Dressing Table Bench Makeover

Hello friends! Have you ever peeled off wallpaper to reveal another layer underneath? And then another layer underneath? And so on? That was what happened to me only with a dressing table bench!

My Mom picked this up at the same estate sale where she scored these amazing French provincial chairs. (Trust me, they did NOT start out amazing.) We had been together the day before and she went back for the chairs, so I sent her in after the bench as well since it was the last day and everything was 50% off.

It started out like this:


Pretty gross. That was the top layer. It started as a beautiful aqua velvet…80’s, baby!

Here is the next layer:


Ah…harvest gold. A perfect representation of the 70’s.

How about the 60’s?


Nothing says 60’s like a floral.

And the original…


This was a blue tapestry. I’m surprised each layer had to become utterly disgusting before it was decided that it should be covered.

I managed to salvage a decent piece of each from  the underside…


Ready for today’s version?

Dressing Table Bench Makeover

So much better. I use this fabric a lot because it is very forgiving in the stain department and it sells well.

I tucked the swatches in the underside, so years from now when someone far in the future uncovers this layer, they’ll see all the layers that were.



Dressing Table Bench

I added piping to make it extra fabulous. Adding piping to chairs is quite simple. Here is a sew and NO SEW tutorial on how to do it.

Dressing Table Bench


Dressing Table Bench Makeover


Dressing Table Bench Makeover

I promised a tutorial on the French Provincial chairs and I am working on that post this week and hoping to post early next week. There are a lot of details.

I wanted to share this one more to show all the layers of fabric. I thought it was interesting to see what was under each layer!

UPDATE: See my chair upholstery tutorial HERE now!

Have a great day!



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  1. What a lovely transformation! That fabric is gorgeous! Can you purchase it on Amazon or any other sites as I live in N.Ireland. I am surprised they did not remove the dirty fabric before recovering it each time??? It was a bit like an onion, peeling off layers. You did a beautiful job as usual!

  2. Very well done and it looks great! Fun seeing all the transformation fabrics over the years.

  3. You do an amazingly beautiful and professional looking job Christy! And, I love your respect for old furniture pieces and their history. Such a nice idea to include the former upholstery swatches! Cheers! Connie

  4. Great history. It’s beautiful. Just as I was thinking to ask about your piping.. You answered with a link. Yeay.

  5. OMIGOSH!!!!!!!!! LOVE what you did. That fabric together with the style of that bench works so beautifully. Awesome makeover!

  6. My grandmother had a bench very similar to yours that went with her dressing table. I think my aunt still has both the dressing table and the bench.

    I love the update you gave this piece and especially love that you tucked the fabric swatches underneath for someone to discover in the future. Great job!

    • Thanks, Paula. This had a dressing table with it at the estate sale, but it was outrageously priced, so unfortunately I had to leave it behind. I thought it was fun to include the fabric swatches too. 🙂

  7. Kristy – I like your ‘time capsule’ idea. That will be fun for someone to uncover one day!! It is rather interesting to see what was done in the past. The most I’ve uncovered is just 2 layers. Good job (as usual)!!

  8. Sue Farmer says

    Another beauty!!! You do an amazing job with the furniture you find.

  9. Awesome job Christy, it was like one surprise after the other 🙂

  10. Lindsay O. says

    I love that you kept the swatches in the bench for someone else to discover later! I always love finding a “story” of a piece, and you’re handing it right out! How fun!

  11. You did an outstanding job on the bench!!

  12. Oh yeah, much better! Great job:)

  13. Awesome makeover!!

  14. Kendra @ www.joyinourhome.com says

    What a gorgeous little bench, Christy! You are officially my favourite furniture re-doer! Amazing once again! 🙂 Have a great rest of the week! xo

  15. Bravo! (as usual) Uncovering layers is quite a fun lesson in history! I did rip up layers of carpet in an old cabin we owned. It was nasty! But interesting to see the transformation from layer to layer. I wondered why they would leave layers of carpet…turns out it really insulated the leaky old structure! ~Julie

    • Thanks, Julie! These layers were pretty nasty too and dust came flying off with each layer. I can’t imagine putting new carpet over old though! Either they were really crazy or just plain lazy ha ha!

  16. From drab to absolutely fab! Are you keeping this piece or selling it in your booth? What a great idea leaving fabric swatches behind for the next upholsterer.

  17. Christy, looks fabulous, like always! I love the extra detail with the piping you added and the little fabric swatches stapled to the bottom. Such a clever idea. I’m excited for your french provincial chair tutorial, because that’s a type of piece I’m still very hesitant to tackle!!

  18. I’m sorry…I’m failing to see the “velvet blue.” All I see is velvet dirt.

    It IS fabulous now!!!