Spooky Outdoor Halloween Tour

Do you love Halloween as much as I do? I love Halloween. I mean, I love Halloween! We are that house in our neighborhood.

When people we meet in our neighborhood ask where we live, we just say, “The Halloween House” and they know exactly who we are.

Halloween is the one time of year that you get to act like a kid again. You can wear what ever you want; you can stuff your face with candy; and you can thow all kinds of crap out on your lawn and put a spotlight on it and get away with it.

Come  a little closer…don’t be afraid…

Outdoor Halloween Display


Meet the butler. He’s our favorite. Someone actually stole him a couple of years ago, but we tracked another one down on ebay.

Halloween Butler

The Butler

What Halloween Display would be complete without a cemetery? (This was a roll of garden fence I spray painted black.)

Halloween cemetery

Halloween Cemetery

Halloween Cemetery


Or skeletons…

Skeleton Party

Skeleton Party



Halloween Display




Halloween 44



Halloween Display


Outdoor Halloween Display



Outdoor Halloween Display


Or lot’s of other spooky creatures…

The Witch


Outdoor Halloween Display


Halloween 53








Not too spooky, right? On Halloween night though, our fog machine comes out and we play eerie music while lights are flashing on and off in the windows. It really adds to the spook factor.

It’s so fun to watch the kids because some little ones will just march right up like it’s no big thing to get their candy and then there are tweens that won’t even come up the driveway. It’s a good time.

I did actually make something for my display this week to go with our Get Your DIY on: Spooky Outdoor Decor theme.

A new sign:

Beware Sign

You can see more plus all the details on how I made it, including my method for enlarging letters for signs here.

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See, it’s not all super scary! Yours doesn’t have to be either! Come share your Outdoor Halloween Decor with us this Sunday at 7:00pm EST.

There’s still time to link up to our “Thrifty Halloween Project” theme. The party closes Friday!

Hope you enjoyed the tour mwah ha ha ha!





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  1. This. is. AWESOME!!! I never would have pegged you as a Halloween girl, but obviously you do it so well! Coolest house in the neighborhood! Have a spooky day, Christy!

    ~Abby =)

  2. OMG I LOVE THIS!!! I have total Halloween envy. Where the bloody heck do you store all your stuff??? Phil would have a fit if I wanted to do this…because he would know it would mean a ton of work for him, and he hates just putting up Christmas lights!

    Have you ever seen the blog Pumpkinrot.com? You must check it out. Freaky!!!


    • Yay! You know you just never know how people will react when they are used to seeing pretty makeovers week after week and then you spring something like this on them ha ha! I’m glad you like it! We have attic access in both of our boys’ rooms…one for Christmas and one for Halloween. My eleven year old refuses to have the Halloween stuff above his room lol!! I’ll have to check out pumpkin rot! Have a great weekend 🙂

  3. eeekkk!! Oh my. I totally want to come by your house that night! Christy this is awesome. I love your little family of bones 🙂

    • It is pretty spooky…I feel like I let a skeleton out of my closet (no pun intended lol) in blogland! I know it’s a bit unexpected considering what I normally blog about. I really wanted to share how it all started, but I figured people would just be looking at the pictures so maybe another time. Have a great day…you may be hearing from me if I need tips with my new lighting 🙂

  4. My older kids would love to visit your house, Christy! I didn’t think I would have enough outside stuff to join the party, since I combine cute and slightly creepy, but I may be able to think of something. Thanks for sharing!
    Dee 🙂

  5. Love your Spooky house! Looks positively creepy! Please……move to my neighborhood!

  6. Love it! I do a lot for Halloween and getting a late start this year. I always struggle with the spiderweb; years of trying and still can’t get it to stretch and cover well…..any tips?
    Do you use wire or fishing line to postion/attach the large skeletons?
    I so enjoy finding others that go all out for Halloween.

    • Hi Dee! With the web, I find that I like it better if it’s stretched pretty thin so I start at the top of my display and stretch it down till its’ pretty thin. Then I stretch it across, securing it to trees or whatever, just like a real web would look. Then I trim off any excess at the bottom and sides. Hope that helps! I attach the skeletons with floral wire. I love to go all out at Halloween. I think it brings out the kid in us 🙂 Happy Haunting! XO

  7. I love it! All of the skeletons and creatures and how they’re placed (eek! They’re climbing into the house!) and the cob webs – awesome! The orange and purple lights really add creepiness to it all! I bet the fog machine is so cool! I love decorations like this! Happy Haunting! Hugs, Leena

  8. Sue Schuster says

    OMG This is sooooo awesome!! I just love Halloween. But in my neighborhood, I can’t do what I would like to do cause people are so ignorant and love to destroy my stuff. So I just have to look at other people’s décor. Yours is the best! Thanks for sharing.

    • Oh that’s so sad…we had several of our pieces stolen a couple of years ago. We were devistated! Now we have to chain the bigger pieces down. It didn’t break our spirit, though…we love to do this year after year! I’m so glad you like it. It’s a pretty big departure from what I normally blog about. Thanks so much for stopping by to check it out and leaving a sweet comment 🙂

  9. How adorable that tour was. Lots of work went into that. Awesome.

  10. This is so awesome! Our family….parents, sisters, in-laws…out laws….lol….everyone helps put on a huge event at my parents house every year….so much family fun!

    • Thanks, Deborah! I love to hear of others that really get into Halloween! So many see it as a dark holiday, but it really brings out the kid in me and we have a blast doing it 🙂

  11. OMG!! This is the coolest house ever! You guys must spend a fortune in candy because every single kid in the neighborhood (and around) stops at your house for sure! Fabulous!
    Thank you so much for sharing, your house it’s really amazing! Happy Halloween!

  12. Fun! Although my kiddos would NOT go up to your door…no matter how often I repeat myself…this is only for fun…for Halloween! LOL Great displays!!!

    • Lol! Thanks, Valerie! It surprises me every year, the little ones that do come up that have no fear! We hang out out there, so if a little one won’t come up, we gladly come to them so they can get their candy. Glad you enjoyed the tour 🙂

  13. I wish we could do things like at my house. We are always the spooky old house in the neighborhood anyway.

    since you like to party I want to invite you to a couple of show us your decor parties coming up this weekend. you can even link up this post.
    All the details are on my blog

  14. WOW!!! I have never seen anything close to that decked out.. Great job. It indeed a pretty spooky tour.. I know I wouldn’t come near it if I was a kid.

    • It is a bit spooky, Beverly, but fun too. We don’t do anything gruesome, just spooky! Our neighborhood gets a big kick out if it. Thanks so much for taking the tour 🙂

  15. You are seriously a blast! Following you now from For My Love of Blog 🙂

  16. This is awesome and really spooky. Especially skeleton lady in a chair! Happy halloween 🙂

  17. So fabulously spooky! I love the climbing skeleton! What fun!

  18. Your Halloween decoration is just awesome! No wonder that you’re famous in your neighborhood. It must be so much creepy fun for the kids to come by for “Trick or Treat”. Thank you very much for the tour!

  19. What an absolutely beautiful display. So much work but I’m sure it is enjoyed by many.

  20. This is the creepiest front yard I’ve seen! You need to charge an entrance fee on Halloween! SO fun!

  21. oh, how I wish I could experience this in person! absolutely amazing! I commend you for continuing even with ignorant people who steal your frightening creatures. happy Halloween!!

  22. Wow!! you went all out! Love love the skeleton in the striped suite, and the Rocker Reaper 😉

  23. WOW- you totally are THAT house! Love it!! I wonder if my boys would love it or be terrified? I can already here the music playing as I look through your pictures. Too fun!!

  24. Wow I can’t believe how much time and effort you put in for decorating.this is amazing doesn’t it cost a fortune buying all those skeletons ?they aren’t cheap and you have lots in your yard? Susie


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