The Best Deal I ever got at a Thrift Store

Hello dear friends! I had hoped to have a new project finished to share today, but with hurricane Michael heading our way, I spent Thursday taking down pretty much every Halloween decoration I had outside, and securing our outdoor furniture, trampoline, etc. I am so glad I took the time to do all that though because we got some serious winds Thursday night, gusting up to 75 mph at times. We are so fortunate that our area sustained very little damage as compared to many others who weren’t so lucky. My heart goes out to those that lost everything.

Then I wanted to get all of my Halloween goodies back out so I decided to do that instead of finishing today’s project. Instead, I am pulling out an old favorite from a couple years ago.

This is easily the best deal I ever got at a thrift store! This table was in pretty sorry shape but it was only 99¢:


Yep less than a dollar! Clearly the person who priced it thought it wasn’t worth much.

I had to ask the salesperson if it was really only 99¢?? I thought surely they meant $9.99, but nope, so of course I had to bring it home.

I’m glad I did because it turned into a real cutie:

99¢ Thrift Store Table Makeover from

The top was in serious bad shape:


The person who priced it was obviously not aware that paint has magical powers.

99¢ Thrift Store Table Makeover from

I used Gray Morning by Behr (mixed about 1/2 with Pure White) in my go-to DIY chalk paint recipe on this piece. I love this pretty blue.

99¢ Thrift Store Table Makeover from

I also decided to add handles to the top:

99¢ Thrift Store Table Makeover from

These are one of my favorites from Hobby Lobby.

99¢ Thrift Store Table Makeover from

I also added these wheels that I had removed from an antique dresser:

99¢ Thrift Store Table Makeover from

It looks more like a little cart now. This would be perfect in a bathroom to hold fresh fluffy towels.

99¢ Thrift Store Table Makeover from


99¢ Thrift Store Table Makeover from

I also found these hydrangeas while thrifting. Aren’t they really good fakes?

99¢ Thrift Store Table Makeover from

They came with these green ones in this basket:


You just never know what you’ll find! I love hydrangeas, so for $9.98, I scooped them up. Funny that I paid ten times more for the flowers than I did for the table!

I hope you enjoyed seeing what this sad table became, maybe for the second time!

99¢ Thrift Store Table Makeover from

I also found this lamp on the same trip as the table:


You can see what I did with that HERE if you missed it! One of my sweet readers actually bought it since it reminded her of a lamp from her childhood.

I’ll be back on Thursday with this pretty bread box:

UPDATE: See how this cutie looks now HERE



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  1. Christina in SW FL says

    Christy, I love the table turned cart. How could I have missed this before. 🙂
    Glad you all are safe. (We were fortunate here to get very little rain and just some strong breezes, not even wind.)

    • Thanks, Christina! This table was such a great find! And I’m so glad you didn’t get much from that storm. I was worried about you being so close to where it all started! XOXO

  2. Sheila DelCharco says

    How have I missed this?! I thought I went back and read EVERY SINGLE POST of yours when I found you! Hahaha! I love the little cart!

  3. ColleenB.~Tx. says

    Awesome! What aa beautiful make-over and what a great price as well.
    Funning how you mentioned serving cart cause I do have an actual serving cart almost shaped like this. Only difference; I have different wheels and the top and bottom trays are removable.
    I wanted to paint mine but hubby said No Way

    • Thank you, Colleen! I bet yours is a beauty! This would have been really cool if the top really came off. XOXO

  4. I love a good find! That is an AWESOME find. Great job on the painting and redoing. Adding the pulls and wheels was a good idea. Love it.

    • Thanks so much, Pam! This is definitely the best find I ever came across, although I didn’t realize it at the time. Luckily it painted up like a dream! XO

  5. Good to hear no damaged and you’re all safe. ???? And .99cents, just like the Macklemore song! ???? cute makeover and I really like the added Hobby Lobby handles and antique wheels. ????

    • Thanks, Denise! And ha ha I love that song! Yes we were very lucky to have been spared by that storm! XOXO

  6. sharon austin says

    Love it; and the wheels just really set off the antique vibe. I have an old antique wheeled dresser in the barn I just haven’t had time to deal with (for a year!). “The person who priced it was obviously not aware that paint has magical powers”-you are too funny!

    • Thank you, Sharon! I was so excited when I remembered I had those wheels. I bet your dresser is lovely! And thank goodness some people don’t know what paint can do ha ha! XOXO

  7. Oh my goodness! What a great find. It turned out so cute!!

  8. LOVE the color, the added handles and the minimal stressing!

  9. Marcie Lovett says

    That table was definitely worth a repeat visit! Glad to hear you made it through the storm, Christy. If it would just stop raining for 15 minutes, I would be very happy.

    • Thanks, Marcie! I thought this was a fun one to reshare! Yes we were very lucky with the storm! Hope you get a break from the rain soon! XOXO

  10. Debra A Wise says

    Christy, enjoyed seeing this makeover again. The table cart is so cute. Glad that y’all didn’t have any damage. I’m in middle GA and we had power outages from tree limbs down but nothing serious. I also was scrambling taking in my Halloween and fall decorations so they didn’t blow away!

    • Thanks, Debra! Glad you were spared from the storm as well. Yes if I hadn’t taken down my Halloween decorations, there would be skeletons all over my neighborhood LOL! XOXO

  11. Robyn Wright says

    Hi Christy, What method did you use for distressing the edges?

  12. Hi Christy! I’m getting ready to redo a dresser with a damaged top similar to your table, did you sand it first before painting and if so, what grit of sandpaper did you use? Thanks! Love your blog!

    • Hi Tessa! I did not sand this one since I was using chalk paint, but I would have used 220 grit if I were planning to use primer and regular latex paint. And thank you!! XO

  13. The little table/cart is so cute! You need to find more bargains like that.

  14. Precious little table! I wish you were my next door neighbor!

  15. That table sure was a bargain, Christy! And I like what you did with it. The handles and casters were inspired additions that I never would have tho’t of. Did you sell it or keep it?

    • It sure was a bargain! Thanks, Naomi! I sold this one, although now that I’ve moved, there’s a couple places I could use a cute cart like this! XOXO

  16. Oh my – it’s perfect! I love the little handles on the side. ????????????

  17. Wow!! Totally jealous!! I really love what you did with it.. Fantastic find and you know I love a great find!! Way to go!!

  18. Christy, I love this cart – it would be so perfect in my home. I don’t know how you find such good “stuff” at resale stores. I can go all day from early in the morning until night time and not find one good thing. I guess Michiganders keep their old stuff in their basements instead of donating them.

    • Thank you, Carole!! You know what? You may be onto something! We don’t have basements here because we are too close to sea level, so we don’t have all that extra storage…things get donated instead! That makes a lot of sense! XOXO