Ugly Brown Hutch Makeover

Hello lovely Friends, and Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s also Trash-to-Treasure Tuesday…can I get a WOOHOO??? My favorite! I’m always giving ugly ducklings a new life around here, but today I get to do it with four super talented friends…five awesome makeovers  for the price of one! Be sure to keep an eye out for the links to their makeovers at the bottom of this post!

Boy do I have an ugly one to share today:

Why oh why would anyone paint over stain with more brown?  I usually stay away from pieces that are already painted, but for $60 I knew it would be worth taking a chance on this one.  I have included a few affiliate links so you can find the products I use.

I got a little help from my oldest son Jack on this one. He did the dirty sanding for me on all the areas where the paint was globbed or missing, as well as the top with our rotary sander:

Then to make things go quickly, we busted out our Homeright Sprayer and Spray Shelter:

Homeright sprayer and spray shelter in action!
Jack wanted to give it a try, and he got one good coat done before rain moved in, so we scooted both pieces in as far as we could to keep them protected. When the sky cleared a little, I was able to give it all a second spray before rain moved in again. We decided to take down the shelter and move everything inside. It sat in our garage for a while before I decided to finish it by painting a third coat by hand.

And here is what the once ugly brown painted hutch looks like now:

Ugly brown thrift store hutch updated!

So much better!

Ugly brown thrift store hutch updated from

As you can see I decided to keep the top stained. I taped it off before we started spraying the rest of the hutch, then I used these Minwax Wood Finishing Cloths to stain the top. They are a stain and sealer in one. I received them in a goodie bag from a blogging conference I attended and decided to give them a try. I might not have chosen this color myself, I would have probably gone with Walnut, but it looks pretty here I think. I do love how easy these were to use!

I made a new batch of DIY chalk paint using Behr’s Ultra Pure White to go in the sprayer. I love that by painting the final coat by hand, I didn’t lose the brush strokes that come with a hand-painted piece. I sealed with Annie Sloan’s Clear Soft Wax.

Ugly brown thrift store hutch updated from

I had fun filling it with some favorite things…

Ugly brown thrift store hutch updated from



Ugly brown thrift store hutch updated from

See that wire caddy makeover HERE.

Ugly brown thrift store hutch updated from

The insides got painted as well…the sprayer made light work of that!

I added a new back to the bottom cabinet after painting since the old one was bashed in.

Ugly brown thrift store hutch updated from

These handles are from Hobby Lobby…you know I love these and use them often:

New Handles from Hobby Lobby

These little glass ones came from HomeGoods I believe:

I like mixing them up. 🙂

I lined the drawer with pretty damask paper…

Line the drawers for a finished look inside!

I attached it with Matte Mod Podge, brushing it on with a chip brush like a glue.

Ugly brown thrift store hutch updated from

I just love the petite size of this hutch, perfect to add a little charm to a space without taking up a whole wall.

This was a big improvement!

Ugly brown thrift store hutch updated from


Ugly brown thrift store hutch updated from

I hope you enjoyed that makeover!

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I’ll be back on Thursday sharing this little wooden tote I found in my Hubby’s Grandma’s shed:

See ya then! 🙂

UPDATE: Check out how cute this little tote turned out HERE now!



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  1. Beautiful job, Christy. Love the side-by-side pic you did (or would it be called 50/50?) Is this the first piece you’ve done with the final coat being brushed on after the Finish Max? I’m so glad that it worked to give the hand-painted look! I had already decided to do that with my console, and hope for the best. Now I know it should work! Very cool! The natural top looks really nice, too!

    • Thank you, Julie!! Yes, this is the first time I’ve painted that way and it totally works to get the job done faster but still give the hand-painted effect. 🙂

  2. Bonjour
    vraiment tres beau

  3. What a refreshing new look! You have a great partner and I’m sure this hutch won’t last long in your shop, girl. Love me some HomeRight Spray goodness too! And, I’m curious on that little tote – so cute!

    • Thanks, Larissa! I was so grateful to Jack for doing the messy part for me, hoping for a quick sale! And yes, LOVE my sprayer…I’m lazy about setting it all up, but it really is so much easier! XOXO

  4. helet kruger says

    Hi Is flat paint and enamel paint the same? I see your recipe has a photo of enamel paint? I normally used flat water based paint. When the chalk paint is mixed isn’t it to thick to spray paint? I don’t want to mess up my hubbies spray paint machine? Please let me know regards Helet South Africa

    • Hi Helet in South Africa! 🙂 Yes, the paints are the same! I always make a fresh batch of my DIY chalk paint to use in my sprayer because it is a bit thinner when I first make it. It runs through the HomeRight sprayer great! 🙂

  5. HI! Do you always use chalk paint in your paint sprayer? I’ve never thought to do that! I hate how long it takes to paint something big like this.

    • Hi Susie! Yup. I do make a fresh batch to use in the sprayer though because it is always a bit thinner when I first make it, just as a new can of store bought chalk paint is thinner than it ends up getting after it has been opened a while. 😉

  6. Christina in FL says

    Oh Christy, this is a HUGE winner. I love the white and thanks for the link to the wire basket makeover. The basket is perfect on this hutch. 🙂

  7. The hutch is lovely!

  8. What a treasure! I love the way this turned out and lucky you for getting help from your son!

    • I’m so glad you like it, Glenda and thank you!! He is such a great kid…I’m so grateful he did the dirty work for me on this one! XO

  9. What a great transformation! It looks really darling now and it is such a good size. It really is amazing what some paint and distressing can do!

    • Thank you, Suzan! It really is the perfect size, and yes a simple paint job and a little distressing does wonders! 😀

  10. What a transformation of that little hutch. It is now adorable! I love the glass knobs and handles that you chose.

  11. Annie (Canada) says

    What a difference! Beautiful! Seems that your assistant has a steady hand using the paint sprayer 🙂 Happy Valentines Day <3

    • Thanks, Annie! Yes he really enjoyed using the sprayer, and I enjoyed having the help! 🙂 Happy Valentine’s Day to you too! <3

  12. Wow!!! What a transformation!!! Your never fail to amaze me. I love that you decided to leave the top stained. Love, love, love it!!!

  13. Ahhh! That’s better! {Much better!}

  14. Christy,
    You sure created a. bright piece from your dark purchase. I love your son helping out too.
    Happy Creating,
    Karen Marie

  15. This hutch is “Classic Christy,” distressed white and gorgeous! I’m sure it will sell quickly. And I’m always baffled why anyone would paint stained furniture brown… eww.

  16. It may not have started off looking like much but it looks fabulous now! What a cutie!

  17. Love the hutch. Actually looked at it very early this morning but was trying to get some things done before I had to get a hair cut so didn’t take the time to comment. You have a great helper there also. See you’re using those pretty white ironstone pieces and they look so good. Looking forward to Thursday.

    • Thanks, Janice! I appreciate you taking a minute to revisit and leave me a sweet comment! And yes, I have a fantastic helper! 😀

  18. Huge difference between the before and after! I haven’t tried the Minwax stain pads yet but they seemed to have done a beautiful job on your hutch. Pinning

    • I know, right?? Who paints furniture brown anyway ha ha! Those pads really worked fantastically and it looks like there are five or six in the package, so they will go a long way. I’m going to pick up some in my preferred stain colored to try them again! Have a great day, friend! XO

  19. Aww you have the sweetest helpers always! Mine are too old for that. 😉 Love the hutch, so much better and not ugly anymore! 😉 xoxo

    • I know I do…I’m lucky! And thank you! I usually pass on painted pieces because they are too much work, but I’m glad I bought this one! 🙂 XOXO

  20. What a difference a little bit of TLC made for this piece! It looks great now. Tell Jack that he did a great job helping you out with this makeover.

    • He really did help me out by doing the worst part…sanding! I was very grateful. He’ll be getting a little of the profit on this one. Not sure why someone would paint over stain with brown paint, but it’s brown no more! 🙂

  21. Lanita Anderson says

    WOW….what a transformation! I’m not usually one for painting furniture (my husband loves to refinish furniture), but I love how this turned out! I have a Goodwill near my house and am always on the lookout for good furniture finds! Thanks for sharing….

    • Thanks so much, Lanita! I paint just about anything if it sits still long enough, but if a piece of furniture has pretty wood, I’m always glad when I can keep some of it unpainted. 🙂

  22. Wow, I love this! And getting assistance with the nasty part of the job? Yay for sons who are growing up! But oh dear, this is embarrassing… I have a couple pieces in my dining room that are juuuust about the same color as that “before” picture. They’ve been giving me indigestion for a while now, and I keep threatening to haul them out this spring and paint. : ) I love your white, but white would Not Work in my family. To much traffic past them (11 people… 9 of them with perpetually dirty hands, I think), and not enough time to do daily (twice daily?) scrubbing! Still, when I see yours… Hmmm. Maybe a nice gray? Thanks for getting me inspired! Your hutch is fabulous!

    • Thanks, Becky! Jack was so good to do that for me, and I SO appreciated it! And NO way, girl…down with that brown! Ha ha! Yes maybe a pretty gray? I have another hutch coming on Thursday and I actually did NOT paint it white. 🙂


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