Cottage-Inspired Dresser Redo

Hey there, beautiful Friends! I have a sweet makeover for y’all today!

You may remember this one from last Summer. I was contacted to see if I wanted to collaborate with Behr paint on a project. Would I like the opportunity to work with my favorite paint? Um, yes! I was only allowed to share a teaser photo of my project here on my blog, and you had to click over to their site to see the rest of the makeover.

Today I’m sharing the whole shebang here, including never before seen photos! 

The furniture piece I chose for this one was one of my hubby’s grandmother’s dressers:

We acquired several of her pieces last Fall. This was just a simple wood dresser, but these simple pieces can be a lot of fun to play around with.

I decided to use one of my favorite new-to-me at the time Behr paint colors, Sunken Pool, that I made into DIY Chalk paint. (Recipe with video HERE.) I’ve since used this color many times, and it has become one of my favorites.

Here is how Grandma’s dresser turned out:

Dresser makeover in Behr's Sunken Pool from

Almost doesn’t even look like the same dresser, Right??

Dresser makeover in Behr's Sunken Pool

I decided to fill in the holes on the top drawer:

This allowed me to add these beauties from Hobby Lobby:

Dresser makeover in Behr's Sunken Pool

They add so much charm.

Dresser makeover in Behr's Sunken Pool

The rest of the pulls were replaced with these pretty glass knobs I found at HomeGoods:

Dresser makeover in Behr's Sunken Pool

And do you spy that pretty fabric? That’s where the cottage inspiration comes from!

Dresser makeover in Behr's Sunken Pool

I found that at Hobby Lobby too. It coordinates perfectly with the paint color, Sunken Pool!

You can see a peek at the sides of the drawers here as well. I decided to add stripes to the sides using FrogTape:

Dresser makeover in Behr's Sunken Pool


Dresser makeover in Behr's Sunken Pool

I also added stripes to the sides of the dresser.

Dresser makeover in Behr's Sunken Pool

I really had fun with this one!

Dresser makeover in Behr's Sunken Pool


Dresser makeover in Behr's Sunken Pool


Dresser makeover in Behr's Sunken Pool from

Wouldn’t this fit right in in a seaside beach cottage? Oh how I’d love to have one of those some day!

Here is another one of Grandma’s dressers that got a whole new look:

See how I updated this dresser HERE!

I’ll be back on Thursday sharing this dressing table that I scored for…ready for this??  $35!

See ya Thursday!!
UPDATE: No need to wait…see how this beauty turned out HERE now! I know you really want to know if I painted it! 🙂




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  1. Hi Christy, I love the dresser makeover. It is right up my alley. I have wanted to ask someone who will probably know the answer to my dilemma…I have a couple of antique pieces i inherited from my husband’s Grandparents, the wood is nice, but I love me some painted furniture. I have a small house and I think painting it would really lighten things up. Your opinion would be appreciated. Oh yeah, my children are grown and I don’t think they care one way or another. Thanks

    • Thank you, Rita! I say if you don’t like how those antique pieces look in your home as they are, paint them! Then they will be pieces you love to look at. If you have any regrets ten years from now, simply strip the paint back off. 🙂

  2. Christina in SW FL says

    Christy, I know Behr was thrilled with this dresser. I know I am. I love the colors, the stripes .. and on the sides of the drawers, brilliant. The fabric instantly brought an even bigger smile to my face. Love the hardware. GREAT job! I know this won’t last long in your booth!!
    I can’t wait to see the dressing table. Wow, look at those “earrings” on the drawers!
    Have a great rest of your week!

    • Thanks, Christina! I hope so…it was awesome to work with them! Isn’t that dressing table a beaut? See ya on Thursday with the reveal! Hope you have a great rest of the week! XOXO

  3. Michele Branham says

    I love this piece! I’m actually painting a chest of drawers similarly because I love it so much. I see that you painted the drawer sides. Did you paint inside the drawers or only the top edge? I ask because I am painting a side table that I have to paint the complete outside but wasn’t sure about painting the inside. Thanks!

    • Thank you so much, Michele! I’m honored that you were inspired by this makeover! I did paint the insides as well of these drawers, only because they were not in great shape at all. Usually I don’t paint anything other than the fronts. Extra work and all lol. XOXO

  4. Amazing, once again!!! This dresser is so cute and I love all the detail!! Such talent you have!

  5. Love this makeover inside and out. Great job and beautiful color of paint.

  6. Jina sheppard says

    I absolutely love this! I wish Grandmother could see it now. Well done.

  7. Robyn Wright says

    Pretty! What do you do with the wooden pulls that you remove? Do they ever get used on a different project?

    • Thanks, Robyn! I kept those big knobs and I am in fact contemplating using them for another dresser I am working on! I save EVERYTHING! 😀 XO

  8. Christy, I love it! Especially the stripes on the side. Yes, I would love a seaside cottage too! One summer we rented a house on Lake Ontario for the family. It was the best vacation we have had! Just laid back and did whatever we wanted. The grandkids were just babies. I would love to do that again, now that they are older.
    You got me dreaming of that vacation, anyway, the dresser looks spectacular! Hope you get a chance to stop by and see what I did with my sink wall on Thursday.

    • Thank you, MaryJean! Wouldn’t it be so nice to have a seaside retreat of our own?? I’m sure that will never happen for me, but a girl can dream! Looking forward to checking out your sink wall! XOXO

  9. OMG, that dressing table you found has the most beautiful wood grain I’ve ever seen!! <3 <3 I want it so badly… how are all of your stores so stocked with good stuff? You can't even find something like that at an antique store unless you want to pay $800.
    I know it's not my place, but you could always put on one coat of clear shellac on those really valuable wood pieces before painting… that way the original wood grain is preserved and you can still paint it. 🙂 Who knows? Maybe whoever buys your dressing table will be so in love with it they'll pass it on to their kids, and their kids might want to eventually remake it, and they'll have the choice of wood or paint.
    I'm normally not such a wood fanatic, but I'm just begging out of love for that grain. <3 You do you, though. Your dresser is adorable–love the stripes and fabric lining!

    • Thanks, Mariele! Wasn’t that the score of the century? That thrift store rarely has decent furniture ever so that was lucky! The wood grain is actually paper thin veneer, which had damage to the top, but I think you’ll be pleased with what I came up with for it. We will see! XOXO

  10. Francine Parrett says

    what color did u use on the dresser?

  11. I love the insides/and details of all your projects. Great looks, and this soft blue is GREAT!

    • Thank you so much, Sandi! I love this pretty blue too…I want to paint everything I find in this color lol! XOXO

  12. I love that color! I’m gonna have to get some of that color for a few of my projects! And the new drawer handles really class it up! Can’t wait to see what you do with that dressing table!

    • Thanks, Debbie…isn’t that blue so pretty? One of my favorites for sure! And yes, Hobby Lobby has some pretty choices for hardware! See ya Thursday with the dressing table reveal! XOXO

  13. Great job – so freshly colored. But, your newest project (on your $35 find)- the burled wood looks fab already. Around my area this piece would have been snapped up in a jiffy and used as is…Just saying…

    • Thanks, Robin! The wood is actually paper thin veneer with some damage on top, but you still might like what I did with it! 🙂 XO

  14. Norma Rolader says

    Oh my love love the color and makeover Thank you for sharing

  15. This is one of my favorites!!! I have followed you for over two years…thought I better tell you how wonderful this is!

  16. Oh this has to be one of my favorites ????I absolutely love the color,the stripes,drawer pulls ,the sides of the drawers & the inside. What a fun surprise to pull a drawer open & have the stripes.Did you have room to keep for yourself?Have a wonderful week.

    • Thank you, Margie! This is one of my favorites for sure as well, and I wish I had room for it, but unfortunately no. It already has a new home! I hope you have a great week as well! XOXO

  17. Francine Parrett says

    Someone may have asked but did you use modge podge to adhere to bottom of drawers.

    • I should have mentioned that, Francine, yes I did. I used Matte Mod Podge…just brushed it on with a chip brush like a glue and added the fabric. ????

  18. You outdid yourself on this one! I adore its look!! And you scored the kidney shaped one for $35?! wow!

    • Thank you so much, Rose! This is one of my favorites! And wasn’t that dressing table a steal?? I snapped that up quick! XOXO

  19. Lynn Harris says

    Oh that dresser is beautiful!! As always, I love your work. Can’t wait until Thursday. You are such an inspiration. When you do use Mod Podge on the bottom of the fabric do you also put a coat over the top of the fabric? Thank you again for such inspiration.

    • Thank you so much, Lynn! I do not add another coat of MP over the top when I use fabric, but I do if I use paper. I much prefer to use fabric though! See ya Thursday! XOXO

  20. Linda Petersen says

    Another beauty! I remember when you did it. Having a beach cottage of our own would be lovely…just to go spend sometime by ourselves & also with some girlfriends for a retreat. I would decorate it with everything you redo????! Can’t wait for Thursday’s reveal!! XO

    • Thanks, Linda! I would LOVE a beach cottage and yes…perfect for a girly getaway! It would be so fun to decorate too! See ya Thursday!! XOXO

  21. It is just darling! I love the stripes on the sides of the drawers and the fabric inside them is perfect!

  22. Wait, whaaaaat? I didn’t notice the awesome stripes on the sides and drawers when I saw this gorgeous makeover on Facebook! Love the pretty paper you lined the drawers with too.

  23. This piece is gorgeous! Did you use Behr’s Chalky Paint or latex? I have a piece I’d like to try this on.