Simple Tote made from Scraps

I am always so excited when I find a use for old scraps that I hoard save. I want to immediately run to my Hubby and show him what I did with them when I do. “See, I knew I would use that!!”

Amazing friends, I have a super cute little project to share today that I made from…you guessed it, scraps!

Remember when I redid my coffee table? It had these curvy pieces on the sides:

I replaced them with straight pieces instead for a cleaner look:

White washed wood plank coffee table from

See more of that makeover HERE.

I knew I would find a use for those curvy pieces eventually, and I did!

This simple tote was made with scraps!

They were perfect for the sides of this little tote!

I’ve included a few affiliate links so you can find the products I love.

This simple tote was made with scraps!

I cut the curvy pieces down a bit and then cut two end pieces from scrap wood I had in the garage:

This simple tote was made with scraps!

I found an old chair spindle for the handle. Then I cut another one of the thin boards I had purchased to use as board and batten for the boys’ bathroom (I had a few left over) to use for the bottom:

This simple tote was made with scraps!

I used my sliding miter saw to cut everything.

I painted the tote in Bit of Sugar by Behr that I made into DIY chalk paint. (Recipe HERE.) I actually painted and waxed the insides of the tote before assembling to make it easier. And I used my Minwax staining cloths to stain the bottom pieces. I also stained the freshly cut end pieces of the tote before painting so that when I sanded, the darker stain would show through instead of new wood.

This simple tote was made with scraps!

I attached everything together using Elmer’s Wood Glue and my cordless nail gun. (I have this one HERE.)

This simple tote was made with scraps!


This simple tote was made with scraps!

I added this knob and back plate from Hobby Lobby to the front for a little interest…

This simple tote was made with scraps!


This simple tote was made with scraps!


This simple tote was made with scraps!

I chose to leave the bottom slats stained for contrast.

This simple tote was made with scraps!


This simple tote was made with scraps!


This simple tote was made with scraps from

You just never know what things can become! And my Hubby doesn’t even ask why I save what anymore!

I’ll be back on Thursday sharing my boys’ bathroom. Here’s a reminder of what it looked like when we first moved in:

Looks a whole lot different now!

No need to wait! See how the boys’ bathroom turned out HERE now!

See ya Thursday! 🙂




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  1. Mary Kaiser says

    That is so adorable. I am so glad that your hubby doesn’t ask why anymore, smart man!! I almost have my husband to the same point of not asking why, sometimes it takes men longer because their brains are wired different. I will have to go dig in my scrape pile and make something so cute.

  2. I loves totes and this one is so pretty. Good job.

  3. Christina in SW FL says

    Cute cute cute!! I love the way your mind works seeing possibilities everywhere. 🙂 The tote is brilliant and, of course, I adore the color.
    I always find inspiration from you Christy, thank you!

  4. Michele Branham says

    Awesome use of your scraps. I love it!

  5. You’re so crafty! 🙂 Love it! xo

  6. Carolyn Price says

    I love your resourcefulness!! You amaze me, Christy!! What a cute accent piece. I wish I had a command of tools the way you do!!

    • Thank you, sweet Carolyn!! I wasn’t always so confident with my tools…it took a while! 🙂 XOXO

  7. Oh I love this! Everyone needs a cute tote! ❤️❤️❤️ You are sooo talented!!

  8. ❤️❤️❤️ very clever indeed.

  9. Love this tote! I can see it with my sewing supplies in it! Working on sewing room and loft now, although very slowly due to surgery, but 15 minutes work and 20 minutes rest still equates to progress! It’ll be my upstairs sanctuary!

    • Thank you, Linda! This would be perfect for holding sewing supplies! It will be so nice to have a place for you to retreat to! XOXO

  10. Oh my goodness! It is cute! And what?!? Minwax has staining cloths? I never knew…
    Don’t you love it when you can use something your hubby would like to throw away and say, “see? I told you I’d find a use for it!”? I sure do! Thanks for inspiring.

    • Thank you, Cecelia! I love those staining cloths! They are so easy to use, don’t stink at all, and dry really quickly! And yes I love to be able to show my hubby what he wanted to throw away! XOXO

  11. I love totes, especially repuposed ones! Yay!

  12. I love that tote. You sure did have a wonderful vision. I’ve been seriously (?) crafting for about 5 yrs. Perhaps in another five, I’ll be able to perceive what scrap pieces I keep can become! Love this. I like the slats on the bottom also. Would make a good hod!

    • Thank you so much, Barb! When we moved from our old house, my hubby threw away just about my entire stash of scrap pieces. It was really hard for me to start getting creative again until I had built up a few pieces in my stash again. They spark my creativity! XOXO

  13. So simple, but yet so versatile! Absolutely love it! You have such great ideas!

  14. Christy, love it! I’m telling you are so creative!
    I have to laugh when you mention the tools you use because my husband had everything you could imagine in tools. To give you an example; miter saw, drill press, lathe (wood and metal), and table saw, just to name a few. I have got to start learning how to use all these tools. The only things I can say I’ve used are an electric staple gun, scroll saw, and belt and orbital sanders. I can see the potential for using all the other tools. I’ll have to have my sons teach me how.
    Anyway, great post!

    • Thank you, MaryJean! Sounds like you have a lot of fantastic tools there… I was very intimidated to use a few of them myself in the beginning, but little by little I’ve become much more confident. You will too, I’m sure! XO

  15. Christy, this tote is darling! You continue to amaze me, as always!

    Are you ever going to write a book with all these wonderful DIY creations you have made? I think a book would really be valued and what a wonderful reference for all of us beginners in DIY!

    If ever you decide to write a book or have already, please let all of us know. Thanks!

  16. Robyn Wright says

    This is going in my “to do” file. LOVE it!!

  17. Beautiful, as usual… Going into your booth? What lens are you using on the close-ups? (Like the down-shot of the flowers with the spindle in focus.)

  18. Marcie Lovett says

    You are amazing, turning castoffs into such a darling piece! Love how it turned out.

    • Aww thank you, Marcie!! I am always so thrilled when I can turn those castoffs into functional pieces again! XOXO

  19. Christy, I like the pretty tote to. I will have to put that one on my list.

  20. Debbie in TX says

    Christy, you blew me away again. This is so pretty and useful. I love that you made it out of scraps. I bet you saved the ends that were cut off those longer pieces to use for some other project! Can’t wait to see the bathroom update!!

    • Aww thanks, Debbie! Would you believe I did not keep those end pieces? I thought about it, but they were asymmetrical and they were with all the scraps I cut off of the end pieces, so I just chucked them all in the trash. XOXO

  21. Great idea!

  22. Well I’ll be!! I was trying to guess before reading what you could have made. I would have never guessed it!! I loved the coffee table, but I would have been the one to throw away the scraps!! Wowed me once again Christy!!

    • I’m so glad I can still surprise you ha ha! I loved those curvy pieces, just not on my coffee table…thank you, Vivian!! XOXO

  23. Girl, you are so gosh darn creative, I just can’t stand it! That is the cutest and I would buy it in a minute! So useful, too. It looks simple to make but I don’t use power tools, so I must just envy your expertise!

    Thanks so much for showing how you up-cycled those boards from the coffee table, which is an awesome product, too. I checked it out and pinned it!

  24. You do such beautiful work and always your creativity is endless. Hard to keep finding words on how much you inspire so many people like me. Anyway question time, the spindle with the holes, did you just turn that on the downside or fill it in? The knob you put on, I noticed there is no screws on the other side. Was this attached with glue? Thanks again for wonderful crafts, tips, and tricks!

    • Thank you so much, Bonnie! It is sweet comments like yours that make me love what I do! As for the spindle, I just pointed them towards the bottom. That’s the beauty of making something yourself, it does not have to be perfect, and I think leaving the holes on the bottom open tells the story of that spindle. 🙂 The knob did go all the way through, but just barely! XOXO

  25. This is beautiful!!! (Now I’m thinking of Christy Jordan of Southern Plate and how she would read that 3 times, once for each exclamation point, haha! Go right ahead, it IS 3x beautiful!) I am DEFINITELY keeping my eye out for more pretty “junk” now. That has to be the prettiest tote I’ve ever seen… and no sacrifice to practicality either!
    Our poor husbands, the things we do that boggle their minds… : ) Mine is completely befuddled by what sells in my craft booth and what it’s made out of, haha. : ) He’s very proud of what the kids and I make, but still struggling to get over his “unreasonable” embarrassment at being seen with our “loot”! Poor guys, they just don’t get it!

    • Aww thank you, Becky! You are always so good to me! I’m so thrilled to have found a use for those pretty curvy pieces! And yes our poor husbands…mine just shakes his head lol!! XOXO

  26. Norma Rolader says

    I love this idea and thank you

  27. Hi Christy! I too love taking bits and pieces and scraps and putting them together but you have make many things, like this awesome tote, that I never would have thought of so thank you! Quick question. Love the stained bottom slats but it seems I always have some small pieces with everything and am worried something would fall through the cracks. Was wondering if instead of leaving spaces between the stained slats I could make one with stained slats with no spaces between the slats or would you recommend that I just use a solid stained piece of wood for the entire bottom? Again, great project and thanks for sharing!!

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed this one, Lisa! If you needed it to hold something with a lot of small pieces, I would just cut one piece for the bottom. I only used these slats and spaced them out to add a little interest! XO

  28. You have great style and such creativity

  29. Oh my goodness, Christy. You are so creative! I would have never thought to do that. It’s so cute.

    • Thank you, Angie! I still have the other two sides to the coffee table that I kept…not sure what those will become yet. 🙂

  30. I so understand the “you’re saving that” eye rolls, Christy. What a perfect way to salvage the coffee table scraps – so pretty!

    • Ha ha I’m sure you get that too! We do end up getting to all those things…eventually, right? Thanks, Marie! XOXO

  31. You know I always love all of your projects Christy and this one is so practical and beautiful. Thank you for sharing at Create, Bake, Grow & Gather this week. I’m delighted to be featuring this lovely tote at tomorrow’s party and pinning too! xx

  32. I love THS tote. You did a fabulous job. I am with you girl, it’s always a good idea to hold on to something, just in case.


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