My Favorite Hutch Makeover (& We’re ready for floors!)

Hey there awesome Friends! We have just been chugging along here and I think we are almost ready for floors!

I got all the painting and touch-ups done:

The color I used is Behr’s Campfire Ash and it’s the same color I have used throughout the rest of the downstairs so far.

And yep that’s my desk right at the bottom of the stairs. I’m actually writing this from that very spot ha ha.

We got all of the luan down except for that one strip between the rooms…

If you missed why we needed to add a layer of luan, you can catch up HERE. Unfortunately we ran out. Once we get that filled in, I can start on the floors!

And the dining room…sorry I didn’t even try to make it look presentable for ya’ll…

I probably should consider painting some of this furniture before installing the floors so I don’t have to move it outside. That would be the smart thing to do!

Since I don’t have much that is pretty to share today, I decided to include one of my favorite hutch makeovers!

I got a great deal on this very dated hutch:

I love these older hutches because they have so much charm, but one thing I didn’t find very charming on this one were these plastic amber door panels:


I suspected these were the reason why this piece was marked significantly lower than similar pieces at the thrift store. Not a problem for me!

I’ve included a few affiliate links so you can find the products I use. Read my full disclosure here.

Hutch Makeover inspired from Confessions of a Serial Do-it-Yourselfer

I replaced them with bead board panels:

Replace outdated glass panels with beadboard.

They really gave this pretty piece a touch of cottage charm.

Hutch Makeover inspired from Confessions of a Serial Do-it-Yourselfer

Another dated feature of this hutch was this area for hanging silverware (I’m guessing silverware because the slits are too narrow for wine glass stems)…


I tried my best to whack this shelf out so I could just replace it, but it wasn’t budging. I had to come up with another solution, so instead I decided to add a piece of molding across the top lip to camouflage it:
Hutch Makeover from Confessions of a Serial Do-it-Yourselfer

It made the slits look a bit like deep dental molding instead.

Hutch Makeover from Confessions of a Serial Do-it-Yourselfer

The original paneling on the back was a great base for white paint. I used Behr’s Ultra Pure White, straight off the shelf, in flat with my DIY chalk paint recipe. After sanding, everything was waxed with Annie Sloan’s Clear Soft Wax.

See my How to Paint Furniture with Chalk Paint tutorial HERE for more details on painting with chalk paint.

These pretty glass knobs from Hobby Lobby were perfect for the little drawer up top:

Hutch Makeover from Confessions of a Serial Do-it-Yourselfer

I filled in the holes on these bottom drawers so I could attach something prettier than what was there. I used Elmers Wood Filler for that part.

I filled in the holes on these bottom drawers using Elmers Wood Filler, so that I could attach prettier handles.

These handles were perfect:

Handles from Hobby Lobby are perfect for these drawers.

The insides got a little fabric treatment using Mod Podge in matte as well…

Adding fabric with Mod Podge gives the inside a fresh new feel.

I also put this on the backs of the bead board panels in the cupboard doors but forgot to take a picture.

Hutch Makeover from Confessions of a Serial Do-it-Yourselfer


Hutch Makeover from Confessions of a Serial Do-it-Yourselfer

Remember this wire caddy I scored at the thrift store? It was a great addition to my Farmhouse Kitchen!

This wire caddy was a thrft store find and perfect for displaying a few favorite dishes.

This little enamelware kettle and wire cloche were also thrift store finds, as were all of the ironstone pieces.

Hutch Makeover from Confessions of a Serial Do-it-Yourselfer

Sometimes those details that made a furniture piece a must-have 50 years ago, don’t do much for it today, but they can often easily be updated!

Dated Thrift Store Hutch Makeover from Confessions of a Serial Do-it-Yourselfer

Oh and did I mention it was only $75?

If you enjoyed this makeover, you might like to see a few more thrifty furniture makeovers I’ve done:25+Thrift store, yard sale, estate sale furniture makeovers from

25+Thrifty Furniture Makeovers

Thanks so much for stopping by today, Friends! It’s back to work for me!

I’ll be back on Thursday sharing a super oldie but goodie:

UPDATE: See what became of this headboard and footboard HERE now!



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  1. Christina in FL says

    Christy, this is another winner! Though I admit I am surprised you didn’t introduce your signature blue color. 🙂 Those amber panels were so popular and I love the bead board.
    (Still having trouble with the page loading/freezing… nuts!)

    • Thanks, Christina! I did a hutch in blue in early Spring, I believe, but unfortunately it is still sitting in my shop. 🙁 I guess people are afraid to go that big with color? Yeah girl…I don’t miss that amber glass fad one bit lol. And I am SO sorry about the page freezing on you my friend! XOXO

  2. Norma Rolader says

    Love the color on your walls and that hutch is awesome

  3. Beautiful!

  4. Gorgeous!!! What a difference ????. Love those handles! Can hardly wait to see your floors. It’s gonna be beautiful ❤️

  5. Excellent rescue operation on a good piece of furniture. I kind of dig those weird amber panels, but not in the hutch. You did an excellent job and I love your choice on new handles and knobs, so elegant!! Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you, Dana! Had those panels been glass, I might have been tempted to save them for something down the road. 🙂

  6. Beautiful! It really turned out great.
    I bet you’re excited to almost have your floors in. Can’t wait to see them. I love the color of your walls too.

  7. Patty Soriano says

    Christy, I’m wondering if you had considered filling in the slits with wood filler, and if not, why ? I like your fix, but wondering if there was another way. In case I find something like this, I’d like pros and cons for what I could do. Love the makeover!

    • Thank you, Patty! The slits were too deep for wood filler unfortunately. I would have had to add pieces of wood dowels where the circular cut-outs were and small slivers of wood to fill gaps in the front, then follow up with wood filler. This was a simpler fix. 🙂

  8. What a great makeover! That hutch was waiting for you so it could live a new life in your home! I think those notches may be for holding wine glasses upside down, but silverware would work too!

    • Thanks, Kathy! I thought so too at first but the slits were too skinny for wine glass stems. Luckily this hutch sold quickly so the trim piece ended up being a simple fix. 🙂

  9. I love the make over hutch, the one that had the shelf where you would hang glasses and you added a little piece of molding, what color of paint did you paint this hutch with? I searched and searched and could not find the color, you mentioned you did use some straight off the shelf in pure white on the back panel but I want to know what color the rest of the hutch was?

    • Thanks, Jeri! I used the same paint for the entire hutch: Behr’s Ultra Pure White made into DIY chalk paint. 🙂

  10. I love the color you painted your walls. I just finished painting my master bathroom a color very similar. And I’m still working on the living room suggestions you gave me! I will send photos one day I promise!


  11. Like the paint on your walls! Oh, I would be painting right there in the middle of the floor,if it were me. no one will see the effects of it when all is covered up! I say you go girl!!! Have a great week!

    • Thanks, Melinda! Ha ha I am totally doing that! I am starting tomorrow on my dining set! XOXO

  12. Wow! Can’t believe you only paid $75 for that. Beautiful makeover!

  13. Hello!!! Love all you are doing to the house. You are making it a home!!! Been busy myself
    cuz I just moved too!!! LOVE that make over on the hutch. Who would have thought.
    Have you sold your other home…it was a beauty?
    Have a great day!!!
    God Bless!!

    • Hi Addie!! Thank you so much! It is humming right along. I bet you have been busy…we always forget how much work it is setting up a new place! We have not sold our other home yet boo hoo…lots of lookers though! XOXO

  14. Hi there! Love your posts and all the fun makeovers you do. I have an issue with bleeding through on some of my chalk painted pieces. Do you have any suggestions to prevent this from happening?

  15. Ellen Shook says

    So pretty! I am saving your photo for inspiration. I am testing paint on one right now and we tossed the glass and wire mesh grill on the doors because it was CHEAPO. I like your idea of headboard, and make copy it. (You know = the sincerest form of flattery?)

    • Thank you, Ellen! Yep beadboard saved the day on this one and added charm…I’m sure it will be perfect for your piece too! Copy away, my friend! 🙂

  16. This is my favorite of your hutch makeovers! I LOVE your wall color – wish I would have not been in such a rush to paint my living room – I would have preferred to try your grayer color 🙂 Good luck with the floors – they will be beautiful like everything you do!

    • Thank you, Holly! It is my favorite too! As for the paint, I knew this color better be perfect because I’m not tackling all this painting for another 20 years lol! XOXO

  17. Wow, that cabinet turned out spectacular. Glad to see your floors are coming along.

    • Thank you, Sugar! I’m so glad adding all this luan to the existing floor wasn’t as much work as I thought it would be! We’re getting there! XOXO

  18. This is absolutely beautiful. Always good to see new life brought to outdated items.

    • Thank you, Sarah! I popped on over to your site…love that you leave kind notes in random places!!! The world needs more people like you! XOXO

  19. This is a great makeover! Those slits were for hanging stemware tho, not silverware, wine glasses and goblets and were a very popular addition back in the day. Putting the beadboard in was genius. I’ve used luan and wallpaper beadboard in the past if I didn’t have beadboard sheets lying around. Love the new hardware too!

    • Thanks, Crystal! I thought those slits were for stemware as well, but they are too narrow to fit any stemware we own so the only other thing I could think of was that maybe they were for silver flatware? Who knows…they were weird anyway ha ha! Love the idea to use beadboard wallpaper!! XOXO

  20. All I have to say is amazing and I think that word is overused but it’s the only I think fits for this. I just wish we had a place like your booth so I could sell things like this. I have tons of ideas but no place local to take things. I’m still looking for a place! Keep it coming my friend!

    • You are always so sweet, Mary Jean, thank you! I have a couple of friends that sell on Facebook and Craig’s List, but I prefer to take my pieces to my shop and let them take it from there. Sounds like you would prefer that too. Good luck finding a place to sell in your area! XOXO

  21. Removing that horribly dated glass and replacing with beadboard – brilliant! Beautiful Christy… and your home is really coming along. I can’t wait to see the floors installed! 🙂

    • Thank you, Denise! It’s hard to believe that bottle glass was a popular thing at one time…makes me wonder what things we love today will be dated in 50 years! I am so ready to start installing floors. Decided to tackle the large furniture pieces in those two spaces first. Then…floors!! I might actually get these rooms done in time to decorate for Christmas woo hoo! XOXO

  22. I love this hutch makeover Christy 🙂 and I’m looking forward to seen the new flooring.

  23. What a great piece, and love bead board on anything! Could the slits have been for collector spoons? I think that was very popular in that era

    • Thanks, Joy! You might be right about that…the slits are too small for anything else, and those were a big thing back in the day! XO

  24. Arlene Scheibner says

    Hi am enjoying your site. One comment – I believe the slots on your hutch are meant for wine/ stemmed glasses to be hung. Not silver wear. So perhaps leaving them as they were would have served a ‘ fancy ‘ purpose. Such a great job on the makeover- love the transformation.

    • Thank you, Arlene! I assumed that is what those slits were for when I bought it, however when I tried to put a wine glass in there the slits were way too narrow for any of the glasses we had. That would have been a better purpose for sure! Glad you enjoyed the makeover! 🙂

  25. Wow you must be reading my mind. I have been thinking about painting my hutch (that looks almost the same as the one in this blog) black. But I am very nervous about ruining it and then I have no hutch. I bought black chairs to tone down the table and a black chalk paint hutch would look great in my dining room. Your tutorial gives me a bit more confidence to perhaps make this a winter project!

    • Although I have a lot of light pieces in my home, I do love the look of furniture painted black! I say go for it! XOXO

  26. Susan Pearson says

    Hi Christy!
    I just love everything you do/re-do! I grew up in Norfolk and was there this summer visiting family and took a little field trip to the antique mall that you sell your lovely pieces out of. It was right when you were moving though but my sister goes there regularly, so I’ll be back! I have a question, I’m getting ready to paint my first chalk paint piece of furniture, a tall, slender cabinet that was in my great grandmother’s kitchen…what are the pros and cons of the Annie Sloan clear soft wax and the Minwax? (I’m using the Bit of Sugar color) Keep that inspiration coming!!!

    • Thank you so much, Susan! I’m sorry my booth was looking quite sad I’m sure when you walked through the antique mall! Unfortunately it doesn’t look much better now. Just about finished with house projects for a while, so I’ll be able to get it stocked for Christmas! Hopefully you can come back by next time you’re in town! As for the wax, the Annie Sloan is my go-to wax. The Minwax is very hard, not soft like the Annie Sloan. I have also heard that the Minwax can discolor white, although I have not experienced that myself. I think the Annie Sloan is worth the money and it a really long way. XOXO

  27. Amazing work! I’m so inspired! I’m looking for a bookshelf for my bedroom (and all my book-hoarding ways) and you’ve opened my mind 🙂 — From Kate, your new follower at

    • Thank you, Kate! There are so many more options available if you have a little vision for sure! Good luck in your search! XO