Coffee Table with French Graphics

What’s up my sweet Friends? Are ya’ll up for a coffee table makeover? That’s what I’m bringing you on this fine day!

Remember when I shared this yard sale haul picture the other day:


I was sharing the makeover of that tall table, which if you missed you can see here. Today I’m tackling the coffee table!

Here is a  closer look:


This table was in excellent condition and a bargain at $15, but there was really nothing special or unique about it.

So of course I painted it…

and added French graphics!

Coffee Table with French Graphics

Perty! Here it is with its new paint job…


See? No wow factor.

I knew I wanted to add graphics to it when I bought it. I found my image through The Graphics Fairy (free) and uploaded it in the reverse to my computer. Then I enlarged it using

En;arge graphics using

You can choose how many pages wide you want your image to be. You’ll need to trim the margins and tape the image together.

I sanded my surface smooth first, then I transferred my graphics using this method. I painted the transferred graphics using black acrylic paint and a script brush.

Use acrylic paint and a script brush to paint in the graphics.

I found this brush at Michaels. It’s a new one I was trying out that had a very tiny brush, but it was easy to control, especially on those tiny letters.

Coffee Table with French Graphics (close up)

(You can see in the photo above that I sanded my words lightly after the paint had completely dried. I sealed the table top with two coats of Annie Sloan’s clear soft wax.)

Coffee Table with French Graphics

These photos were taken on my recycled granite block patio on the side of my house.

The window you see below is my dining room. You can see the metal grates at the window:

Coffee Table with French Graphics

My hydrangeas look a bit naked across the middle because I snipped a bunch from there ha ha.

Coffee Table with French Graphics

I think this little table has so much more personality now.

Coffee Table with French Graphics

It doesn’t show well in the pictures, but I did sand the edges  all over a bit.

Coffee Table with French Graphics

As I was editing my photos I couldn’t help but remember the 100 degree heat we had that day, not to mention the bees that were buzzing about an inch from my head while I was trying to get that last shot. I’m glad it turned out well ha ha. Is the heat insane where you are too?

$15 Yard Sale Coffee Table transformed with French GraphicsI am pretty darned pleased with how this little wallflower turned out!

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  1. I’m always impressed with your steady hand! It’s beautiful.

  2. Amazing job painting all those tiny letters! Pinning this to try on a trunk.

  3. Very nice Chisty,as usual , I adore the french graphics…

  4. WHAT a garage sale haul!!!

    The table looks like it took on a new summer look! Your letter painting skills make me envious. : ) I tend to get in a rush at some point along the line, and …that doesn’t work. Your work is beautiful and perfectly detailed, as usual. Thanks for sharing!

    • That was a good weekend! So glad you like the new look, Becky! My hand starts cramping after about an hour and I have to take a break, but I love the quiet work of painting in the graphics. 🙂

  5. Beautiful makeover, Christy! The French script was exactly what this needed to give it some personality. You find great things at yard sales and I always enjoy seeing what you do with them.

    • Thanks so much, Paula! My oldest son is staying with my Mom for the weekend and I know he is relieved that I won’t be dragging him out to go yard saling with me tomorrow ha ha! Hope you are enjoying your break so far. 🙂

  6. Another winner Christy! You do such awesome work and apparently cool as a cucumber too. Pretty sure if there had been bees that close to my head I would have gone into Freak Out Mode, tripped on one of those granite blocks and crashed onto my table breaking it in two. But maybe that’s just me. LOL!

    • Ha ha thanks, Lori! You are funny! These were the giant bees that are only interested in the flowers. The tree I was in had tons of purple flowers, so the bees were everywhere. They weren’t interested in me at all. 🙂

  7. Maggie M says

    Love it Christy!

  8. Girl you can send that heat my way anytime! Apparently we’re getting some this week but I won’t hold my breath until I’m laying on my lounge chair with a good book and tall glass of ice tea (or peach Bellini with a little umbrella). Yes, that run-of-the-mill French Provincial coffee table now has loads of personality! Keeping or selling?

    • Thanks, Marie! It seemed like Summer weather would never get here and then all of a sudden the last two weeks it’s been mid to upper 90’s and over 100 one day! I don’t have a clue where it came from. Oh and this is already in the shop. 🙂

  9. Beautiful Christy! Yes, the heat has been INSANE in Lake City, FL! Prelude to summer!

  10. H!ow I wish it was hot here! My hydrangea are no where near blooming. Temp last 2 nights were high 60’s. today is almost 81 so yay! ! Table looks awesome.

    • I thought our Summer weather was never going to get here this year, but it arrived a couple of weeks ago and it’s been hotter than our Junes usually are around here. I do like my Summer to feel like Summer though, and maybe yours is finally coming your way too! XO

  11. Linda Petersen says

    It’s beautiful!

  12. MaryJean says

    Christy, I have to say I always love the natural look of wood, but the table looks great the way you did it!

  13. Such a pretty makeover! You did a great job, it’s amazing what a difference some paint and creativity can do. 🙂

  14. Amazing job, Christy! Always love your furniture makeovers! And wow to that garage sale haul!!! Hope you’re having a great weekend! xo

  15. Tina Matteson says

    Another beautiful makeover, Christy! Is there a link to the paintbrush… I didn’t see one. I need a brush like that, please!

    • I found mine at Michaels. I left the tag on my brush in the photo I included in the post, so you can get an idea what to look for. I couldn’t find it on Michaels site, but it is a Loew Cornell brand script (sometimes also called script liner) brush in the 7050 series. The size is 10/0 (very thin). I have also used the next size up, but I love the control I get with the smaller size on those tiny letters. I hope this helps a little!

  16. Thanks!