$2 Thrift Store Box Makeover

Happy Thursday, amazing friends, and Happy Independence Day to my fellow Americans! Today’s makeover isn’t patriotic inspired, but I did include a fun one from the past at the bottom for you! 🙂

Today I’m sharing a piece that I found on clearance at the thrift store…is there anything better?  Why yes there is, actually! How about a double markdown at the thrift store? The box I’m sharing today was marked down not once, but two times!

I knew this little box had potential:

And it really was marked down twice!

They were really pushing it asking $7 to start! I found it on one of Nancy and my thrifting trips a while back.

It got a simple makeover…

$2 Thrift store box makeover from confessionsofaserialdiyer.com

Who couldn’t use a box to hide their secret stash?

I’ve included a few affiliate links so you can find the products I love.

This is Fluff by Dixie Belle. I painted this while I still had it out from painting the dropleaf table last week.

$2 Thrift store box makeover from confessionsofaserialdiyer.com

Then I used my Silhouette to cut out the word Hello on contact paper

$2 Thrift store box makeover from confessionsofaserialdiyer.com

I used a small brush and black craft paint to fill it in.

$2 Thrift store box makeover from confessionsofaserialdiyer.com

Well hello to you too!

When it was dry, I sanded it all over with 220 grit sandpaper and sealed with Satin Clear Coat using DB’s blue sponge to apply it.

$2 Thrift store box makeover from confessionsofaserialdiyer.com

Then I added a little glass knob from Hobby Lobby…

$2 Thrift store box makeover from confessionsofaserialdiyer.com

And printed out a tag for the front using the Veteran Typewriter Regular font…

$2 Thrift store box makeover from confessionsofaserialdiyer.com

I guess it’s not so secret though if I put that right on the front, eh?

My Hubby was curious what exactly I was suggesting with ” Secret Stash”.

Well, mine would be chocolate, of course!

$2 Thrift store box makeover from confessionsofaserialdiyer.com

I lined the inside with fabric using Mod Podge:

$2 Thrift store box makeover from confessionsofaserialdiyer.com

I lined this box the exact same way as I lined this flatware box HERE.

$2 Thrift store box makeover from confessionsofaserialdiyer.com

Simple, but definitely better than the original, don’t you think?

$2 Thrift store box makeover from confessionsofaserialdiyer.com

And here’s that patriotic-inspired makeover I promised! I shared this birdhouse makeover way back in 2015:

It was originally a Christmas church, but it was awkwardly tall, so I altered it a bit, gave it a new paint job, and attached it to a stake in my garden! You can see more of this makeover HERE!

That’s one more done woohoo!

Want to see more upcycled boxes??

I have 12 more for you!

See how they all turned out HERE!

I’ll be back on Tuesday with my Trash-to- Treasure girls sharing how I revived this stool that was a super old project of mine:

UPDATE: See how sophisticated this stool looks now HERE!!

Have a safe and FUN Fourth of July!!



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  1. Now that stash box needed to be white. It is adorable and I would and will stash my candy in there. Not that I wouldn’t share. Just don’t open it in front of them. Haha. I love love the church. My guy finally coming home Friday night. I found the most wonderous house and look forward to finally being able to paint refurbish and have loads of fun. We won’t be able to get in til August I think but there is still time. A barn on the property will be evoked to my craft room. My saws and screwdrivers and ribbons etc will al reside there. I am going to build saw horses first thing.

  2. Christina in SW FL says

    Happy 4th of July to you, your family and readers Christy!
    This box turned out so sweet… pun intended. So adorable as a secret stash box and the glass knob is wonderful.
    I can see this little box being used in so many ways,
    I hope you and yours have a safe and fun holiday.

  3. Janice Holt says

    Now how cute is this little box. Love doing little projects like this and there is always a place for a box to put little “stuff” in. Happy 4th of July. Be safe.

  4. Mary Kaiser says

    I love how simple yet beautiful that turned out. I have a similar box that I will have to pull out to redo like this. Great idea to stash chocolate, now you just have to keep other hands out of your stash lol. I bet they wouldn’t reach in there if you set a mouse trap in there and they got their fingers snapped lol!

    • Thank you, Mary! Ooh ha ha could you imagine if they nearly had their fingers taken off? They surely wouldn’t be so quick to reach in there next time lol! XOXO

  5. Love this cute little makeover. So little made such a “BIG” impact!!!

  6. That box is so sweet! (pun totally intended!). Thank you for continuing to inspire. Happy Independence Day to my American friends, from Canada!

  7. I love this so much! “It’s not so secret though…” Lol. That’s what I was thinking. Forwarding this one to my husband, the box addict. Nice work! Happy 4th!

    • Thank you, Joni! Yeah I guess if you label it “secret stash”, it isn’t so secret lol! Happy 4th to you too! XOXO

  8. Love stash boxes. IMHO, I’d remove the period mark after “Hello”. You don’t need it.

  9. Marcie Lovett says

    Christy, you make me want to buy every wood box I see at the thrift shop! In fact, I was perusing that aisle Sunday and had to stop myself because I already have my own haul of shame that needs to be tackled. Thanks for the constant inspiration, even your seemingly simple projects have some detail that puts them over the top.

  10. That Secret Stash box is so so cute! Love the idea and the looks….well done. That bird house is really cute too but I have a serious thing for anything birdhouse! Probably would have kept it in the house! My Sis keeps a little tree in her house that she decorates for ALL the holidays!
    Happy 4th to All!

    • Thanks, Mary! I probably should have kept this one indoors, but I think I got three seasons out of it. I like the idea of decorating one for each holiday! Happy 4th to you as well! XOXO

  11. both projects look great! such a simple fix for that Secret Stash box and the bird house is beautifully patriotic, it could be left up all summer long, with or without the flag! Happy 4th of July!

  12. Hi Christy! Happy 4th of July! I have a couple of questions. Did you worry about bleed-through? And how many coats of paint did you use? I am learning to paint my found objects and still worry about the coverage and bleed through of certain pieces. Thanks for your time!

    • Thank you, Laura! I usually only worry about bleed through on more antique pieces made of cherry or mahogany. This one did just fine. Had I gotten some bleed-through unexpectedly after painting, I would have used Rustoleum clear spray on it since it is small. Then I would have just painted over that. I only needed two coats of this paint because although it is white, it has a little pigment in it. A bright white would have taken three coats. Hope this helps! XO

  13. Oh goodness, that’s too cute!
    So, when you use the contact paper, do you stick it down? And it comes off easy? I’m curious as I know long ago contact paper really stuck!

    • Thank you, Cecilia! I haven’t had any issues with the contact paper not coming up easily and that is all I use. I would imagine if you left it sitting for a year as you would in a drawer, it might have a harder time coming up though. 🙂 XOXO

  14. Charleen Adams says


  15. Happy 4th to you and your family. Cute photo on FB.
    ❤️ Your cute little secret stash box. Mine would hide chocolate too.

  16. Every woman needs a secret stash and how lovely to have a pretty box like this to put it in. Mine definitely would be chocolate too. Pinned 🙂

  17. Definitely not so secret!!!! Ha ha!

  18. sharon austin says

    OMG I love it. I knew that would end up so cute!! I’m Jelly….is it for sale?! LOL

    • Thank you, Sharon! It is for sale…I took it to my booth on Saturday. If you’re interested I can see if it is still there? It is $18. 🙂

  19. sharon austin says

    Sure; let me know! Thanks

  20. Robyn D Wright says

    LOVE it!

  21. Dawn Shelley says

    Christy…..Do you have any experience with using chalk paint on cement?
    Does it hold up well? Or should I seal it afterwards? I want to paint a rock white and add a saying to it for my garden.

    • Hi Dawn! I have not tried it on cement, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. It does need to be sealed afterward, but you could just use a spray sealer like Rustoleum clear matte spray! XO

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