10 Essential Workshop Tools

Hello my DIYer Friends! Today I am sharing 10 essential tools I use most in my workshop! I often have people ask about different tools I like, would recommend, or feel are essential tools to have in my workshop for all my upcycling projects. This happens even more so around the Holidays when ya'll are looking to add to your Christmas lists. Well I finally decided to create one place for all of the above for easy reference! I am linking these tools to Amazon so you can see more details, … [Read more...]

Spindle Wind Chimes

Hi my beautiful friends! Today I'm sharing what I did with a bunch of spindles I found at an estate sale for $2 a couple of months ago.  The lady asked me what I was going to do with them, and I honestly had no idea at the time. Obviously it took me a while since they've been rolling around on the floor behind my seat in my car since I got them! Here they are: I thought they could eventually make perfect handles for tool caddies or something. Then my very talented friend, Wendi from … [Read more...]