New Pendant Lights and the Glass Doors are in!

Hello lovelies! I am so thrilled to have ya’ll following along with my kitchen update with me! I was able to cross two more items off my to-do list this week.  The first is replacing the old pendant lights.

Here is a reminder of what was hanging in here before:

They were perfectly functional, but a little boring and on the small side.

I am so excited to share the new lights I found!

New chrome pendant lights


French country chrome pendant lights

Aren’t they beautiful??

I found these on Amazon HERE and I just knew they were the ones! They were really reasonably priced too.

They are just the right amount of fancy for me. 🙂

And they match the chrome hardware on the cabinet doors and drawers.

New chrome pendant lights

Do you spy what else I was able to cross of the list?

My cabinet finally got its glass doors!


How to add glass to cabinet doors

Well it’s plexiglass actually. Looks like the real deal but I was able to cut it myself! I love how they turned out.

See how I swapped the raised panels in my cabinet doors for glass HERE. I used the very same method as I used in that tutorial from our last kitchen.

They add a little more interest to that corner than the plain cabinet doors would have.

How to add glass to cabinet doors


How to add glass to cabinet doors

So that’s two more projects closer to being done woohoo!!

I still need to:

  • Install the tile backsplash
  • Add floating shelves to the right of the window
  • Decide on a window treatment
  • Recover the bar stools
  • Clean the floor tile grout

And then finally this room will be done!

Speaking of the floor tile, the backsplash I chose works well with it, and I am kind of loving how it is looking with what we have going on in this space now so it looks like it might be staying for a while.

There will always be the option to change it out down the road if I change my mind.

Here are some of my other kitchen posts so far if you’ve missed any:

DIY Range Hood Cover

Kitchen Island Makeover with Beadboard

Kitchen Makeover Progress: We have paint!

Kitchen Before

I hope you are enjoying seeing this space come together as much as I am!

I am hoping to start on the backsplash today, but we also have the carpet guys coming to lay new carpet upstairs today and tomorrow. And this is the current state of my two front rooms:


Can we say hoarder?? That’s almost everything from my storage room minus the furniture! It is the only room downstairs that has carpet and that will be getting swapped out as well so I had to empty it out.

And my poor office…

That’s the contents of the boys’ rooms. All we were allowed to leave up there was the furniture.

I don’t know how much I’ll have done to share next week since I will be busy putting all of this back, but I’ll be back on Tuesday sharing how I gave our knife blocks an update to work better in our new kitchen:

UPDATE: See how I gave these knife blocks a whole new look HERE now! 

Have a great weekend, my friends!



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  1. Mary Kaiser says

    Wow, what a transformation so far. You sure have been busy! I am enjoying seeing the room come together, probably more than you since I am not doing all the work! It is all turning out so BEAUTIFUL! Keep up the good job and looking forward to seeing the rest!

    • Thank you, Mary! I’m so glad you are enjoying seeing it come together. I might be doing the work, but I am still loving seeing each new project come to life! Have a great weekend, my friend! XOXO

  2. beautiful new lights – perfect addition to the new kitchen; glass cabinet door with those dishes once again tie in the colors from the island and living room. nice job.
    and hoarder you are not cause you upcycle! have seen real hoarding from other bloggers who work their stash but have more hoards than time. all in the fun of creativity. never mind what others might say as long as you enjoy your overhauls and projects. naysayers often don’t have the skill so they like to criticize. more power to you! you’ve done mahvelous work, dahlin’!

    • Thank you so much! Yes every once in a while I realize that I need to stop shopping and start working through my stash ha ha. I think I’ve hit that point. I uncovered all kinds of things I forgot about while unloading that space! XO

  3. Christy! Your kitchen is gorgeous. Your lights are stunning! Totally stunning. They are the absolutely perfect touch. I love the way they are the same bright chrome as the cabinet knobs. What a beautiful choice you have made. I also love your glass inserts. I have a couple of cabinets with glass and even though I have to keep them neat, it is so worth it. You and your hubby do amazing work. I can’t wait to see everything else.

    • Thank you so much, Denise! I am in love with those lights… As soon as I saw them, I knew they were the ones! And yes I agree… The glass doors just add so much, even if you have to keep them neat ha ha! XO

  4. Christina in SW FL says

    Busy busy busy Christy!! The pendant lights are so you! 🙂 The glass doors are perfect. Go you!

  5. Your kitchen is looking great! I love the pendant lamps you chose. They are like beautiful jewelry for your kitchen.

  6. Marcie Lovett says

    Well done! Before you know it, you’ll have this project behind you and you’ll be able to start another 😄

    Thankfully, the carpet chaos is temporary. When you put everything back, you’ll have the opportunity to assess whether you really want to keep things. The thought of clearing out the rooms has kept me from getting new floors, so I feel your pain! Best excuses for purging clutter: have company or redecorate!

    • Thanks, Marcie! I can see the end in sight ha ha. And yes, this was a great opportunity for me to go through my stash and re-organize. Also when we moved in, we had stashed things in closets and such because we didn’t know what to do with them. This gives us a chance to clear those out! XOXO

  7. Angela Garner says

    Your kitchen looks so nice. I love the lights you picked out.

  8. Oh, I love the pendant lighting! The kitchen is looking wonderful!

  9. Very nice, as always! And plexiglass?! Never would have thought it-great idea!

  10. Kitchen glamour!!! Now if THAT isn’t beautiful, I don’t know what is! My goodness, I’m going to have to go back to pestering my husband about helping me figure out island lighting again… If there were already something there to work with, it’s be a LOT easier, but we’re going to have to start from scratch. Not an easy-to-talk-husband-into project. : ) Maybe I’ll show him your pictures!!!

    • Thank you, Becky! I am so in love with these lights I can’t even tell you! I just knew they were the ones as soon as I saw them. Yes, show him this picture… Maybe it will win him over ha ha!

  11. LeAnn Hileman says

    Love your pendant lights, you’re doing great, keep it up! It will all be worth it!

  12. I had a laugh at your front room photos, we recently moved so that sight is all too familiar to me! Your kitchen looks lovely, nice job on everything and the pendants are beautiful.

  13. I noticed immediately that you got the glass in the cabinet doors. Oh, how I love those fancy schmancy pendants – they are so pretty and the perfect scale for your island. Your kitchen is looking good my friend!! P.S. Now I have to check out the glass tutorial because I’ve been wanting to do this to two of my cabinets for years.

    • Aren’t they so fancy-schmancy?? I just knew they were the ones as soon as I saw them! And yes…check out that glass tutorial. It isn’t too bad at all! The hardest part is getting up the nerve to take a saw to your cabinets ha ha! Have a great weekend, Marie! XOXO

  14. I like the look. The lights are much better than the pendants.

  15. I LOVE the pendants! Great price, too.

  16. Joan Ness says

    Oh my goodness, Christy, those lights are SO BEAUTIFUL! Just perfect for the space and the lights along with the glass doors add the right amount of sparkle. Loving your makeover and can’t wait to see the tile!

  17. Vee Muller says

    Love these new kitchen lights! Good job. Like glass fronts on a cabinet or two also!

  18. Those lights are amazing. Your kitchen is looking so much more like you!

  19. It’s funny Christy because before you started and were shopping around other opinions concerning your redo, I thought of those EXACT pendant lights but of course style is all subjective. So glad to see them and they are beautiful with your updated look! Must be so nice to walk into that lovely kitchen first thing in the morning.

    • That’s funny…you have great taste, Gina! I think these are just perfect! I really do love walking into this space now! XO

  20. Robyn Wright says


  21. Wow, Christy… those pendants are quite beautiful and quite perfect! The glass doors definitely lend more interest to that corner, and I’m looking forward to seeing the floating shelves! Great work, friend!

    • Thank you, Julie! It felt great to knock two more projects off the list! I can’t wait to get to the shelves, but first…tile! XOXO

  22. Janet Schen says

    I love those lights. You’ve done a great job on your kitchen.

  23. I am so in love with your new lights. You are right, they are the perfect amount of bling. So scrumptious! In fact, I love everything you have done. You are my hero girlfriend.

    • Aww you are the sweetest, Missy! Thank you! I am so in love with these lights too…scrumptious is right ha ha! XO

  24. Sherry Stuifbergen says

    It looks fantastic! You are amazing.

  25. It is looking beautiful. Love the pendants you chose.

  26. Your kitchen is coming together beautifully! It’s funny you mentioned getting new carpet on the second floor of your house. I desperately need new flooring upstairs in my house (I would love vinyl plank) and I 2as wondering what people do with all their stuff. Now I know. 😢

    • Thank you, Ginny! Ha ha yes…we had to move put everything but the furniture! I was really dreading it, but it wasn’t too bad! XO

  27. Oh my gosh! I LOVE them! What a difference! Can’t wait to see the rest!

  28. As always you have designed a beautiful, amazing room (is it really the same space). Your hard work has paid off and every time you enter your kitchen to prepare meals for your family you are going to feel the pride.

  29. Still my heart…those pendants are so gorgeous!

  30. I love your pendant lamps! To be truthful there are very few that I usually like. I don’t know, it just seems that everything I see is just not perfect. These are very pretty and not too big. Good job!

    • Thanks, MaryJean!! I looked at a few stores and thought I might have to settle…Amazon didn’t let my down! I knew these were the ones the minute I saw them! XOXO

  31. Love the new lights! They are beautiful! Yay for the cabinets doors being done too. Progress is always encouraging. Can’t wait to see the backsplash. 🙂

    • Thanks, Cecilia! It was love at first sight for those lights lol. The backsplash looks s coming along…can’t wait to share it! XO

  32. Mary Bronson says

    So far, soooo BEAUTIFUL, and that plexiglass, who knew Everything looks marvelous!!!! Keep it coming!!🤗

  33. I must say I’m loving everything, the glass doors I love that just a little touch of your blue dinnerware make it pop and the pendant lights I really love, everything is coming along just lovely.

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