Patio Set Makeover {Outdoor Décor Design Challenge}

Hi Friends! The rain has finally given us a break around here, thank goodness, and my back patio furniture has been desperately crying out for a redo…just in time for this month’s Design Challenge: Outdoor Décor! Seriously, I think I hear it sobbing in the middle of the night, ya’ll.

Take a look at what it was looking like after the neglect of Winter:


See what I’m talking about. Ew. The cushions covers are about two years past due. That rug is just pitiful, and the umbrella was a rescue from my Mom’s trash.

After covering my front glider cushions in this vibrant outdoor fabric:

Outdoor Glider Bench Makeover with new cushion covers from Confessions of a Serial Do-it-Yourselfer

Outdoor Glider Bench Makeover

I knew I wanted to cover my old faded patio cushions in the same fabric.

And here she is…ready to party!

Patio Set Makeover using my Sew EASY Cushion Cover tutorial.

It looks like a totally brand new set, right??

Complete with new rug and umbrella! (Lowes, Walmart)

This set is part of a larger set that I bought when I had my last house. We had an inground pool and needed a bunch of furniture to go around it. There is also a sofa, two chairs, and coffee table that match. It was originally white with light green cushions, but I sprayed it brown when I moved here.

I just gave it another quick coat to freshen it up!


And now it looks new again! I love you, spray paint!!

Spray paint is a quick way to update faded patio furniture.

Every year I tell my husband that we really need to start looking for a new set. This one is over ten years old, but it comes up so dang good each time I freshen it up!

I used my Sew Easy Outdoor Cushion Cover Tutorial to make new chair cushion covers.  Stores want a fortune for a full set of replacement outdoor cushions. If you’re able, sewing your own is definitely the way to go.

Patio Set Makeover using my Sew EASY Cushion Cover tutorial/Confessions of a Serial Do-it-Yourselfer


Patio Set Makeover using my Sew EASY Cushion Cover tutorial.

The pots in the background are the ones I freshened up with spray paint for our last challenge

Patio Set Makeover using my Sew EASY Cushion Cover tutorial.

Still looking great, and my hostas have really filled in since then. They are my favorite filler since they come back every year!

Patio Set Makeover using my Sew EASY Cushion Cover tutorial.

See how our deck is really elevated on the right?

The people that originally built the deck built it around a tree. That tree eventually outgrew the width of the opening and started lifting the deck with it. We had the tree cut and filled in the decking, but the stump is still hanging out beneath.

Patio Set Makeover using my Sew EASY Cushion Cover tutorial.

It doesn’t really bother us at all.

Patio Set Makeover using my Sew EASY Cushion Cover tutorial.

My cushions sadly waiting for the rain to go away…


And thankfully it finally did!

Patio Set Makeover using my Sew EASY Cushion Cover tutorial.


Patio Set Makeover using my Sew EASY Cushion Cover tutorial.

Now the rest of the furniture out here needs it’s own makeover.

My new rug and fabric await…


Better get working!

Patio Set Makeover using my Sew EASY Cushion Cover tutorial.

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DIY Umbrella Planter

My Décor Enthusiast Girls are sharing their own outdoor décor ideas today as well. Visit them at the links below the graphic for tons of inspiration!

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Got any outdoor décor ideas you want to share?  You can!!

Take pics of your favorite outdoor decor and share them with us on our Decorating Enthusiasts DIY Forum on Facebook! We created this forum not only so you could participate in our fun decorating challenges, but also so that you have a judge-free zone to share your projects any time, ask questions, and hang out with other creatives just like you!

Decor-Enthusiast-Style-Facebook-Group-artsychicksrule-(2)But wait! There’s more! Let’s play on Instagram too!



Here’s how to play:

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We will choose one winner that will be featured on all six IG feeds this Sunday!!

I love looking through all your amazing ideas! Hope to see you there!

Meet me back here Tuesday…I have a pretty makeover coming up:

See ya then!

UPDATE: Check out how this dresser looks now HERE!



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  1. You are so talented! I love all you outdoor decor ideas and DIY projects! I need some sewing lessons!

    • Aww thanks, Debbie! Girl, there are so many things you can make if you can sew a straight line! 🙂

  2. Nice deck Christy¡¡ sure you enjoy good BBQs there¡¡

  3. Marcie Lovett says

    It’s so inviting, Christy! That did it, I’m going to recover my horrible, 15-year-old cushions. Mine are one long piece for the back and seat, but I’m guessing I can cut them apart and use your technique to make separate back and seat cushions. It’s worth a try!

    I also have my parents’ 50-year-old wrought iron bench that used to be black but is now green. If the rain ever lets up here, it’s going to get a fresh coat of paint, too. Gotta love spray paint!

    • Thanks, Marcie! Yes…do it!!! My tutorial really is so easy and your set will look brand new. I bet that bench will come up gorgeous as well! Have fun! XO

  4. Sheila Moore says

    Love the fabric you chose. I have the same fabric waiting to do a make over on a canopy for a pram for my granddaughter…she’s almost 2 so not sure I’ll get it done for her…lol

    • Thanks, Sheila…we have good taste lol! Maybe you can use it for some outdoor pillows instead? XO

  5. Christy, These look so amazing! Thank you for your inspiration!!!

  6. Christine Lima says

    What brand of spray paint do you use? I used Rustoleum for plastic on some poolside furniture 5 yrs ago and it still rubs off on people.

    • Oh wow I’ve never had that happen! I use Rustoleum American Accents on my outdoor set with no issues like that. I wonder if it had to do with pool chemicals?

  7. your patio chairs texted me this morning and told me how much happier they are now with a new coat of paint and chair cushions. they said thank you.

    • Ha ha!! I think they were having a party after we went to bed Saturday night lol.

  8. Sherry Pelle says

    Christy I SO love what you did with your patio furniture! It’s amazing what a little paint can do. Can’t wait to get started on mine! Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Thank you, Sherry! Just when I think it has seen its last season, that spray paint does magic! ????

  9. I still love that fabric!! And oh, your yard looks so nice in the background!! 😉 And I totally never noticed the deck was wonky!! lol Everything looks so pretty. Love it all. I’m getting ready to spray some outdoor metal furniture too! Can’t wait for it to look like new too! Your’s looks great! 🙂

    • Thanks, Nancy!! I have my sofa and two chairs out there still to do, but it feels so good to be halfway there! XOXO

  10. The fabric choices are just beautiful! I need to sew new cushions for my set. I love that new rug….mine needs an update as well! Just beautiful!

    • Thanks so much, Christy!! Cushion covers are so much easier than slip covers, thank goodness! XO

  11. Love the colors that you used. Also, love your concrete kitty kat on the deck railing.

    • Thanks, Ange! I love that kitty too! My hubby knocked it over last Summer and I held my breath until I found it in one piece on the other side. ????

  12. WOW! Gorgeous!
    I have also seen posts about spray painting the fabric on umbrellas. They look like they turn out fabulous. Thinking a solid color with some stenciling… #futureproject

    • Oh my goodness! I am SO going to try that!! I still have that old umbrella and I have nothing to lose! Thanks for the idea!! ????

  13. Looks great! I’m sure this is a favorite place to hang out!

  14. So, so pretty! Love the colors!!


  15. Wow girl you did a wonderful job. love that fabric, and the green you put with it is just perfect, and with that fabric and the different colors you can easily change the accent colors.
    Your deck and yard look so pretty, I’m so ashamed of the way my patio and flower beds look, I have all kinds of summer bulbs and plants I should already have in ground. If it’s not raining the cotton pikin wind is blowing so hard you can’t get out and work.
    You have just got to be so pleased with yourself,

    • Thanks so much, Patty! It was long overdue, but it always feels great to tackle those big projects. And I hear ya with all the rain…this has been the wettest Spring I can remember!

  16. Wonderful make over!!! Really looking fab!!! Can you move in and fix all these things for me???
    The “rug and new fabric” pic-where did that go? Did you sew the green fabric on top of the brown rug? That green roll doesn’t look to be the same as the rug on the finish…eh? Am I missing something here?
    LOVE~LOVE~LOVE it ALL!!!!!
    God Bless~

    • Thanks, Addie!! The new rug and fabric are for the couch and two chairs on the other side of the deck that I have yet to tackle. 🙂

  17. Jenny Lowe says

    Christy, You are such an inspiration to me. I love to read your emails and see what you have done every week. Your creative mind and attention to detail are amazing! I love being outside during the summer so my patio must be a cozy spot and you give me great ideas to freshen it up. Thank you for for posting great ideas to help me out! :):)

    • Aww thank you, Jenny! You are so sweet!! It’s the best to hear that you are feeling inspired!! XOXO

  18. Beautiful! Love that color green for outdoors, it just says Happy Summer Everyone! Wishing you happy memories made, much laughter and relaxing summer nights!!

    • Thanks, Amy! I am ready to enjoy that space again. Hope you are enjoying your weekend so far! 🙂

  19. What a difference – so fresh, colorful, and inviting! Your yard is gorgeous too ☺

  20. How exciting Christy to have that fabulous fabric to look forward to using on the rest of your patio furniture! Gosh, your patio is soooo beautiful! I do like the rug you currently have under your table. Thanks so much for sharing your outdoor décor. I loved it!

    • Aww thanks so much, Joanne! It was in desperate need of some TLC. Now to get the other side done! 🙂


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