99¢ Thrift Store Tote Redo

Hello beautiful friends!! Welcome to Trash-to-Treasure Tuesday! Ya'll know this is one of my favorite days of the month because not only do I have a trashy makeover for you, so do four of my crafty friends! Plus, who doesn't love a good before and after? Be sure to look for links to my friends' projects at the bottom! I can't wait to see them myself. If you missed last month's T2T project, you can visit that HERE. Today I am breathing new life into this tote I found for 99¢ when I was … [Read more...]

Simple Caddy Update

Hello, sweet Friends! Today is my kiddos' first day back at school. My youngest is starting first grade, and my oldest is starting high school! Where on earth did the time go? I have a very quick and simple makeover for ya'll today! I have been very good on my thrift store/yard sale diet this Summer, except for this book case I bought but that trip was not for me. (Still sticking by that.) BUT...can I help it if I spy a cute little caddy at the antique mall where my booth is? No. The … [Read more...]

DIY Wooden Tote Redo

Hello again! Can I tell ya'll how much I love meeting you here every day?? If only I could keep it up! If you're just joining this fun series, I'm sharing a thrifty makeover every day in March. It's madness! Today I'm sharing a do-over of a DIY wood caddy I built in the Fall. It was part of a tool challenge where we were creating Fall-themed projects. I made this cute little wooden tote from scraps and an old chair spindle: DIY Reclaimed Wood Crate It was great for decorating with a Fall … [Read more...]

One Little Caddy (that I almost ruined!), Two Ways

This is the antique tool caddy that almost wasn't: This is how it looked when I found it sitting all by it's lonesome self at one of my favorite thrift stores a while back: I  knew I wanted to paint it, but didn't really have a plan. Enter the very talented  Kristen, of Sophia's. I was reading her latest email where she shared a link to her favorite image transfer product.  She demonstrated it on tea towels and it was amazing how well it worked. She also said that it works on … [Read more...]