Queen Anne Chair Makeover

Hello lovely Friends! I’m sure most of ya’ll have seen this dressing table (actually may be a writing desk) makeover I shared recently:

Antique Dressing table makeover from confessionsofaserialdiyer.com

I was so pleased with the positive feedback on this pretty lady, so thank you! (See this makeover HERE if you missed it!)

Today I’m back to share the chair that I redid to make it a set.

I shared a peek of it in that post:

Antique Dressing table makeover from confessionsofaserialdiyer.com

However I already had a ton of photos to share that day, so I decided to share the chair separately, and today’s the day!

I’ve included a few affiliate links so you can find the products I love.

I picked it up at the thrift store for $10 several months ago:

I actually bought it to use in my Halloween display. (You can visit our Outdoor Halloween Tour HERE.)

It has just been sitting in our garage ever since. I promised my Hubby that I would eventually find a use for it and yay I finally did!

It has the same Queen Anne legs as the dressing table so I thought it would be a nice match…

Queen Anne Chair Makeover

So much more delicate and feminine now! I just love how the paint accentuates those pretty curvy details:

To redo this chair, I removed the chair pad first. Then I painted the chair in Dropcloth by Dixie Belle Paint. You may remember I used a color called Buttercream on the dressing table. When I painted them both in Dropcloth, the table looked much darker, like it wasn’t even the same color:

It’s kind of hard to tell in that photo, but they look much closer now.

Queen Anne Chair Makeover

I lightly sanded here and there and sealed with Annie Sloan’s Clear soft wax.

I recovered the chair pad with this pretty soft damask fabric I found on clearance years ago at Hancock Fabrics:

Since I covered right over the blue, I used some drapery liner that was left from this chair makeover to help hide the blue:

Piping always adds such a nice finishing detail. I reused the old piping to make the new piping for this chair:

See my how-to for making and adding piping to chairs HERE. There is a SEW and a NO-SEW version!

I used my cordless Ryobi hot glue gun to attach it to the underside of the chair:

Ryobi cordless glue gun to the rescue!



Queen Anne Chair Makeover

I dropped this set off at my booth on Saturday. I decided to price the chair separately just in case someone wanted a more petite chair for this dressing table, but I think they work well together!

Queen Anne Chair Makeover


Queen Anne Chair Makeover

Not too shabby for a $10 thrift store find that I bought for a spooky display!

Queen Anne Chair Makeover


Queen Anne Chair Makeover


Queen Anne Chair Makeover


Queen Anne Chair Makeover

See? Too many photos for one post! 🙂

Meet me back here on Thursday…my Furniture Fixer Upper Girls and I will have even more furniture flips to share!
Here’s what I’m sharing:

I’m finally filling that booth of mine back up! 🙂

UPDATE: See how this beauty of a hutch looks now HERE!




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  1. ColleenB.~ Tx. says

    Desk and chair; Perfect match. Absolutely love the looks of the ‘angel wing’ back chair. Back section of chair looks like an angel wing to me. At first thought a heart design but the more I looked at it; the more it looked like angel wing.
    Like the looks of the glass in that hutch.

  2. Christina in SW FL says

    What a beautiful makeover to wake up to this morning! Love the color and interesting how one color can look so different on two pieces. The fabric is perfect and the piping is a great finishing touch.
    I know you said you are filling up your booth but I bet this chair, and others, sell fast!
    I’m looking forward to this next project.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    • Thanks, Christina! I know…as soon as I get my booth full and looking nice again, something will sell lol. It has been struggling since our move, so it’s just nice to see it filling back up! 🙂 XO

  3. Boy, you have a niche in the area of renewing life in old things!!!

  4. Love it, Christy! Looks great with your beautiful table. The fabric is great choice. You really have an eye for color and design.

  5. Love the sweet chair with the desk!

  6. Great job! Can I ask what kind of shades you have on the windows?

  7. Sherry Darlington says

    I wish I lived closer to your booth! That pretty duo would be comin home to mama! It is so beautiful!

  8. Marcie Lovett says

    They are beautiful together, Christy. That chair was a great score! I never thought about reusing the cord for piping – thanks for the idea. You better keep filling the booth, because this pair isn’t going to last long.

    • Thanks, Marcie! That was a great deal for the chair and honestly I didn’t even realize how pretty it was when I was buying it since I was just looking for a cheap chair to use at Halloween. It worked out perfectly here! Yep reuse as much as you can ha ha! XOXO

  9. Maria Buscani says

    Hi Christy,
    I love everything you do and you’ve helped me learn! I want to paint a chair that has a nap, how do you think that will work? I also stained the legs with an oil based stain and now I think I will want to paint them with chalk paint…will that be a problem? Any advise you can give me will be appreciated.
    Many of your pieces are so lovely, I would think you would have a hard time putting them in your booth!

    • Thank you, Maria! Are you referring to the fabric on the chair having a nap? I haven’t painted fabric before, but I would assume that shouldn’t make a difference. As far as painting over the legs, as long as the stain is completely dry…at least 72 hours of dry time, you should be able to paint right over it. Hope that helps! And yes, I do have a hard time saying good bye to many pieces! XOXO

  10. Laura Werley says

    The chair is perfect for the desk/vanity! Both pieces are delightful and will go with many styles of decorating. You are spot on with pricing the pieces separately, that’s what I always do unless the chair is really specific for the desk. I have sold several chairs similar to these and they go speedily out of my booth. Great job moving these into the twenty first century of decorating.

    • Thank you, Laura! I never think to paint lone chairs to sell, but I have another in my garage left over from Halloween as well and I might just do that! Thanks! XO

  11. Linda Petersen says

    The chair is darling! Looks perfect with the vanity. Using the same piping is brilliant????! Have you shared that before & I just missed it? Can’t wait to see the hutch & what you paid for it. XO, Linda

    • Thank you, Linda! I have reused the piping on several smaller projects, but because I refer to my original tutorial for how to make/add piping, I don’t usually show the steps every time. Glad I decided to share that this time! The hutch turned out lovely…it was $99, marked down from $149. 🙂 XOXO

  12. Beautiful..made for each other.
    You used the existing cushioning and went over it but I have chairs that need new padding. This post led me down the rabbit hole looking at chairs (and everything else along the way) to find what you recommend for padding replacement. My old chairs have cotton batting which aside from Not being able to find, isn’t very comfortable. Any suggestions? Much appreciated.

    • Thanks, Peggy! I always try to reuse what is already there if it is good condition and because cost is a factor when I’m reselling these pieces. However, if the old padding is not in great shape, I would recommend one inch foam you can purchase at JoAnn Fabrics, followed by a couple layers of batting, also available at JoAnns. You can use regular old quilt batting. Hope this helps!

  13. What a great job you did on that chair. And how lucky you were to find it for $10. I don’t know where you live, but here in California that chair would be at least $50, even at GW.

    • Thanks, Rita! Wow, $50 for a lone chair? I guess I am really lucky that our stores aren’t priced so high! XO

  14. Carole Larsen says

    Another beautiful job on this wonderful set.

  15. Love the chair and the desk! Great idea for attaching the piping. I learn something new every day at your site.
    We used to have a Hancock Fabric near us, but they closed. I miss that store.

    • Thanks, MaryJean! Glad you learned something new! Our Hancock Fabrics closed down as well and I miss them too, but Michaels has purchased their online store. Hopefully soon you will be able to visit them online, although I prefer to shop for my fabric in person. Have a great weekend! XO

  16. The chair looks great! Hopefully they will sell together. I’m going to check out Lowe’s blackout shades. We need new one for the bedroom.

    • Thanks, Donna! I love our shades from Lowes. The blackout ones are a bit on the heavy side, but work great! XO

  17. I love the chair! And that desk is SO dreamy. Even better in person! 🙂 xoxo

    • Thanks, Nancy!! I finally got that set and the blue dresser over to my booth on Saturday…It is finally starting to look like I haven’t abandoned it lol! XOXO

  18. Christy , Hello ! A long time admire of yours. Try to follow you as often as I can . Your whole house is decorated like a pro ! love .love love it ! What color walls did you paint in your room that your office is in ? I am in the stage of picking out warm light grey’s for my living room /open to our dining room and am finding it hard to fine just the right grey that also will go with my oatmeal color carpet I have . I would love to install hard wood . My carpet is fairly new and have to work with what I have .

  19. Wow, it really looks so much better painted! Love the fabric you used on the seat. They should both sell quickly!

    • Thanks, Cecilia! I didn’t realize when I bought it for my Halloween display that it was so pretty! Lucky that it was such a nice match for this table! XOXO

  20. Ginger Patton says

    I love your blog and seeing all the beautiful transformations
    that you do. I look forward to seeing the reveal of the hutch that you will post soon! You are so talented and thank you for sharing the inspiring pictures and details, every time I receive an email from you with tour latest projects I can hardly wait to see The pics and details.
    Please continue to share your how to’s and pictures of your treasures, again it inspires a thrift store junkie like me!

    • Aww you are SO sweet, Ginger! Thank you!! I love to share, and hearing super kind comments like yours totally makes it worth it! 🙂 XOOX

  21. So pretty, Christy! I think I need something like this for my living area! On the look-out now!

  22. I enjoyed your post about the chair and learned somethimg new???? I never thought of recycling cording! How clever! I am following your blog but find it very annoying with the bar at the top taking up room. It is to sign up for your posts but since I already have, it is dostracting. Just want you to know. I look forward to future posts.

    • Thank you, Cecilia! I’m sorry about the email opt-in being a pain. I wish there was a way to not show it to my friends that have already subscribed, but unfortunately there is not. Thank you for choosing to follow along with me! XO

      • Thanks for your response! I just saw the “beachy” lamp and it is adorable! You mentioned that you would have painted the lamp black so I’m wondering what type of paint would you have used?
        I only have problems with the bar at the top when I am using my cell phone but it is no problem on my computer.

        • Thank you! I would have used spray paint as a quick base coat for the lamp. Sorry again for that bar at the top…really wish there was a way for it to disappear for subscribers! XO

  23. Hi Christy! I’m new to your blog this afternoon. Love your projects! Very informative.
    I have a question. I’d like to do my kitchen table in aqua and white. I will use the Rustoleum white that you recommend but I don’t see it in aqua. Can you help me find an aqua colour that would go with the white? Great blog!
    Thank you

    • Hi Gail and welcome!! I don’t recommend spray paint for a large surface like a table top as it is hard to get an even result. My first choice would be stain and Home Depot has an aqua stain that I have always wanted to try that might be awesome! I believe it is made by Varathane. Maybe that is an option for you?