14. Marcie Lovett says

    You find the best trash, Christy! And you make the most delicious treasure from it. Another lovely project.

  15. Annie (Canada) says

    Beautiful and functional! Nice job re-purposing this frame Christy 🙂

  16. Oh wow! This is beautiful! Those matching clothes pins – fantastic! Those hooks are gorgeous! Indeed, this WON’T be found on the curb again anytime soon!

  17. Rose Arroyo says

    Wow I’m impressed, I see mirrors like this all the time and I don’t see what you see hahaha you have a special gift great job.

  18. Nice save, Christy! I like how you repurposed it into a functional display board with hooks. Could be used for so many purposes – love. I just got one similar last week but the mirror was still intact.

  19. Whoa! That was indeed a fabulous find. I can’t believe the things some people just throw out! I guess that’s all the better for those of us with some imagination. 🙂 Beautifully done.

    • Thank you! I know I thought the exact same thing when I saw this…I can’t believe the things people think are trash! Lucky for us though! 🙂

  20. SO CUTE!! I would have rescued it as well! I might have covered a cork board with a pretty cloth and used to pin things to it!!

    • Thank you, Rose! I love the corkboard idea too! People throw away good junk sometimes! 😀

  21. Love, love, love it Christy!! So perfectly shabby ♥
    I’m so glad you shared it at Create, Bake, Grow and Gather this week. I wish I could feature you every week 😉


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