Booth Update

Hello beautiful friends! The last time I took ya’ll on a trip to my booth was back in August, so I figured it was time for another visit! How does that sound?

But first, I wanted to let ya’ll know that my Mom loved her new necklace organizer! I had planned to take it to her early Tuesday morning, hopefully before she saw my post, but I was too late…she saw it on my blog. She texted me that she loved it ha ha. See it HERE if you missed it… it was a real trash-to-treasure project!

If you are new around here, welcome! I have a booth at the Virginia Beach Antique Mall here in Virginia Beach where I sell all my treasures that I make over.

When I last shared it, it looked something like this:

This was about the time we were moving into our new house, so needless to say, the booth started to become a bit neglected. That white dresser sold pretty quickly, and the night table soon followed, plus most of what was on the backboard. I moved things around a bit and brought in my old sewing table that I refreshed as well as the striped dresser:

That sewing table sold right away, and my big blue hutch finally sold, as well as the wardrobe in the foreground:

That left my booth looking pretty sad. Couple that with me working on house projects instead of inventory for my booth, and you can see my booth ended up in sad shape, poor thang:

With no lamps it was so dark as well!

I finished this shabby bench and this cute rocker and brought those in:

Still looking pretty sad there.

Those both sold quickly as well. I knew I needed a couple of large pieces and started on the hunt for a hutch. Soon after I found this one:

I also finished this cute dresser and brought that in, plus all those smalls I redid in this post:

I also brought in this dressing table and chair

The chair sold right away.

Looking a bit better here…

This was in April, and unfortunately at this point in the year, business slows way down. My best months are usually January and February.

So I continued to bring things in, like this pretty blue hutch:

Remember this shelf I found while thrifting with Nancy? (We videoed it..see that HERE!)

I had that metal scrolly thing and the table to the right in our old house, and I can’t seem to give those stools away! Thinking probably because people usually need more than two? Yeah let’s go with that!

I also added this desk and towel/coat rack, and my numbered tray table:

I freshened up this black and white dressing table that used to be in our master bedroom at the old house:

Luckily that sold pretty quickly to make room for this delivery I just dropped off yesterday:

Jack was looking to make some money, so he helped with about a dozen chalkboards. They are always good sellers, even when things slow down, and I didn’t have any left at all.

Now my booth is pretty well stocked again…finally!

See this bench again HERE.


As you can see there are a few things that are hanging on for dear life, like this pink and white table set:

That might be coming back home with me next time for a redo!

My white and blue china cabinet is still hanging around as well…

Just waiting for the right person to come along!

Now you can see why I’ve been working on smaller items lately…no more room for furniture!

If you missed my last booth update, you can find it HERE.

And you can visit my next booth update HERE

If you have a booth or are thinking about renting one, you may enjoy my 10 Tips to a Successful Booth:

10 Tips to a Successful Booth

I hope you enjoyed this trip to my booth!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there, and I’ll see ya’ll back here on Tuesday with some Spring updates in the dining room and how I refreshed this pretty pitcher:

UPDATE: Check out my dining room all set for Spring and the update I gave this pitcher HERE now!



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  1. There are 2 reasons I’d never survive TN
    1. Humidity at 90% and I would be walking around looking like a dandilion before it seeds blow off in the wind
    2. I would buy everything you had in your shop. The both of those vanities, the blue hutch, benches, nightstands, stripped dressers, trays, all of it.
    I can say with all honesty that your pieces are my favorites across the board and I get a few of these kinds of posts.
    The one thing that is not good is the amount of ads that pop up and keep me from going through your blog successfully. That is something I more than likely have to deal with though.
    Best on the new booth treasures1

    • Thank you, Linda! I hear ya about the ads…at the start of every new quarter, they stick new things on my site and I believe you are referring to the ads that cover the first two photos…very annoying indeed! I will be having those removed. The other less intrusive ones pay the bills around here. Thanks for following along with me! XOXO

  2. Michele Branham says

    I’m so glad your mom liked her necklace organizer. It’s beautiful. Your booth looks fantastic!

  3. Christy,
    I love “visiting” your shop! I guess it is a good thing that I live in NC because I don’t have room in my house for all the lovely things I would want to bring home with me! Too bad the little pink table set hasn’t sold – it is just so pretty! I hope Jack makes lots of money on his treasures – I would certainly buy one from him! Wishing you a beautiful Mother’s Day! 🙂

    • Yay…I love to see others’ booths as well! Ha ha yes too bad..I would sell you all the things! Thanks for the Mother’s Day wishes…same to you, Patty! XOXO

  4. Linda Petersen says

    Love your booth tours! Your Mom’s necklace organizer is fabulous & if I had little girls again, I would be all over the pink table & chairs!! Have a very, very Happy Mother’s Day????????????❤! XOXO

    • Aww thanks, Linda! My Mom loved her necklace holder! And I’m surprised the little table and chairs is still there…probably needs a redo! Happy Mother’s Day to you too, sweet friend!! XOXO 🙂

  5. Marcie Lovett says

    I loved that trip down memory lane. Although I kept thinking you hadn’t put everything on the blog, I had to go back and be reminded that you did.

    I can’t believe no one’s bought the pink table and chairs. They’re so cute! Maybe they’ll do better with a crab instead of the Eiffel Tower ????

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed it, Marcie! It’s always fun to look back. And yes, my customers love crabs lol! Happy Mother’s Day!! XOXO

  6. I love your booth! If I lived in Virginia Beach, I’d be spending all my time and money at the antique mall.

    • Thank you so much, Trina! Our antique mall is huge and I love to wander through it! XO

  7. Di Collins says

    Wow thanks for the tour and all your inspiration. As I live in Australia no chance to visit ???? (better stop pouting not a good look) but love all your pieces. Bad luck that your Mum saw the surprise before you could deliver her present. Keep the ideas coming and Happy Mothers Day from Down Under

    • Thank you, Di from Down Under! My dad was born and raised in Sydney, and we lived on the NW Cape when I was a child. I’d love to be able to afford to go back and visit! Yes I had hoped my Mom would stay off the computer until I could get there lol, but no worries…she loved it just the same! XOXO

  8. Glad your mom loved her necklace cabinet.Thanks for taking us on a tour of your booth,wish I were closer. Happy Mother’s Day ????.

    • Thank you, Margie! She really did! It worked out great that she gave me an idea of what she needed right before Mother’s Day…hmmm maybe she planned it that way ha ha! Enjoy your weekend! XOXO

  9. Oh, how I wish there was someplace close to me that I could sell my things at. Then I could work on larger items too. I just love your booth!
    I’ve been pretty busy, so I was late with reading your post. My paint arrived from “Beyond Paint” to paint my kitchen cabinets. It will be one of my posts once I get them done.
    I think your right about the stools. When I was reading it I thought, oh, it’s too bad there is only 2. Then you said the same thing. LOL
    I’m sure your little table and chairs will sell if you redo it. It might sell the way it is, but you’re limiting the customers because of the pink. Duh, I’m sure you already realize that though.
    Always like seeing your booth, my friend! XOXO

    • Thank you, MaryJean! Having somewhere to sell my things helps so much! maybe you could find a couple of craft markets and sell there? That’s how I started. My kitchen cabinets are on my to do list too…not looking forward to that one! And yep…I might just have to bring the little table and chair set home and redo it. No more girly colors from now on lol. XOXO

  10. I love touring your booth! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  11. Dang, that beautiful blue dresser, I love it ! I owned the exact same thing for several years and when we moved house I had to give it away as no-one wanted to buy it ….. if only I had thought to paint it, it would have continued to live in my home somewhere !!!! You’ve given me such great ideas to revamp the stuff I already own, now I’m on a mission to redo and treasure.

    • Oh no! I could kick myself for things I’ve given away in the past as well. Thank you and happy painting!! XO