Outdoor Halloween Tour 2019

Happy Halloween, dear friends! It’s no secret that I love Halloween. I don’t do all the blood and gore, but I love just the right amount of spook!

Today I’m sharing our outdoor decor. It hasn’t changed all that drastically from last year.

Here is our home from the street:

Outdoor Halloween Decor

The sun was fading fast as I was taking these photos.

For those that have seen our display from years past, can you see what we replaced?

Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Our cemetery fence got a major upgrade! I found it in the garden section at Home Depot.

Halloween cemetery fence

Looks pretty legit, right?

Halloween cemetery fence

The old fence was also a home improvement store find, but it was made up of pickets wired together that I had spray-painted black. You can see it HERE. It worked great for years, but I was ready for something new!

I also purchased a set of gates…

Halloween cemetery gate

That guy has been with us since our very first year decorating 12 years ago!


halloween tombstones in the cemetery

This guy greets you as you walk up the walkway from the driveway…

Skeleton halloween cemetery

And here is the view as you approach the house:

Halloween Outdoor Decor

The cemetery is to the right of the steps. The main pieces haven’t changed much, but I changed a few things up…

Halloween Outdoor Decor

This skeleton family was just a couple last year…

Skeleton Family

If you continue on to the right of the stairs, our Dead and Breakfast Inn sign is still holding up:

Dead and Breakfast Inn sign

But this guy…not so much…

Outdoor Halloween Decor

He is one of our very first skeletons we bought 12 years ago. We have a few of them and they are so brittle, but they’re perfect for laying throughout our display!

At the top of the steps, our faithful Butler is there to greet you:

The Butler, halloween decor

His clothes are pretty worn. I’m going to have to shop for a snazzy new suit for him for next year! Someone actually stole him several years ago from our old house along with a few other things. He was one of the first things we bought so we were pretty attached to him. Luckily, I was able to find a replacement online.

This gal has returned to the porch this year…

Spooky Halloween Porch decor

I pulled that table and mirror from inside for my display, and you may recognize the candle holder on the table as one of the lamps I turned into candle holders last year.

Also on the porch is this guy who returned to his rocker that we fished from a dumpster several years ago:

And this guy (or girl?) who is trying to break into the party:

Halloween Outdoor Decor

I think he was on the roof last year. I’ve included a couple of affiliate links so you can find things I love.

Halloween Outdoor Decor

Those candles are fake and work on a timer. They flicker just like real candles!

Halloween Outdoor Decor

At the beginning of the walkway to our front door, I added this archway…ya’ll might remember it from my brother’s wedding HERE.

Halloween archway


Another brittle old skeleton…

Outdoor Halloween decorations

A couple of skeletons up to no good!

Skeletons climbing wall

We add quite a few more things on Halloween night like this tent that the kids can walk through:

Outdoor Halloween Display 2017 confessionsofaserialdiyer.com

That photo was from a couple of years ago with my DIY Lighted Halloween Sign. We have a black tent now and we’ll add a bunch more things to it.

I added mason jar lanterns to the archway to help light the way:

Mason Jar Lanterns

I’ll continue to line the rest of the walkway with more tea lights in mason jars, and I’ll also place them throughout our display. These lights look so realistic, but they’re also just good fakes. They run on a timer as well.

These jack-o-lanterns along with more tea lights help light the steps:

Jack-o-Lanterns and teal lights in mason jars light the steps.

We carved our real pumpkins, but I’ve kept them indoors since it has gotten quite warm the last couple of days. I’ll put them out today.

And once the darkness comes, you can really see the skeleton dinner party happening in the dining room!

I have one of those lightbulbs that looks like it has a short in there, so it looks so much better in person! We have those on the porch as well. We’ll also have spooky music playing which will really add to it as well. I can’t wait!

I only took this one quick photo of the inside because the dining room looks pretty much the same as last year…

Skeleton Dinner Party

You can see last year’s skeleton dinner party HERE if you like.

We skipped adding webbing last year, but I think I miss it…I might add some here and there today. It really adds to the spook factor. What do you think? (We did add it in 2017 which you can see HERE!)

And that’s a wrap on our 2019 Halloween Tour!

Halloween outdoor tour confessionsoafserialdiyer.com

I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope you have a safe and wonderful Halloween!

I’ll be back on Tuesday with an early holiday project using this mirror:

See ya then!

UPDATE: See how cute this mirror looks now HERE!! 




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  1. Mary Kaiser says

    Spooky! I wish I lived closer so I could come over to Trick or Treat at your house!! What type of candy will you be handing out? I might make the drive to Virginia from Michigan!! LOL!

    • Ha ha how fun would that be if you could come?? We give out a very nice selection of goodies! Happy Halloween! XOXO

  2. Sorry. My father died the day before Halloween and we were traveling to Oshkosh for the funeral. That was when I was 21. Now almost 65 but it feels like yesterday. I do like the skeletons and may put some out next year. I like the dead and buried inn sign.

  3. Carolytn Price says

    LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!! I just love your creativity and enthusiasm for Halloween. Great that there is never any blood and gore … just spookiness!! Love the dog. He is such a hoot!!! Amazing job, Christy … as always!!

  4. Christina in SW FL says

    W O W ! 1 Creepy on steroids!! Your decorations are phenomenal!! Where do you store them all! 🙂

  5. Janice Holt says

    Always enjoy seeing your Halloween decorations. You do so well. Where in the world do you store all this?

  6. Janet Zaritsky says

    I would love to drive by your haunted house with my grandsons. We live at the North End at the oceanfront. Would you share your neighborhood? I grew up in VB, went to First Colonial and my sister lives in pungo. We’ve been to your booth at the antique mall many times. Always nice to read a local blogger🤣

  7. I SO love your Halloween decorating and displays! 🙂 Always fun to see the old favourites and the new additions. Hally Halloween!

  8. That is truly amazing! I can’t help but wonder though, about where you would have all the storage space for that much stuff. 😉

  9. So much fun Christy! I too love halloween but we have 3 dogs and with the doorbell ringing and kids yelling they go crazy and bark profusely. So most of the time we have to leave the house and put the dogs in their kennels and turn out all the lights. It is so disappointing. I love your decor Christy. It is just fabulous!!

  10. sharon austin says

    Your house looks absolutely amazing, as always. I love it! Happy Halloween!!! Such a bummer though when you put everything into something like this and someone steals from you. Happened to us, also. One Halloween, someone stole the Gorilla from our display. To make it worse, they dropped the hands and feet, so it was useless to both of us after that! *eyeroll

    • Aww thank you so much, Sharon! Yes, it is so disheartening when something like that happens! I’m sorry it happened to you as well. Happy Haloween! XOXO

  11. Halloween decorations are fantastic. Love your excitement and enthusiasm.

  12. Wow,wow thanks so much for sharing,enjoy all the little goblins tonight. Right now we have 2 inches of SNOW & still coming down 😱

  13. Leslie Chappell says

    I know how much work you put into all of this – just the set up alone is a huge undertaking! Well done friend and Happy Haunting!

  14. Christy this is so awesome! You should charge for tickets! I don’t know where you find the time to do all of the things you do!
    You must have a lot of storage space to store all of those skeletons. I don’t have near the decorations you do and it takes up half of my garage. Happy Halloween!

  15. How fun! I SO wish I could visit your house tonight because here (northern IL) it is SNOWING all day and the wind chills are in the teens. It is not going to be very fun for our trick-or-treaters tonight!

    • Oh wow! I’m not ready for snow!! It was unseasonably warm here at 84° today! Colder weather is in the forecast though…Stay warm!! XOXO

  16. Kathleen OGrady says

    This is amazing! How fun it must be!!! I love Halloween and wished I lived close to come see your house in person! Happy Halloween!

  17. Phenomenal, Christy! Have you calculated how long it takes you to set all this up?

  18. Si usted se presentara a un concurso de decoración de halloween lo ganaria sin duda. Terorífica y espectacular. Me encanta seguirla, tiene un gusto exquisito en todo lo que hace.

  19. You are so creative, love your dining room, everyone thinks about outside but you brought the inside into your creativity. I love your blogs! Happy Halloween.

  20. Sheila DelCharco says

    So perfectly spooky!! Do you know why they put a fence around the cemetery??

    People are just DYING to get in!!

  21. Marian Romano says

    Oh, Christy, you are so talented and energetic. I use to go all out, but now at 78, I enjoy all of the festive work of others. It is so much fun living vicariously through you. Thank you for your creativity and dedication. Happy Halloween.

  22. I luv Halloween too!! I want to do skeletons next year so where do you advise to get the best ones? & how do you make them stay in a poise? So cool climbing the wall & one just standing. Thx & Happy Halloween!!!

    • Hi Dina! My favorites are from Target. They have ones that have eyes that light up and then regular ones that don’t light up…I like the ones that don’t light up. They have joints that make them easy to pose, and sometimes I use wire to help! XO

  23. Patty Kenned says

    Amazing, Christy, just like everything else that you do!!!! I’m sure the kids in the neighborhood love trick or treating at your house!! 🙂 I hope you all had a wonderful evening! We had rain, wind, and tornado warnings – not a great night! 🙁

    • Thank you so much, Patty! We had a great night, thankfully. I know there are some areas that are having snowstorms right now as well! XOXO

  24. Christy, I love that you go all out for Halloween 🎃
    Have you seen that Geico commercial where the guy goes up into the attic of the house he just bought and finds a bunch of scary mannequins sitting around a table! I picture that’s how your attic looks when you put your skeletons 💀 away 👻👻😂

    • Thanks, Annie! I do love to have fun with Halloween! I haven’t seen that commercial, but that is so funny!! It is a little creepy seeing some of our standing pieces just hanging out up there! XOXO

  25. So adorable- just the right degree of spookiness without being scary to the littles. We love to do an all out Halloween display each year and the neighbors always love it. Great job Kristy, you’ve given me some inspiration for next year!

  26. I love your Halloween decorations!! Everyone wants to know how/where you store them but I’d like to know how you attach them to everything if you don’t mind sharing.

    • Thanks so much, Patti! I use craft wire to help pose them and attach them to things. Getting ready to go take everything down now! Have a great day! XOXO

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