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Happy Trash-to-Treasure Tuesday, beautiful friends! Today I and four of my favorite upcycling friends are all sharing makeovers of what some might call trash! Be sure to look for my friends’ projects at the bottom.

Of course, I have to choose something from my current haul and the most fitting item in the lot is this cabinet door that came out of our old kitchen:

It really was trash that I would not let my Hubby throw away. (Ya’ll know how he likes to throw everything away!) I’m surprised it actually made it in the move over to our new house. Pretty sad because that was over two years ago and, yep, it’s still here. (That doesn’t help my case any with the Hubby.) I’ve included a few affiliate links so you can find the products I love.

When I was at Hobby Lobby a couple of weeks ago picking out new knobs for this dresser I shared recently, I also spied some pretty shelf brackets that were on sale as well. They gave me an idea for what I could do with my cabinet door:

Upcycled cabinet door

Cute, yes?

Repurposed cabinet door

Aren’t the brackets pretty? They were only $8 for the pair since they were half off. (They’re 50% off every other week with the knobs.)

Making this unique little shelf was pretty simple.

I found a scrap piece of wood and cut it using my sliding miter saw:

Ryobi sliding miter saw

This one slides so it can cut pieces up to a 12″ in length.

I sanded all the surfaces of my the wood with 220 grit sandpaper and then gave the cabinet and the wood a coat of Coffee Bean by Dixie Belle:

Dixie Belle Coffee Bean

Then I decided to try the vaseline method of distressing. When the Coffee Bean was dry, I added vaseline to all the corners I wanted to see distressed…

Then I gave both pieces two coats of Dixie Belle Fluff, as well as the shelf brackets:

Dixie Belle Fluff

Then I sanded lightly all over. The paint did come off of the areas with the vaseline a bit more easily than normal, but that technique works much better with spraypaint as the undercoat. The paint will usually wipe right off with a cloth on those areas coated in vaseline. I guess that’s a testament to how well Dixie Belle adheres?

I sealed with Clear Coat in satin using a sponge. Then I assembled it once everything was sealed.

And voila! Piece of trash to a cute new decor piece!

Cabinet Door shelf from

Perfect for a vase of *ahem* fresh flowers!

Okay or Walmart sunflowers…whichever!

Cabinet Door shelf from

The brackets covered right over where the door hardware holes once were so I didn’t even need to fill them.

Cabinet Door shelf from

To hang it, I used D ring hardware.

Cabinet Door shelf from

This would be cute with two rows of shelves too!

Cabinet Door shelf from


Cabinet Door shelf from

This was a quick and easy project and a great way to turn an old cabinet door into brand new decor! And how about a price tag of only $8 for the brackets since I already had everything else? Can’t beat that!

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Time to cross off one more piece!

If you missed any of these makeovers, you can catch up or revisit them below:

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I’ll be back TOMORROW instead of Thursday this week. I’m joining the Seasonal Simplicity tour with a fun Halloween DIY project! I’ll be sharing what I did with this flatware box:

UPDATE! See what I did with this box HERE now!

Also…a quick update on Lyla! I’m happy to report that both of her eyes are wide open and looking so much better!

She had a follow-up vet appointment for her left eye on Friday. That one was crusted shut when we got her. You can see in the photo above that it looks a little different than the right. With dye, they could see she has a good-sized scratch across that eye, so it still has some healing to do, but the vet seems optimistic that it might fully heal. Other than that she is super playful and seems to be doing well so far!

She looks pretty content to me!

See ya tomorrow!!




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  1. Mary Kaiser says

    WOW it is so cute, I totally love this transformation! My question is are you keeping it or selling it? It is so your style and I could see you keeping this in your home!! I am so happy that your sweet kitten is doing so well, it is probably all those prayers getting answered for her! I am excited that I don’t have to wait till Thursday to see your next transformation, but then again I would enjoy one every day from you as your my favorite!!

    • Aww thank you so much, Mary! I wish I had a spot for it, but it will be heading to the booth. And yes, I appreciate all those prayers for my sweet girl…she is so blessed! See you tomorrow!! XOXO

  2. Perfectly beautiful, Christy. One can never have enough knick-knack shelves. 💕

  3. Christina in SW FL says

    Oh Christy, this makeover is cute, cute, cute!! Love the brackets, love the white… just beautiful. 🙂
    I’m so glad Lyla is doing better. She looks content indeed! I bet her eye heals completely. 🙂

  4. You are so creative. Such an inspiration. Thanks for your knowledge

  5. sharon austin says

    Super cute! My husband will be thrilled to find that I now have a reason to hoard homeless cupboard doors. LOL

  6. JoAnn Tobias says

    Love this! We are planning to remove our kitchen cupboard doors in the near future and replace……I was wondering what I would do with the old ones. So glad that Lyla is doing well. I am thinking your Halloween project is the mirror?

    • Thank you, JoAnn! Ooh yes…there are lots of fun project ideas for those cabinet doors! We are grateful Lyla is doing well also, thank you. And great guess…that would make a great Halloween prop! XOXO

  7. Oh Christy, that is soooo pretty! Where did you find the two pretties to the right of your door? It’s all so simple and lovely!

    • Thank you, Cate! I believe I found those at TJ Maxx, but it has been almost 20 years! If I haven’t DIYed it, it probably came from TJ Maxx or HomeGoods! 🙂 XOXO

  8. I ❤️ The brackets, they really dress up the shelf. And pretty neat how they covered up the hole. You’re so very clever. 😊😊😊

  9. Debbie in TX says

    This cabinet door now looks amazing! What a truly creative way to use this piece, and the brackets are so pretty. Who wouldn’t want this in their house?

    Your sweet baby kitty is very photogenic. You can tell she’s really loving her new home!

  10. I have a cabinet door like this ad now know what to ask my boyfriend to do!!!! LOL
    I have a cat the accidentally scratches her own eye off and on with her “thumb” nail when she is grooming. The eye drops, an antibiotic, always heal it.

    • Oh yay! Yes make yourself a cute shelf! Glad to hear the antibiotics work for you cat…Lyla is on antibiotic ointment so hoping hers heals too! XOXO

  11. Love how you salvaged that old cabinet door, Christy. Your husband must be pleased to have it outta the garage but I bet he wants you to keep it now. Oh, how I wish Canada had Hobby Lobby stores. I always love the hardware you use on your pieces. Lyla is just too dang ADORABLE!

    • Thank you, Marie! I wish you guys had a Hobby Lobby too! I remember when the closest one to us was two hours away and we would road trip just to stock up on hardware. Lyla is a keeper…she brings us so much joy! XOXO

  12. Your little cabinet door is so cute now! Love those brackets…and your sweet kitty! 🙂 xo

  13. This is so pretty! Pinned, and on my must-do list! I just noted that my current kitchen doors would work beautifully… OK, I can’t do that… YET. 😁 I’ll have to shop around. 😊😊

  14. Sue Mellette says

    You are too clever! I love, love the new look. How do come up with all your creative ideas? I am just amazed at your talent and gift for repurposing. I probably would have gotten rid of the door, too, because I could not think of anything clever, like you did, to transform it into a pretty and useful piece. (lol) Again, thanks for sharing.

  15. Hi Christy, what a great idea for an old cupboard door! I am happy to hear Layla is responding to the antibiotic and I will continue to pray for her completed healing. She is just so darn cute!

  16. So simple, yet so pretty.

  17. Cheryl Atkinson says

    Hi Christy! Another cute project. thank you for all the ideas and creativeness. You are surely my hero!

  18. Christy this project is super cute, of course! You reminded me that I have a cabinet door that I’ve been saving for a while now… and how crazy that you’ve been in your house for two years already. Time flies!

    • Thanks, Jen! This one was almost too easy! And yes…so crazy that it’s been over two years since we moved in already! I thought the same thing when I saw your littlest cutie on FB the other day! XOXO

  19. Mary Loveland says

    Probably one of the best makeovers for a cabinet door I’ve ever seen, well done! Simply gorgeous.

  20. Cecilia from Georgia says

    Clever girl! I have a shelf with nice iron brackets already attached and dug them out after reading this post. I also have a cabinet door! So I’ll try this but need to make it horizontal. Hope for the best for me. XOXO

  21. Christy,

    This is genius. Love the brackets. I just found your site and I am so glad. I am a huge yard sale DIY-er. Often, I see something and buy it, not totally sure what I’m going to do with it yet but your site gives me so much inspiration. Thanks for this cabinet door idea.


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