Boys’ Bathroom Makeover

Beautiful friends, I am so excited to cross another room off my to-do list!! I have been slowly working on our boys’ bathroom since we moved in back in August.

Here is what it looked like before we moved in:

It wasn’t awful at all, so I kept pretty much everything except the weird side by side towel bars reflected in the mirror.

Once again…paint to the rescue!

Nautical-inspired boy's bathroom from


I love you, paint. You make magic happen! 🙂

I started with the vanity. I painted it at the same time as the vanity in the guest bath downstairs

Painting bathroom cabinets

I figured it would be easier to knock them both out at the same time. I used Behr’s Ultra Pure White in a satin finish for both vanities.

I used the very same technique as I did in our old kitchen. (See that complete step-by-step guide HERE.)

I love how clean and fresh the white cabinets look compared to the dark cherry stained ones.

Nautical-inspired boy's bathroom from

I had my helper, Brennan, with me to pick out new pulls:

Nautical-inspired boy's bathroom from

He insisted that we mix it up with some of these handles:

And I’m so glad he did!

To paint this room, I started with the top third of the wall since I had plans to add board and batten in here. I just marked how high my battens would come and painted down to that point. The color I chose was Wind Speed by Behr in a satin finish.

Nautical-inspired boy's bathroom from

Then I painted the bottom of the wall and the trim in Ultra Pure White by Behr in a satin finish to match the cabinets.

I have included a few affiliate links so you can find the products I love.

Here’s a great tip:

Try painting small spaces like a bathroom with a 6″ foam roller rather than a regular sized roller:

Use a 6" foam roller instead of a regular roller to paint small spaces like bathrooms.

One of my sweet readers recommended it, and it was so much easier to maneuver in this small space. (Thank you, sweet reader!) It also fit right down behind the toilet! (Use a regular sized tray though…works so much better.)

I knew right away that I wanted the look of board and batten in here. Now there are a billion and one tutorials out there on adding board and batten so this isn’t a detailed play by play, but here is a quick run-down on how I did it:

I painted these flat poplar slats that I found at Lowes to act as the “batten”.

I cut the tips off so the cuts would be super smooth, then lightly sanded them, and painted them with one coat of primer and two coats of paint before attaching them to the walls. To decide how far apart I wanted them, I measured the longest wall and divided it into four even sections. That made my battens about 15″ from the center of each to the center of the next.

For the shorter walls, I made the batten the same distance apart as the ones on the long wall, but centered them on those walls, so there would be an even amount on either side:

I attached them with my nail gun. (I have this one HERE and love it!) Then I added the piece across the top, cutting with my miter saw where necessary.

I followed up with caulk everywhere the batten met the wall to fill any gaps.

This $6 tool is THE BEST for getting smooth caulk seams every time!

It comes with a caulk removal tool which isn’t great, but this tool is awesome! Works better than your finger, I promise!

I also went back and filled in all the nailgun holes with wood filler, and touched up the paint…

Nautical-inspired boy's bathroom from

I love the coastal feel this gives this bathroom now.

If you’ve been a friend for a while, you may remember these signs I made that used to be in the boys’ old bathroom:

Nautical-inspired boy's bathroom from

You can see how I made them HERE. To make them coordinate better, I spray painted the mats in Rustoleum’s Midnight Blue in satin:

This was an easy fix to make them work for this bathroom.

I had a lot of fun shopping for the décor for this space…

Nautical-inspired boy's bathroom from

I tend to collect and make over things over time to decorate my rooms, but I had a hard time finding things that would come across as more masculine. So I decided a little shopping was in order. I found the grass plant in the outdoor décor section at Target. It feels coastal to me in this space.

And I found the lantern with the rope handle and the sweet whale at TJMaxx.

Nautical-inspired boy's bathroom from

A lantern is a great place to store extra washcloths!


Nautical-inspired boy's bathroom from

The faucets worked fine in this space and they are really nice quality, so there was no need to replace them. The handsoap dispensers came from HomeGoods:

The shower curtain is actually two curtain panels from Target:

Nautical-inspired boy's bathroom from

Jack originally picked out a navy and white striped shower curtain when we first moved in, but it ended up being too short. I  like how much taller these are than a standard shower curtain would have been.

Nautical-inspired boy's bathroom from

The rug came from HomeGoods and fits in here perfectly:

Nautical-inspired boy's bathroom from

The picture above the toilet also came from HomeGoods. This was one of the first things I bought for this space back in September, and it is also where I pulled the wall color from.

Nautical-inspired boy's bathroom from

This little basket is one I painted a couple of years ago…

Nautical-inspired boy's bathroom from

It worked perfectly in here to hide a couple of spare rolls of TP.

I bought  hooks for along the long wall to hang towels, but I was afraid they would close the space in. Instead we stuck with what has worked well for the last several years: an over-the-door towel holder…

Nautical-inspired boy's bathroom from

I love how light and bright this bathroom is now!

Nautical-inspired boy's bathroom from

What an impact paint and a few well-played accessories can make! It has a personality now. 🙂

Nautical-inspired boy's bathroom from

There aren’t any other rooms that I’m in a hurry to finish now. Our kitchen will probably be next on the list, but that probably won’t happen until late Spring/Summer!

I’ll be back on Tuesday with this dresser that got  a cottage-inspired makeover:

UPDATE: See how I updated HERE now!




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  1. Christina in SW FL says

    Oh Christy…. BOOM!! You blew my mind! Ah-MAZ-ing makeover! Love the paint, the curtains for the tub, the jewelry on the cabinets and even the board and batten which I usually do not care for. 🙂 Go you! I am betting the boys really enjoy their bathroom. That was a LOT of work and the payoff is wonderful!!

    • Thank you, Christina! I know what you mean about the board and batten…it really has been used so excessively everywhere lately lol. My youngest was commenting on how much he loved his new bathroom this morning and that made me so happy! XOXO

  2. Who would think of washcloths in the lantern?! You’re so clever! 🙂 I love this bathroom, you did a wonderful job! Thanks for the tip about that caulking tool – fabulous!

    • Thank you, Claudine! I didn’t think the boys had much use for a candle, so washcloths it is ha ha! And yes that caulking tool is awesome! XOXO

  3. ColleenB.~ Tx. says

    What a Beautiful make-over and I especially like your choice of the new knobs and handles.
    Lantern for extra washcloths; Pure Genius.
    Is the ceiling same color as the cabinets. Looks more of an off white.
    You have given me some great ideas when it comes time for me to redo our baths. Put first; I have to remove them darn popcorn ceilings that I absolutely hate and not looking forward to it one bit.
    Great Inspiration. Thank You
    Have a wonderful weekend

    • Thank you, Colleen! The ceiling is still whatever the builders put on it which is more like an off white. Oh no the dreaded popcorn ceiling…what were people thinking when that came out? Enjoy your weekend too! XOXO

      • ColleenB.~ Tx. says

        Well for one the popcorn ceiling was cheaper to put on; no taping the dry wall seams and then having to paint All they had to do was get the sprayer and spray on that textured ceiling crap.

  4. Michele Branham says

    Everything looks great! I’ve been thinking about putting board and batten somewhere in my house so this really helps.

  5. What a lovely bathroom! Everyone usually hurries to cover the standard unframed mirror, but you didn’t and I actually like that it gives it that fresh and open appeal. Love it!

  6. Carolyn Price says

    AAAAAAAA-maxing! AAAAA-gain!!! I am tickled … I have the same lantern! : )

    • Thank you, Carolyn! I love that lantern and when I saw it had the rope handle, I knew it would be perfect! Have a great weekend! 🙂

  7. What a remarkable transformation! We have board and batten in our kids room too! We added cleats to the vertical boards for hanging towels.

  8. Susan Williams says

    OMG How beautiful! I love the use of the lantern for storing extra wash cloths. The painting is beautiful. I love the use of curtains as a shower curtain. Once again you have inspired me!
    Thank you for sharing!

    • Thank you so much, Susan! I’m so glad you enjoyed this makeover! And Yep… I figured the boys didn’t really need a candle in their bathroom LOL, so washcloths were a good alternative! XOXO

  9. Love it!! I have so many lanterns that I never thought to use them for face clothes great idea

  10. Soooo pretty! Love the mix of hardware, great tips on painting, and the lantern for storing extra wash clothes! Genius!!! You truly did an outstanding job on everything in this little bath.

    • Thank you so much, Gwen! I appreciate that. I had a lot of fun pulling this small space together! XOXO

  11. Where do you hang towels?

    • Hi Marianne! I mentioned that I had bought hooks to hang along the wall of board and batten, but in the end I thought it might close the space in too much. So to hang the boys’ towels, I am using the same over the door towel rack that we have used for the past several years, since that has worked well for them.

  12. Looks beautiful! Did you actually cut apart two solid curtain panels and sew the strips together? I love your innovation to make exactly what suits your tastes. Did you do anything to the floor tile?

    • Thank you, Susan! I actually bought those curtain panels just like that. The floor just got a good cleaning. ????

  13. So sweet! I like the color on the walls. Wonder if my laundry room would look good with this color? hmmm:)

  14. Norma Rolader says

    Oh my how adorable

  15. Stunning bathroom Christy…you are such an inspiration! Did you sew the 2 curtain panels together?

  16. Robyn Wright says

    You painted the mat to match?! This is why I have you. To fix a problem I’m having. Today, it’s having pink mats that I hate and needing to change them. NEVER would’ve thought to paint them. Maybe I’m not DIY enough….

    BTW: GORGEOUS makeover!!

    • Girl I appreciate the confidence you have in me but I bought that rug! I don’t think I’m that DIY enough either LOL! Thank you…You are so sweet! XOXO

  17. Very, vvery nice!! The crisp blue/white theme is perfect for boys! Well done!

  18. Marcie Lovett says

    Paint is magical! The bathroom looks just beautiful now. That sink/counter looks positively pink in the before photo. If you didn’t paint it, it just goes to show how much paint can change the look of a room. Did you make the boys promise to keep it looking this good all the time? ????

    • Yes paint is absolutely magical! Thank you, Marcie! I keep going in there behind them and putting things back where they belong LOL! XOXO

  19. Diane LaCalamita says

    This bathroom makeover is just what I needed to see as I begin redoing a powder room. Your step by step guidance is a lifesaver for me! Thank you!

  20. WOW! And I am in love with the lantern holding washcloths! U R A genious.

    • Oh thank you, Cindy! I figured my boys didn’t have much use for a candle in there, so washcloths it was! XO

  21. That bathroom went from blah, to BEAUTIFUL! A lot of great details. A job well done! I luv the splashes of navy blue you added to the room. Now you have me rethinking our guest bath as a redo. Great ideas and style.

  22. I loved it all but that lantern with the wash cloths so clever and the black and white shower curtain ????????

  23. What a fun space! I love every bit! Great use of the lantern! I now look forward to repainting my bathroom, cause I’m going to use a 6 inch roller this time! Thanks for the tip; I’m so glad you share with us.

  24. Amazing before and after Christy! I bet your boys are loving it!!! x

    • Thank you, Denise! Actually my 15-year-old complained that I put too much stuff on the counter lol but my seven-year-old exclaimed this morning how much he loved his new bathroom. That right there made it all worthwhile! XOXO

  25. I love the way you hung the picture. I don’t think I would have ever thought of that. It works perfectly. And the way the waves (?) are right at the battens edge. Visually it is perfect.

  26. It looks SO good Christy! I love the stripes and the colors are just perfect! xo

  27. Beautiful makeover Christy 🙂 It’s so you!

  28. Blown away as usual! This is an incredible transformation. I feel like a sloth when I look at how much you already have done. 🙂
    PS: LOVE that artwork!

    • Aww Thank you, Kimberly! Don’t be so hard on yourself… I have a blog that I have to fill with content ha ha! XOXO

  29. Wonderful make-over!!! YOU did it AGAIN!!! Always love all your make overs. Keep up the good work.
    Why do they put those dark cabinets in bathrooms? Love a clean light look.

  30. Wow… what a difference! Even the counter/sinks look nicer with the white paint! LOVE! Wonder if I could talk my landlord into letting me paint my cupboards in the bathroom… here’s hoping! (that little whale!!! So cute… and love the lantern with the cloths!)

    • Thanks, Julie! It wouldn’t hurt to ask about painting your cabinets, right? I love that little whale too…Gotta love TJ Maxx! XOXO

  31. Looks great Christy! Sounds to me like your son has an eye for decorating. He may be moving in on your territory soon! ???? I made a trip to our local Goodwill today. It’s funny how one location has much more than another. Got a lot of great things and I can’t wait to get started. Can’t wait to see the rest of your house!

    • Thank you, MaryJean! Glad you found some goodies! Looking forward to seeing what you do with them! ????

  32. This turned out amazing! I love the variety of pulls too! Great helper! 🙂

  33. You’ve given me the courage to tackle a bathroom project I keep putting off! Thanks Christy, I always look forward to your posts ????

  34. I seriously love this Christy! It makes me want to freshen up my boys bathroom! Maybe tomorrow?!? ????

    • Aww thanks, Krista! I really enjoyed making this cute for my boys, and my youngest exclaimed yesterday how much he loved his new bathroom as I was helping him get ready in there lol! XOXO

  35. Susan Pearson says

    Hey Christy!
    Thanks again for your lovely creativity and inspiration…I don’t know how you do everything that you do!!!

  36. What a beautiful, coordinated, functional space! Your “storage lantern” is genius! Now to check on that caulking tool… Great job here!

    • Thanks, Becky! It is so nice to walk by this room and see it all done! And that little tool is awesome! XOXO

  37. You definitely added some masculine personality to this room – what a difference between the before and after! Love your lantern idea for facecloth storage too.

    • Thank you! It really lacked any personality when we moved in, much like the rest of our house. I love walking into this space now! 🙂

  38. Great looking bathroom 🙂 Where did you get the knobs and handles, they are perfect for a bathroom I just re-did.

  39. OKAY … ARE the absolute best ……Seems all you apply yourself to , becomes not only beautiful but in great taste. !!! JUST WOW !!!! TO EVERYTHING YOU”VE MADE < PAINTED etc etc