Thrift Store Cabinet turned Necklace Organizer

Amazing friends, I am so excited that today is Trash-to-Treasure Tuesday!!

I love a good trash-to-treasure project, and I know you do too! My favorite upcycler friends are joining in the fun today as well so be sure to look for links to their makeovers at the bottom!

Today’s transformation involves this cabinet I picked up at the thrift store for $4:

My Mom had mentioned a couple of weeks ago that she was on the hunt for something to organize her necklaces, and wondered if I had any flatware boxes that I had transformed into jewelry boxes in my booth. (This is my favorite that I’ve redone HERE.) They usually sell pretty quickly so of course I did not.

Then I was wandering through the Goodwill when I spied this cabinet. I thought it could be perfect for organizing necklaces, and would make a great Mother’s Day gift for my Mom!

This thang was a hot mess though, ya’ll! Just look at the inside…

I loved the big glass doors though and immediately had an idea for them, so in my cart it went. I’ve included a few affiliate links so you can find the products  I use. 

Here is how I transformed this ugly duckling into a sweet gift for my Mom:

Necklace Organizer from a thrift store wall cabinet.

It is hard to see in that photo, but here is the idea I had for the glass doors:

How to "etch" words onto glass.

Fun, right??

Necklace Organizer from a thrift store wall cabinet.

My Mom has black and ivory in her bedroom and she loves toile, so this remnant I had worked perfectly to line the inside.

Of course I have to show ya’ll how it got here from where it started.

To make over this cabinet, I first removed the wood pieces that were holding the glass in place:

Then I sanded the entire piece until it was super smooth…

I gave it a coat of Rustoleum satin black spray paint so that when I painted the top coat and sanded, black would show through instead of any of the original colors:

It was threatening rain, so my Homeright mini spray tent was a big helper! I use that thing ALL the time!

Then I gave it three coats of Behr’s Cottage White mixed 50/50 with Behr’s Bit of Sugar, made into DIY chalk paint. (Recipe HERE.) I used Cottage White to paint my parents’ oak bedroom furniture a few years ago. (See those transformations HERE!) The white made it just a tad lighter. I followed with a coat of Annie Sloan’s clear soft wax.

To line the insides, I cut foam core to fit the sides and back using my rotary cutter and cutting mat:

Rotary cutter and cutting mat

Then I covered it with the black and white toile fabric using matte Mod Podge


I used hot glue to hold them in place.

Then to give my hooks something to screw into, I added a piece of 1×4 painted in the Cottage White mixture to the back. I secured it in place on either side using my nailgun. (I have this one.)

For the glass doors, I broke out this  miracle worker:

I picked this can up at an estate sale a couple of years ago and had not found a use for it until now. You can find it HERE.

I found an image I liked by googling “French Typography”, and saved it to my photos. (It looks exactly like this stencil I have from Artistic Stencil Designs.) I uploaded it to my Silhouette Cameo and cut a “stencil” in the size I needed:

Silhouette cameo created this stencil for an etched glass door.
I shared how I do that in this post HERE.

I covered all the glass that was not to be sprayed and gave it  a good spray of the Frosted Glass spray, then immediately removed the “stencil” I created and voila:

How to add an etched glass look to glass.

It’s like magic! This is my favorite part! 🙂

How to "etch" words onto glass.

To secure the glass panels back in the doors, I ran a bead of hot glue all around the edges while they were lying flat. This works fine for small glass pieces, but I might not trust it if it were much larger than this.

Necklace Organizer from a thrift store wall cabinet.

I already had these little glass knobs from Hobby Lobby, and they were perfect…

Glass knobs from Hobby Lobby

I found the hooks in a six-pack at Home Depot.


Necklace Organizer



Necklace Organizer from a thrift store wall cabinet.


Necklace Organizer from a thrift store wall cabinet.


Necklace Organizer from a thrift store wall cabinet.


Necklace Organizer from a thrift store wall cabinet.


Necklace Organizer from a thrift store wall cabinet.

I hope you enjoyed this fun makeover, and I hope my Mom likes it!

Dont forget my friends are all sharing makeovers of their own today:

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I’ll be back here on Thursday with a booth update:

UPDATE: Come on a visit to my booth HERE now! 



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  1. Mary Kaiser says

    Holy Cow, that turned out so beautiful! Your mother will LOVE it! I know that she will and I also know how proud your mother must be of you! You are so amazing and talented. What a cute transformation!

    • Christy says

      Thank you so much, Mary! I really had fun redoing this for her! I took it to her this morning, and she really loved it! XOXO

  2. How super cute, Christy! When I saw what you I had found I was like…ooh, ooh, ooh! I love those little boxes. The frosted touches are like the icing on the cake of this sweet makeover. Love it!

    • Christy says

      Thank you, Larissa! I am so glad the frosted touches worked out like I imagined they would! XOXO

  3. Christina in SW FL says

    Christy, this is a super cute makeover! 🙂

  4. This is just stunning!! Love it!!

  5. Your mom is going to love this! Great makeover!

    • Christy says

      Thank you, Paula! I took it over to her this morning, and she loved it! She actually saw it on my blog this morning before I gave it to her, and texted me that she really loved it LOL! XO

  6. Wow, Christy, another spectacular makeover, and I’m sure your mother absolutely loved it! I just wish my local Goodwill had treasures like this waiting to be transformed. Of course, then I’d need to learn how to do what you do first! You never cease to amaze me. In fact, you’re who I wanna be when I grow up! LOL

    • Christy says

      Aww you are the sweetest, Deb, thank you!! This was a great find for sure! XOXO

  7. Trust me! Your Mom will LOVE this one! Amazing! Just Amazing! ❤️❤️

    • Christy says

      Aww thank you so much, Jamie! I took it to her this morning, and she really loved it! XOXO

  8. Your mom is going to love it!! I love it!! Great makeover and save! xoxo

    • Christy says

      Thank you, Nancy! I am so thrilled with it! My mom actually saw my post this morning and texted me that she loved it lol! I took it to her today. ????

  9. That’s so cute! Great job! ????

  10. Wendy Somerville says

    Nice makeover Christy. I just picked up one of those spray booths as I am spraying parts for my pop up camper renovation and it is perfect!! I first saw it on your site a couple of years ago. I also purchased the smaller table top one that I use for smaller parts etc. Both are fabulous!! Thanks, Christy

    • Christy says

      Thanks, Wendy! Isn’t that tent fantastic?? I just ordered a second one yesterday! XOXO

  11. It’s so pretty, Christy – love the toile fabric on the back! I’m sure your Mom is going to squeal with delight when she sees it.

    • Christy says

      Thank you, Marie! I do have a soft spot for toile myself. I took it to my mom today and she really loved it, but she saw it on my blog this morning ha ha! Happy Mother’s Day, my friend! XOXO

  12. I found a hutch top that is all glass except for the back and frame of it at a thrift shop quite some time ago and could literally kick myself for not taking it. Very similar to this small cabinet that you did such a pretty job on! I would have loved that piece and am still kicking myself over it!

    • Christy says

      Oh no! I have had regret for passing on things as well! A hutch top makes for a cute curio cabinet when you add feet. Maybe you’ll come across another! XO

    • Shirley says

      I’m sure I will come across another but this one was in excellent condition and they only wanted 30.00 for it. The only reason I didn’t take it was because my garage was so full at the time (and still is lol) that I had no where to put it. I’ll for sure make room next time!

  13. Your Mum is going to LOVE it! I’m so into black and white decor lately, I love the contrast. Have a good one Christy. 🙂

    • Christy says

      I love black and white too! I don’t use black nearly enough though! XOXO

  14. Robyn Wright says

    LOVE it! I’ve been waiting to see this makeover.

  15. Soooo, does your mom read your blog or did you already give it to her? 😉

    • Christy says

      Ha ha she doesn’t always, but wouldn’t you know she did this morning! Then she texted me that she loved it lol. I took it to her not long after. 🙂

  16. Debbie in TX says

    This turned out so pretty! Hard to believe what it looked like before you worked your magic. Very nice touches with the glass, the handles and toile. I’m sure your Mom will treasure it. Happy Mother’s Day to both of you!!!!

    • Christy says

      Thanks so much, Debbie! Wasn’t it awful before? So glad it worked out, and my Mom loved it! Happy Mother’s day to you too! XOXO

  17. Love your projects, you are so very creative! I hate being negative, truly and try not to be BUT… Would love to be able to read your blog without those annoying ads. They cover your content and I have to click to “skip” the most annoying one. I agree you have a right to earn money and ads are the way to do that. But have you considered the impact on your subscribers? Is there a way for you to keep your ad content but have it in the sidebar? I belong to a group of design enthusiasts that is almost 100,000 strong. The biggest complaint? Blogs covered with ads. Many in my group are just unsubscribing. I don’t want to do that at this point, but thought you should know.

  18. Marcie Lovett says

    That was terribly trashy, indeed. What a beautiful makeover, Christy. Lucky mom!

  19. Christy,
    What a great $4.00 find! But wow, what you did to her was just beautiful! What a sweet Mother’s Day gift, she’s going to love it!

    • Christy says

      Yes I was so lucky to find this since it worked out perfectly! Thank you so much, Kaycee! I took it to her this morning and she loved it! XOXO

  20. I love the vision you have for things!

  21. Kimberly says

    I love seeing your booth! I would love to have a booth. Unfortunately with the amount of time (or lack thereof) that I seem to have to devote to makeovers, a semi-annual sale would be the best that I could hope for.

    • Thank you, Kimberly! It can be hard to keep up for sure! Have a great weekend! XOXO

  22. You rock, girlfriend! Just when I think you couldn’t possibly come up with something new, you do! The etched glass look is AMAZING! So smart! I bet your mom is tickled pink!

    • Aww thanks, Julie! My Mom absolutely loved it! Happy Mother’s Day to you!! XOXO

  23. Christy, this turned out so gorgeous! I know your mom must love it! xo

  24. Loved the cabinet Christy! It turned out really nice. I bought those same hooks at Home Depot for a project of mine. They were priced right.

    • Thanks! I originally purchased six individual hooks at $4 a piece, but they stuck out too far. Luckily for me because these ones were so much cheaper! XOXO

  25. Your mum must be so thrilled with it Christy… who wouldn’t love to have this beautiful piece. Another stunning DIY project and how absolutely fabulous is the frosted door!!

    Thank you for sharing this project at Create, Bake, Grow & Gather this week. I’m delighted to be featuring it at tomorrow’s party and pinning too.

    • She just loved it, Kerryanne, and thank you SO much! And thanks for the feature…it is always much appreciated, my friend! Have a great weekend! XOXO

  26. Gabriela Hales says

    Hello Christy.
    You are so ingenious and talented!! I am learning so much from your blog.
    I recently purchased a wooden hearth rack and was wondering if you have a tutorial for that.
    Keep up the good work.

  27. Gabriela Hales says

    Hi Christy…
    Did you wax the jewelry box at the end?
    I absolutely love it!!!


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