$6 Mirror Update & Super Exciting News!!

Hey there, amazing Friends! I have some super exciting news to share with ya’ll today!!!

But first, as promised on Thursday, I’m sharing the makeover of this mirror I picked up for a mere $6 at the thrift store:


Regretfully, there were two and I only picked up one of them. What was I thinking??

At the time, I wasn’t sure how it would look painted, but I should have known…

Paint has magical powers.

$6 Thrift Store Mirror Update from Confessions of a Serial Do-it-Yourselfer

Am I right? I love how she turned out.

$6 Thrift Store Mirror Update from Confessions of a Serial Do-it-Yourselfer

So chic and elegant!

The frame is Pure White and the grey area is Sparrow by Behr (both made into DIY chalk paint). I used a small brush to get in close to the trim there…

$6 Thrift Store Mirror Update from Confessions of a Serial Do-it-Yourselfer

Still kicking myself for not buying both of them…but I think I was really just trying to be good. I did go back to see if the other one was still there a few days later, but it was gone.

$6 Thrift Store Mirror Update from Confessions of a Serial Do-it-Yourselfer

I hung this here near my dining room for photos, but wouldn’t it be so pretty in a bedroom? Or in a little girl’s room as a dress up mirror?

$6 Thrift Store Mirror Update from Confessions of a Serial Do-it-Yourselfer

This pretty lady has already sold in my booth!

$6 Thrift Store Mirror Updated with DIY Chalk Paint from Confessions of a Serial Do-it-Yourselfer

Now for my super exciting news!!

I have been invited by GMC to travel the World’s Longest Yard Sale in search of incredible finds to help furnish a Habitat for Humanity home for a deserving family in Stone Mountain, Georgia! How COOL is that???? I have been preparing for this challenge my whole life, ya’ll! One of my blogging besties, Nancy from Artsy Chicks Rule, will be going too woohoo! We’ll start our trek Thursday morning in Michigan and make our way along U.S. 127 in awesome GMC vehicles all the way to Georgia! (GMC is covering our travel expenses.)


And the best part? I have the opportunity to help make another family’s dream house feel like a home! I feel so truly honored and blessed to be a part of this adventure. I can’t wait to share more details and pictures with you!! I’ll be sharing on Instagram so you can see what we’re up to along the way!

I’ll still be back here on Thursday though…I’ll be sharing how I redid this bookcase:


Yep, it definitely looks better now!

Wish me luck! 🙂

UPDATE: See how this bookcase looks now HERE, and hear all about my yard sale adventure with GMC HERE!



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  1. Janie Hayes says


  2. This is so exciting, Christy!! You and Nancy are perfect for this challenge and I know that you are going to have loads of fun doing it. I can’t wait to see what you find on the road and to see how you furnish the habitat house.

    • I know, Paula! I am SO excited and honored to be a part of this amazing adventure! Nancy and I have been training for this for years ha ha! XOXO

  3. Oh man, aren’t you the lucky one! My dream job…going on an expenses paid yard sale trip. Could it get any better for you?

  4. Carolyn Price says

    How wonderful!! Could not happen to a nicer or more talented person!
    Congratulations, Christy!!

  5. This is a pretty transformation on this mirror, these old mirrors like this have a new place with some simple updates, love it!! And I think your news to go and do this road trip with Nancy sounds like so much fun, and better yet, with a great purpose. I would love to do something like that. Have a safe and fantastic time :))

    • Thanks, Sandra! I love that I have the opportunity to be a part of something so special! Can’t wait to share the details! XO

  6. How exciting! Congratulations! Sounds like so much fun!!!

  7. That’s fantastic Christy!! Helping others and doing what you love..nothing beats that. ???? Have fun, can’t wait to see it all unfold.

  8. How did you not get the paint on the mirror? I have a small mirror with a lot of wood around it and I would like to paint it a cream or off white color. How can I protect the mirror.
    Can I just paint over the wood?

    Thank you, Georgi

    • Hi Georgi! I removed the mirror from the frame first. That way I could also paint the lip around the inside, but on the back that will be reflected in the mirror. Sometimes it’s a pain to remove the back, but worth it.

  9. Tina Matteson says

    Love it, Christy! Do you have a tip for how to cover the mirror part so paint doesn’t get on it, while painting? I always hate figuring out how to do that.

    • Thanks, Tina! I removed the mirror from the frame first. That way I could also paint the lip around the inside, but on the back that will be reflected in the mirror. Sometimes it’s a pain to remove the back, but worth it! XO

  10. Congratulations! What an amazing opportunity! Do you get to do your magic on the pieces you find, too? Wishing you a safe trip and hoping you find everything you need to make a house a home for that special family.

    • Thanks so much, Carol, I think so too! I hope I will be able to work some magic on at least a couple of pieces, but I know time constraints may be an issue. Thanks for the good luck wishes…I’ll take all I can get! XO

  11. Christy first of all the mirror is awesome! I see those in the thrift stores all the time… next time! Congrats on your road trip, I can’t wait to follow along!

  12. The mirror is gorgeous! Love how it turned out. And what fun! I sure would love to make that trip. I will be following along to see what you find!

    • Thanks, Cecilia!! I am really excited…hopefully we’ll find some lovely things! ????

  13. Sheila Moore says

    What a great mirror. Can’t wait to see what you and Nancy pickup on your road trip. Enjoy!

  14. Love the mirror and all of your pieces. I have been using ASCP for all of my projects but just recently tried your chalk paint recipe. I had to match a paint color so off I went to Home Depot and had them match the color for me. I mixed the calcium carnonate/water with it and I was so impressed! I will he mixing from now on! Thank you so much for sharing!!!.

    • Thanks, Mari!! I’m so glad you like the DIY version. I love it…no need to pay the big bucks anymore! XO

  15. You are one lucky girl. I hope you have the best time ever. Can’t wait to hear all about it.
    PS love the mirror.

  16. Marcie Lovett says

    I saw a similar mirror recently and thought of you, Christy! You know paint is magical! I’m not surprised that mirror flew out of the shop.

    The trip sounds like so much fun and I’m looking forward to the play-by-play.

    • Did you buy it? I had no business buying this one because I probably have about six mirrors already in my garage. Isn’t it sad that I can’t even tell how many exactly lol. Oh well I’ll get my yard sale fix and more this week! XO

      • Marcie Lovett says

        I didn’t buy it because it was so hideous, but I thought about what you would do with it! No yard saling for you, Christy, you need to empty that garage!

  17. Michele Ward says

    How fun!!! Have a great time!

  18. Jeri Walker says

    Has Behr paint changed? I have used the semi gloss interior for year and now the one you show says paint and primer in one???

  19. Gina Keysor says

    How exciting!!! can you just imagine the treasures? Yes I agree with other comments, someone will be very fortunate to have you doing garage sale make overs for their home. Safe and savvy travels! Great score on the mirror.

    • I know, Gina! I am so excited!! Only catch is I won’t have all my tools at my fingertips, so this really will be a challenge, but I am ready!! XOXO

  20. Congrats Christy, that sounds like SO MUCH FUN!! Can’t wait to go along for the ride! and the shopping! This mirror turned out fabulous, I love the gray inset. Yes, the magic of paint!

  21. That mirror!!! It is over-the-top gorgeous! I wish I could say I was the one who picked up the other mirror! 🙁 Have fun on your road trip and helping out Habitat for Humanity…sounds like a ton of fun!

    • Thanks, Kathy!! I wish I could say I picked up the other one as well…don’t know what I was thinking?! Thanks for the well wishes for our trip…so excited! 🙂

  22. Congratulations to you!!!!! Wow, you are so lucky! I hope you have a wonderful thrifty trip. I would love to go, so maybe next year! Happy picking!!! Love the mirror, it is a classic!!!!

    • Thanks, Carole! I have always wanted to go and I am so grateful to be getting a chance to go now, and for a great cause! XO

  23. What a fabulous opportunity!! You will have SO much fun with this. I hope you post all the goodies you find that you turn into treasures for that family. And the mirror…. doesn’t surprise me that it has sold out of your booth already… awesome job!!! Such an inspiration!!

  24. Candy Walsh says

    What a beautiful mirror! Paint truly is amazing!
    Congrats on your upcoming road trip! What a blessing to be able to use your incredible talent to help this family!
    Blessings and prayers for safe travels!

    • Thank you, Candy! Yes, paint is magical! And yes I am so excited to be able to do what I love to help another family. Thanks for the prayers for safe travels!! XO

  25. How freak’n exciting is that!!! You and Nancy are going to have a blast on this road trip and I can only imagine how you both will put your creative spin on all the fabulous thrifty treasures you pick up along the way. Can you pack me in your suit case please? Looking forward to following your antics and have fun fun fun!

  26. Oh I forgot, P.S. the mirror looks fabulous. Love the added gray detail on the top. Pinned to share 🙂

  27. That’s awesome! Have fun!!!

  28. Perfect for you & lucky family you’re helping & lucky you for wonderful opportunity.Now are you taking a semi in case you find gems for yourself? Enjoy it all

    • I know, Margie! This is so my thing…I wish I could bring a semi to fill all for me ha ha! XO

  29. bonnie jay says

    Did you know that little space between the top of the mirror and the mirror itself actually has a reason for being there?

    It’s there intentionally because paintings were always in that spot.

  30. Oh my! That mirror is gorgeous, you really brought new life to her.
    I have done the 127 yard sale and had so much fun, not to mention the great deals I got. I am hoping to do a little of it this year.
    You will be passing pretty close to where I live in Kentucky.
    Have a great time, be careful and stay safe.

    • Thanks, Patty! How lucky are you to live so close the 127 yard sale?? It’s probably best for my marriage that I don’t ha ha. If you see us out there in our GMC shirts, say hello!! XO

      • Haha, don’t think it hasn’t tested mine a time or two., I will be looking for the t-shirts!

  31. Christine says

    Great! Maybe we’ll bump into each other. I’m from Ohio and my two sisters and I do this sale every year. Love the mirror repaint!

    • Thanks, Christine! How fun that you live close enough to go every year! If you see us in our GMC shirts, be sure to say hello!! Hope you find some great deals. 🙂

  32. Wow, what fun! I can’t wait to follow along with that adventure!


  33. Crystal Lyons says

    Such an amazing opportunity. Good for you and Artsy chick, such a blessing and the family you girls design for will be enthralled with their new home. My BFF and I have always wanted to go on this road sale, but school is in session and she teaches special needs. It would be to hard on her students. But God Bless you girls with safe travels.

  34. Mary Kaiser says

    How fun is that!! Love the mirror! You two need to do another video like the one you did shopping together at the thrift store. Have fun!

  35. Christy, if anyone deserves this honor it is you. I have never witnessed a more talented and creative person. You will have so much fun on this adventure. Please don’t get too big though because we would miss you. Have fun and keep us posted please. Oh yea, the mirror turned out beautiful.

    • Aww…you are so sweet, Carole, thank you! I feel so blessed to have this chance to help others, by doing what I love!!

  36. Sherry Pelle says

    What a great opportunity! Enjoy the gorgeous scenery of horse farms in Lexington, KY as you drive through! The mirror is awesome! I’ll be keeping an eye out for one now!

  37. That sounds like an awesome trip!! You and Nancy will have soooo much fun!


    • We are really thrilled to have this opportunity! So far, so good…making our way through Kentucky today! ????

  38. The mirror looks FABULOUS! I love the top area being a different color, it does so much to bring out the details and make them pretty!
    SO cool that you’re doing this trip! How fun to do what you love AND meet a need! My only disappointment is that the sale doesn’t start a smidgen higher. You just miss me! I’m a little north west, more in the Holland MI area. : ) I’m so excited that you’ll be in MI though, haha!!!

  39. Oh girl! I am so happy for you AND jealous all at the same time! I can’t wait to see what you find! (I have a feeling there is more to this story that you probably can’t share. We shall wait and see.)
    WOOHOO!! Have FUN! I know you will!

  40. Annie (Canada) says

    Hi Christy, The mirror turned out beautifully! Congratulations on being chosen, sounds like an epic trip! Not only is it a DIYers dream 🙂 but you get to help full fill a family’s dream of having a home. Can’t wait to see your finds! Happy Shopping 🙂

  41. Good morning Christy and congratulations! I am so glad for you and a tiny bit, okay a big bit wishing I could do the same. Oh what fun you will have and oh how happy a family is going to be when they get to live in a home that you were a part of fixing and brightening! You and Nancy are going to be awesome and I look forward to hearing what it’s like to do all this. God bless you for being a part of blessing someone else’s life. And by the way, the mirror is beautiful!

    • Thanks so much, Joanne!! It was a lot of fun, but a TON of work too! Can’t wait to share more! 🙂

  42. I can’t wait to hear all about it!!