Child’s Wicker Rocker Makeover

Sweet friends, can I just say again how thrilled I am to be working through these pieces that I’ve been hoarding for so long?

Today I’m sharing what I did with this child’s wicker rocker:

I am always drawn to children’s pieces because they are so darn cute! They are also usually good sellers for me. People might hesitate to spend money on something for themselves, but will for their kiddos or grandbabies, am I right? I know that is true for me. It seems more justified somehow.

Unlike Thursday’s table makeover, I actually remember buying this one! And I have an exact timeframe as well:

November of 2017! What??! I know…the shame.

This rocker was in pretty sad shape and had gathered dirt and dust in all the hard-to-reach places:

It also had some of the caning missing on one of the arms, so to make it match the other side, I cut all of it out from both sides:

I had to give it a good hose down to get rid of all the dust that had collected in the spaces that couldn’t be reached. I left it to dry in the sun and when it was good and dry, I gave it a quick coat of spray primer. I sprayed it while it was upside down first, then right side up:

I wanted to be sure the next coat of paint lasted and spray primer would help with that.

Now ya’ll know how much I love a simple white makeover, and I would have loved to have left it a simple white, but that wouldn’t be much of a makeover now would it?

I decided to try a new spray paint color I found called French Blue:

I liked it okay, but it dried a bit darker than I expected, and so I followed up with some very light dry-brushing all over with white paint to lighten it up a bit. That also gave it more of a weathered look.

Then I taped off the legs with FrogTape to add a little whimsy to the rockers:

I painted the stripes in Cotton and immediately removed the tape after the second coat.

Here’s how this sweet rocker looks now:

Child's wicker rocker spray painted in French Blue by Rust-Oleum.

I love that the stripes add a bit of fun!

Child's wicker rocker spray painted in French Blue by Rust-Oleum.


Child's wicker rocker spray painted in French Blue by Rust-Oleum.

You can see how I dry brushed white over the original blue to soften the color a bit as well…

Child's wicker rocker spray painted in French Blue by Rust-Oleum.


Child's wicker rocker spray painted in French Blue by Rust-Oleum.


Child's wicker rocker spray painted in French Blue by Rust-Oleum.


Child's wicker rocker spray painted in French Blue by Rust-Oleum.


Child's wicker rocker spray painted in French Blue by Rust-Oleum.

This makeover was so quick to do that it is really a shame that it sat for so long!

Child's wicker rocker spray painted in French Blue by Rust-Oleum.

I hope ya’ll enjoyed this quick makeover! I sure enjoyed crossing off another piece from the Haul of Shame!

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I’ll be back on Thursday sharing what I did with this box I found while thrifting with Nancy!

See ya then! 🙂

UPDATE: See how this box looks now HERE!



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  1. Ha! I knew you’d do blue 🙂 But those little stripes on the “rocker feet” give it that extra pizzazz! Well done!

  2. Oh I thought not white please be blue and it is a wonderful shade of blue. And the rockets. How sweet. I like white but sometimes you have to set the can down and pick up the one you really wanted. I will be on the lookout for so many items. I will be up and running in about two weeks. Bought an 1850 farmhousish and I am in love with a house. An acre, a barn and corral. Yup move those Pygmy goats right in there. I am beyond happy. And to be able to buy what I want and paint what I want. Oh boy.

    • Thanks, Jody! I’m so glad I went for the blue on this one too. It sounds like you have a fantastic house to play with…plenty to keep you busy for sure! XOXO

  3. Cecilia from Georgia says

    I love the blue and of course your stripes are the cutest and most fun! Looking back, would you have used a different color spray paint, maybe something lighter, instead of having to dry brush with white? Do you think you would get the same effect? Little lion is becoming quite a star in your chair pictures! Have a wonderfu and safe Independence Day!!

    • Thank you, Cecilia! Yes, if I had to do it over, I probably would have chosen a lighter blue, but then again I wouldn’t have gotten that more casual effect of the dry brushing! Isn’t the lion so sweet? He used to belong to my youngest and I don’t have the heart to part with him. I hope you have a wonderful fourth as well! XOXO

  4. Mary Kaiser says

    Awe how sweet that turned out. I have a grand son (Weston) that I would buy that for but I live in Michigan! My daughter and son in law and grandson live in South Carolina. I will just have to watch for one so I can redo it just like that for Weston. Thanks for the great tutorial so I can do it!!

  5. I’m always inspired to paint after reading about your transformations. I love white wicker too, but this blue is tops! Thank you for sharing!

    • Aww that is the best compliment ever, Sandra, thank you! I love when people feel inspired to get creative! XOXO

  6. Janice Holt says

    What a sweet rocker. The striped legs just make it. No doubt this was a hard task.

  7. Christina in SW FL says

    Wow, you set this little rocker free with joy! Love the dry brushing over the blue and the stripes.. brilliant. 🙂 I adore your staging with the cozy coverlet and adorable lion. Way to go Christy!!… again!!!
    Have a great week!

    • Thank you, Christina! I wish I had a little one to snuggle into that chair for the photos…I had to settle for the cozy throw and lion lol! XOXO

  8. What a sweet makeover and it will be perfect for a baby boy’s nursery. I can imagine a grandma shopping in your booth and snagging this for her on-the-way grandson.

    • Thank you, Paula! Oh yes, absolutely…I’d love to see this go to a sweet one’s nursery! XOXO

  9. Super cute! The stripes add that special touch for sure! Someone will snatch this up!

  10. Kelly Howard says

    Can you bottle the color you achieved and send me a CASE of it, please! The color is great! Such a pretty little chair!

  11. So, so cute.

  12. ADORE the ‘new’ rocker. I have two older reed chairs that still sit really comfortably but look like the devil. I think I’ll copy your cool blue idea to transform them to a pretty garden setting.

  13. Precious baby rocker, and your staging is wonderful, as always!

  14. MARTHA REKNI says

    Tackling wicker – you brave girl! 🙂

  15. I absolutely love your makeovers! Such inspiration for my basement full of great finds! Thanks!

  16. sharon austin says

    OMG; how cute did that turn out. Removing the caning–genius!! Can’t wait to see the box, too; I’m a box freak. Can never have too many boxes. Maybe I’m part cat?! LOL

  17. i love the stripes – i think they really make this chair special! (I need a doll!)

  18. checked out (pun!) your “YOU ROCK” rocker, but can’t seem to leave a comment – it’s really cute too, so simple and a great redo!

    • Thanks! Yeah…I think you can only leave a comment for up to a year from when the post was written. Sorry about that! That was a fun rocker to do! XOXO

  19. Debbie Roberts says

    That rocker turned out so cute!! And I love the blue! Not a fan of stripes but on this project it really added to the cuteness! I’m sure that will sell fast! Love it!!

  20. This is a beauty, looks amazing ????????????????????????

  21. Liz Shivel says

    The wicker rocker looks great! Cutting out the damaged cane areas on the sides was something I would not have thought to do! Great idea!! The blue paint when dried, reminded me of a steel blue-gray that I’d call Americana, reminding me of the old East Coast. But lightening it up with the dry brush in white immediately changed the tone to the beach cottage, and with the cute stripes! Good job with the frog tape! I enjoy your handiwork and great instructions and photos. Thanks!

    • Thank you, Liz! Oh yes, very Americana…that’s a great way to describe it. It was a little deeper blue than I wanted, but still a lovely color. And yes, the frogtape works wonders! XOXO

  22. ColleenB.-Tx. says

    That is absolutely Adorable. I like them little rockers. I see them all the time in thrift stores. In fact I have 2 wooden ones that I need to do something with. I still have my childhood rocker but it isn’t in the best of shape as A lot of family members have sat in it when they where young.

    • Thank you, Colleen! I always scoop up little rockers when I see them! How sweet that you still have yours! XOXO

  23. Pretty color, sweet stripes – love it Christy ????

  24. Cute as a button Christy! Pinned!????

  25. Marcie Lovett says

    Yay! Quick and cute and out the door!

    Old wicker is such a pain to paint, I actually have painted old cobwebs after I was sure I cleaned thoroughly. I love the “hose it down” prep. I’ve also saved tiny bits of wicker and glued them to cover bare patches. Thanks for the reminder that sometimes you just need to chop off the offending parts!

    • Yes, quick is my favorite lol! Good idea to save pieces to fill in the bare spots, but yep sometimes you can get away with just chopping them off! XOXO

  26. Ellen Shook says

    This is too cute for words!

  27. Robyn Wright says

    ” I sprayed it while it was upside down first, then right side up”….at first, I thought you meant the spray paint can. LOL!

  28. We had that identical rocker that we bought for our daughter when she was 2 years old. She is now 33. I had repainted it once, but last year I repainted it white for her daughter, who had just turned 2 at that time. I love the stripes on yours.

  29. Super adorable! Great choice of color. Love it!

  30. Christy, I love the little chair makeover! It is precious! I feel like the adorable little lion is a regular when you stage a kiddo makeover, he’s just darling too!
    I too am “guilty” of neglect when it comes to tackling all the furniture projects I have “hidden” around the garage, the shed and the spare bedroom! I am blessed with a very patient husband! You’ve inspired me to start addressing my own Haul of Shame. Great job as always!

    • Thank you, Susan! The lion belonged to my youngest and it holds such sweet memories for me, so that is probably why he’s my favorite for staging ha ha! I hear you on tackling all the projects…sometimes I think I’ll never reach the end of the pile! And we really are very lucky to have such patient husbands! XOXO

  31. KATHY BINKLEY says

    Hi Christy, Yes when I saw the white I said, I wonder what she’ll do. I kinda thought it would be blue but not the stripes. You do such beautiful work. You are so sweet to share everything you do, and of course I love it all and I love your tutorial. I would love to see more of them. Oh Christy, I have a Silhouette and Its brand new and 3 years old, never used. It intimidates me so I haven’t used it. Would love to see you do a few tutorials on it.
    Thank you for what you do.

    • Thank you so much, Kathy! I had a love-hate relationship with my Silhouette for the longest time lol! You really can do amazing things with it though. I’ll be sure to include more details on using it when I use it next time! XOXO

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