Yard Sale Haul {Where are they now?}

Hello my thrifty adventurers! I was looking through some old photos the other day and came across this photo of one of my yard sale hauls from last Summer:


It occurred to me that I had made over just about everything in the photo, and I thought it would be fun to reshare them today!

First of all, can you believe I scored all these brand spankin new paint brushes at a yard sale?


It didn’t look like much of a sale from the street, but I decided to walk up and have a look anyway, and it turns out the guy was a paint supply distributor and these were leftover samples! I almost didn’t get out of the car. I also got the tape and a few other supplies from him.

You might also notice the can of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint…that was a total score from another sale. I think I paid $4 for it and it was at least 3/4 full.

Across the street from Mr. Paint Distributor guy, I found this antique folding sewing table that I ended up paying $8 for:


It needed quite a bit of work to make it sturdy, and I had to take the folding function away to accomplish that, but it turned into a pretty little table that reminds me of the perfect writing desk:

Antique folding sewing table in Behr's Grey Morning from Confessions of a Serial Do-it-Yourselfer

Antique Folding Sewing Table

At the same yard sale, I found two of these chairs:


I only took them because he wanted rid of them so badly that he offered them for $3 a piece! I painted one for our Themed Furniture Thursday “Rustic” theme:

Robin's Egg Blue Chair Makeover

Robin’s Egg Blue Chair Makeover

Next up is the oval coffee table…


Just your basic oval coffee table. I imagined it with French graphics:

Coffee Table with French Graphics

Coffee Table with French Graphics

Better, Oui?

Next up is this Eagle-esque mirror I scored for a mere $1:


I loved the curvy lines of it and decided to pair it with a chunky yard sale shelf I found at the thrift store, to create this cottage shelf:

Cottage-Inspired Shelf with Mirror from thrifty finds
Cottage-Inspired Mirror with Shelf

That’s one of my favorite projects. Notice I replaced the Eagle with an old lamp finial.

Then there’s these gold frames…


Four of them got a paint treatment and became part of my gallery wall above my bed:

Building a gallery wall with things you love.

Bedroom Gallery Wall

The gold frame on the very bottom of the stack of frames in the photo…


Along with these old fence pickets, became a tray:

Tray made from old fence pickets and a yard sale frame.

As for the blue print ottoman, I use it just like it is. Actually my boys do…they sit on it to play video games!

The little stool was taken apart at some point and is still in my garage somewhere…not sure there’s any hope for that one now.

And that Annie Sloan Pure White chalk paint? It was used for this:


To make it look like this:

$60 Chalk Painted Yard Sale Hutch

$60 Yard Sale Hutch

This was a $60 yard sale score from my neighborhood’s annual yard sale!

Hope you enjoyed this look back. I am so pumped for yard sale season now, how about you??

I’ll see you Thursday sharing what I did with this dated green plate rack I found at the Habitat Restore:


UPDATE: No need to wait! To see how it looks HERE now. 🙂



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  1. Tina Matteson says

    I love them all!! Especially the bedroom gallery wall.

  2. Very fun to see it all together!

  3. Susan Williams says


    I love all of your projects! Great vision, beautiful work!

  4. That was fun looking at all the cool transformations.

  5. They all are great ideas, cant wait for garage sales to start! That china cabinet, what a difference paint makes and all the placement of your dishes in there so pretty!! As always inspiring!! :))

  6. Super scores! and I love the makeovers too. The knobs on the hutch looks spectacular painted. Great job!

  7. Marcie Lovett says


  8. Love that hutch! You really did hit the jackpot on that deal 🙂

  9. You find great things at yard sales and transform them into winners. Last Saturday there were yard sales all over my town!

    • Thanks, Paula! Some days are amazing and some are not so hot, but my boys and I go almost every Saturday so I usually find enough to keep me busy. I bet there’s some going on here too by now. I need to paint a china hutch and get it out of my garage before I can bring anything else in lol. Have a great weekend! XO

  10. What great finds! I am really looking forward to yard sale season starting here. The large community yard sales start on May 7th and there are two or three every weekend until the end of May. I am downsizing my collection of ironstone so I am actually participating in two yard sales in May.

  11. Hi Christy. I always love your work and that is why I follow you everyday, every way I can. That being said, I have another kind of questions for you. In the one picture where your stone patio is shown, what did you put in the seams between each stone? I have tried everything with my stone patio and nothing has worked so I have a problem with weeds between each stone. Whatever you used must be permanent and that is what I am looking for. Thanks in advance.

    • Oh thank you so much, Carole!! I used pea pebbles in between the stones, the jagged kind that you won’t roll on and slip. We also put plastic down first, but my hubby sprays anything that comes up with ground clear from Lowes. It comes in a container that has a sprayer that you pump and spray.

      • Thank you for the info Christy. I will go directly to Lowes and purchase this spray. It is such a pain every spring and summer trying to pick the weeds out of the cracks. Even spraying with weed killer isn’t good because it is hard to pull the weeds out once they are brown and stiff. I love my patio but does not love looking at weeds. Thanks again.

  12. You never, ever cease to amaze me…you are just soooo talented! Thanks for inspiring me every day!

  13. Such a fun post. It was really neat seeing just how much work you have done. You put us all to shame.

  14. Beautiful as always Christy, I love the detail on the table!

  15. Love everything,love to see what others do with their creativity..

  16. Yo made everything look wonderful! You have the touch!

  17. You just never disappoint with your makeovers. I loved everything shown today. I can’t pick a favorite.
    Yay for yard sales! !!

    • Thanks so much, Treva! I thought it was fun to look back. I have a china hutch in my garage awaiting its big makeover…once that is done and outta there…bring on the yard sales! XO

  18. I recently found your blog and so glad that I did. I love, love your transformations! Thank you for the inspiration.

  19. I think my favorite part of the post is your gallery above the bed! I love it!


  20. Stacye Hixson says

    I love to see all your transformations. Always beautiful.

  21. All so great Christy!! I LOVE makeovers so much…and you have so many fab ones!