Office Feature Wall Reveal with AirStone

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of AirStone for IZEA. All opinions of this beautiful product are 100% mine!

Hello amazing Friends! On Tuesday I shared a peek at what I was using on the feature wall in my office, and today I am SO excited to share how it turned out!

Remember how it looked not long after we moved in back in August:


It has come a long way since then!

We removed the carpet and discovered we had to raise the floors for the new hardwoods, so we added a layer of luan. Then I painted all the trim and the walls that were not receiving the stone treatment:

I shared a little peek of the feature wall on Tuesday:

I chose to use AirStone, a lightweight stone product, to highlight this wall in my office.

Ready to see it finished??

Here it is!

Feature wall using AirStone from

Isn’t it cool??

This is the reason I painted my desk white. I needed it to be neutral enough to let the beautiful AirStone wall stand out.

Feature Wall using AirStone from

Here it is going in…you’ll see I had my number one helper on hand for this project. 🙂


I love the character that the AirStone has added to this space.

You just apply the AirStone adhesive to the back with a putty knife and stick it to the wall. Easy!


See more details on how I installed it in my teaser post HERE.

Feature Wall using AirStone from

AirStone can be found at most Lowes stores. This color is one of three colors available:

Airstone color chices I chose Birch Bluff.  My room has a ton of light so it really plays up the grays, but as you can see above, it can take on a more beige tone depending on the space.

Feature Wall using AirStone from

You may remember my little sofa I slipcovered back in June. (See that post HERE.) It used to be in our master bedroom, but I love it here in my office!

This faux stone works perfectly with my wall color and flooring:

I still need to hang that clock, but it will go in here somewhere. I also still have to add the quarter round to the base molding.

As you can see I installed the AirStone in between the original moldings that were already in here…

Feature Wall using AirStone from



Feature Wall using AirStone from


Feature Wall using AirStone from

I am still deciding what will go on the wall to the left, but this angle is all set!

Feature Wall using AirStone from

The black and white rug that used to be in my dining room at the old house will probably end up in here. For now, I love coming down the stairs and being greeted by this pretty room! I also still have my frenchy fabric-covered desk chair…I’m still deciding if it will get a new look as well.

I used Airstone just on one wall that did not require any corner pieces, but it can easily be used around corners as well. Here is a short video that shares how:

This product is super easy to install, even for the novice do-it-yourselfer! See more videos and AirStone Inspiration HERE.

It added instant charm to my office wall. You may being seeing a lot of it because wouldn’t it make a great backdrop for my furniture shoots? I think so!

Feature Wall using AirStone

This room is very neutral, but that will allow me to add pops of color with pillows and other accessories if I want. I’m thinking some pretty reds added to the mix will be perfect for the holidays!

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I hope you love it as much as I do!

I’ll be back on Tuesday with my Trash-to-Treasure girls sharing what I did with these skis:

I’m sure you won’t be surprised when I tell where I got them! 😀

UPDATE: No need to wait…see what I did with these skis HERE now!

Have a great weekend!




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  1. Mary Kaiser says

    Wow, it turned out beautiful. That is an amazing transformation!!! I Love it. So talented!

  2. It is absolutely beautiful!!! This room is going to be gorgeous and I love the little settee.
    Blessings Candy

  3. Shellia Ventura says

    Very pretty and very creative. You do such beautiful work. Every time I see that I have something from you I can’t wait to open it and see what you have done now. Thank you for always sharing and being so creative, you really give me a lot of inspiration to do more projects!!!

    • Thank you, Sheilla! I appreciate that so much, and I love that you leave feeling inspired!! XOXO

  4. Wow!????????????. Absolutely Beautiful!!!!

  5. Sherry Schillaci says

    Beautiful!! You’ve got the wheels turning in my head now…;)

    • Thank you, Sherry! When I was done with this wall, I immediately starting looking around to see where else I could add that stone ha ha! XOXO

  6. It looks wonderful. I am familiar with a product called ledger stone that is used around pools but it is so heavy. This product looks similar but far easier to install on a large wall.

  7. Norma Rolader says

    How beautiful thank you for sharing the finished room

  8. Kim Bontrager says

    Oh my gosh!!! It turned out beautifully! What a transformation!

  9. So beautiful! No surprise to me – since I think everything that you create is beautiful! Such a happy room to work in. 🙂 Cute helper, too!

    • Aww thank you so much, Patty! You are so sweet! I love being in this space now, and I was so grateful for that cutie pie of a helper! 🙂 XOXO

  10. Your office is gorgeous; who wouldn’t want to spend time in there? Great job!

  11. What a beautiful room!! I would never want to leave this room. Everything you do amazes me but I had my doubts on this one when you gave the sneak peek. Again you’ve amazed me, I love the whole look! Great job.

    • Thank you, Vivian!! Between you and me, I wasn’t so sure either until it was almost done…then I fell in love! XOXO

  12. Stunning! I would live in that room:) Great job.

  13. Wow!!!! I absolutely love your new office look!!!!

  14. MARCIE LOVETT says

    That is one sweet office, Christy! The settee is perfect in there. Will we be seeing a re-do of the office chair soon?

    • Thank you, Marcie! Now that the room is together, I don’t really mind the office chair so much. 🙂

  15. It’s gorgeous! And yes, it will be a perfect backdrop for your furniture shoots! What a great transformation!

  16. All I can say is wow! thinking where could I put that in my house????

    • Thanks, Roberta! After I was done with this wall, I started looking around my house to see where else I could use that stone ha ha! XOXO

  17. OMG- that turned out gorgeous! ❤️❤️❤️

  18. Susan Pearson says

    Hi Christy!
    Your new office is stunning! You are such a worker bee, or as my husband says, ” a high capacity person”!!! I am always amazed and inspired by your projects. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you, Susan! It seems I am always working on something ha ha! Love hearing that you leave feeling inspired!! XOXO

  19. Oh, Christy! When I saw the sneak peek I said it is pretty but I would probably prefer the plain wall for simplicity. But. When I saw your reveal I was blown away! I think my eyes crossed for a moment. As always I am wowed by your vision and abilities. Great job!

    • So glad to hear you like the finished product, Kimberly! To be honest…I wasn’t 100% sure at first, but once it was done and I saw how well it blended with my wall color, I absolutely loved it! Thank you!! XOXO

  20. Love it and it looks great! Can’t wait to start re-doing some of my house!

  21. It is absolutely Stunningly Beautiful!!!!!! So worth the wait to see it!!

    • Thank you, Amy!! Right?? When it was done, I kept going back and just staring at it ha ha…adds a nice big cozy factor too! XOXO

  22. OMG Christy! This is gorgeous!!! if you were to describe this to me I would say it won’t look that nice because both the accent wall and furniture are similar colors but OMG it really pops!. I guess is the dark floor. I love everything! It looks so clean and tasteful!
    I’m not surprised, everything you do always turns out this amazing.
    Very inspirational! 🙂

  23. Julie Briones says

    Very pretty, Christy! Love how light and airy the room looks/feels! And, love that love seat in there… styling is perfect!

  24. Oh wow Christy! the wall is fabulous. I love the color the texture, I love everything about it.
    Great job.

  25. It looks amazing!! Love it and your new flooring too! Can’t wait to see it in person next week…finally lol! xoxo

  26. I LOVE it Christy! I’m working on my bedroom makeover and might look into Airstone. Seems easy enough to do and adds so much to the room. Your floor is gorgeous too. Not surprised though, you have a real flair for decorating and styling. xo

    • Aww thank you so much, Denise! I really love the texture of the wall…it really adds a cozy factor to the space. I figured if I ever tire of it, I can always paint it white. And yes it is really easy to do! XOXO

  27. Robyn Wright says

    GASP!! I’m. Speechless. Stunning and soothing. I love it!

  28. bonito y elegante, muchas gracias por compartir sus conocimientos y buen gusto por la decoración.

  29. I just love it, Christy!!

  30. Susan Ronnfeldt says

    Your office is amazing and beautiful! You did an awesome job and you are so talented!

  31. Wow! That is beautiful! Your office looks gorgeous! You did a great job….

  32. Maureen Ryan says

    I was so impressed, I showed my husband, and he was “wowed” too! What a lovely and unique effect! Congratulations.

    • Thank you so much, Maureen! My hubby loved it as well! It was surprisingly easy to install too! XOXO

  33. I was not sure but now seeing it done, I like it.

    • Thanks, Rose! Honestly I was a bit unsure myself when I was getting started, but I love the end result! XO

  34. Linda Petersen says

    Fabulous!! I love the look & I think red accents would look beautiful????! What a great room to “have” to spend time in–Lol. Linda

    • Thank you, Linda! And ha ha…I will be spending a lot of time in here so yes…it’s nice to have a pretty room to look at! 🙂

  35. I love it! I have one question, how do you clean it? I know who wants to think about that, but that is always in the back of my mind before I purchase something. Will it be easy to clean?
    It looks great and I especially like it with the dark wood floors. Great contrast. Can wait to see what you do with those skis 🙂

    • Thank you, MaryJean! I hadn’t even thought of that lol, but I guess you could use the little brush attachment on the vacuum maybe? I got a total of three pairs of skis from my neighbor’s curbside trash pile and just had to rescue them! 🙂

      • Just wanted to say that it’s so nice that you take the time to respond to all the remarks from everyone. Some blogs writers don’t do that and although it takes time to respond to everyone, I think your visitors appreciate even just a word or two in response.
        Signed: Just an appreciative visitor.

        • I appreciate that, MaryJean! I love being able to interact with my sweet readers, and without ya’ll this wouldn’t be possible! Have a great weekend! XOXO

    • We vacuum ours

  36. What a great space Christy! I’m a bit 🙂

    • Thank you, Annie! I figure I earned this pretty office space since my office has just been a desk in the living room for the last several years ha ha! XOXO

  37. Unbelievably gorgeous! what an exquisitely pulled together room, I want this as my office lol. This will be fantastic for your photo shoots too! Nice job 🙂

  38. WOW!!! What a transformation! That is really a welcoming room. I’m sure you will love being in there to do your work!

  39. Wow, it is beautiful. I would love this anywhere.

    • Thank you, Robin! When I was finished with this wall, I started looking around to see where else I could use it…adds such a cozy feeling to the space! XOXO

  40. A-MAZ-ING!!! I love, love, lovvvvvvve it!!

  41. Tina Matteson says

    It’s stunning, Christy! Love the decor on your desk too!

    • Thank you, Tina! Now we’ll see how long my desk stays nice and neat like that lol…so far so good! Have a great weekend! XOXO

  42. Beautiful. I love airstone! We just completed our fire place with the blueish color since we painted the dining room navy. It’s simple to use and I love that it’s made from recycled wine bottles

    • Thanks, Kim! I bet your fireplace is gorgeous! I too love how easy it was to install and that it is made from recycled wine bottles! 🙂

  43. Oh goodness, will that ever be a fabulous backdrop for your furniture makeovers! The room is lovely – such a pretty spot to blog.

    • Thanks, Marie! I know the stone is very unexpected, and I wasn’t sure I loved it until it was about 3/4 of the way finished. Now I love it, and yes it will make a fantastic backdrop! Enjoy the rest of your weekend! XOXO

  44. Absolutely gorgeous!!! I love it!!

  45. so beautiful! I want! 🙂

  46. Turned out beautiful!

  47. Where did you get your beautiful desk

    • Hi Danny! I purchased it at Havertys Furniture store about eight years ago. It was originally black, but I painted it.

  48. Jennifer Kaminski says

    The stone is beautiful! I also love the floor. What kind is it?


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