This Small Mirror Makes a Big Impact

How do you like my new mirror? Too bold? I like that it makes a big impact. If I’d have seen this at Home Goods, this would have gone straight into my cart!

Striped Mirror

It’s actually a smaller mirror mounted onto plywood!

The title of this post should have been, “From Epic Fail to Awesome”.  This project started with a plan to use the mirror below that was removed from the boys’ bathroom last summer, to create a beautiful new mirror for my living room.

 Unbroken Mirror


I was going to attach it to a piece of plywood, frame it out, and add crossbars to simulate a large window.  I had all my supplies set, my plywood cut, and my frame constructed.



I was in the process of attaching the mirror to the plywood with mirror adhesive. As I was pressing down to make sure it was adhering nicely, if you think you know what happened next…you are probably right!  The mirror cracked!!  Oh no!!  My beautiful mirror!   My heart sank. What was I supposed to do with the frame now?  The plywood?

It wasn’t too long before my wheels started turning.

I really wanted a mirror for that wall that would reflect all the light that comes into the dining room.  I already had this mirror from my previous house, but it never really found a home.



It was too small to carry the space where I wanted to add a mirror.

I spray painted the frame black and this is what I came up with. (While watching The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Don’t judge, I swear I do not watch TV hardly at all, but I’m drawn to this like a moth to a flame!)

I thought that if I painted a cool design on the plywood, which had already been painted black, I could hang the smaller mirror on that to create one very large awesome mirror!

I decided to start painting my design right then during RHOBH, so my design is not super creative. I kept it simple, but its still pretty cool.

Painting Stripes


All done! That was easy!



Then I sanded the ivory areas and gave it a coat of clear wax.  I normally would have sealed it with spray acrylic sealer, but I didn’t want to carry this big ole thing back out to the driveway. (And it was cold!)

I attached the frame from the back using tiny little screws. I also attached mounting hardware for hanging. Here it is before I attached the mirror.

Before mirror


I admit I was a bit scared. This is VERY bold…

But the mirror calmed it right down!


Striped Mirror



A peek through our kitchen to the dining room in the mirror’s reflection. The layout is reversed; I think I like this better!



I hung the mirror on the plywood like you would hang it on the wall. Then I used a wee bit of industrial strength velcro on the bottom corners to hold it flush to the background.


Mirror close up


The total cost was less than $20 since I already had the mirror.


This may have not been my original plan, but I am so happy with how it turned out!

That’s my epic fail to awesome mirror story and I’m stickin to it!




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  1. Really cool! I’m impressed!

  2. Looks great! I like the stripes too.
    I hope you’ll drop by to see My Daughter’s Master Bath Redo – #83 at Met Monday.


  3. I love the boldness of it. Looks like a great accent piece for the wall!

  4. Christy,
    I don’t think you could have planned it better. The way you have the mirror looks awesome!! I always say “There’s a reason for everything” Sorry that your other mirror cracked but what you have now is great.
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog earlier and leaving a sweet comment. Oh, btw~I love the name of your blog, so catchy!!

  5. you are AWESOME! Looks so HIGH END and expensive!!

  6. Awesome awesome idea! and it looks so great. Please share your project at each and every week and check out what other creative divas are up to.

  7. super great idea to make this work by attaching it to something bigger. love it!

  8. Hello, I’d love to have you come share your post at Show and Tell Saturday #6 at Sassy Little Lady!


  9. Love this idea! It looks so fabulous! Thanks for sharing this great “epic fail to awesome” idea! =D

  10. What a wonderful project and tutorial! Love the mirror in it’s gussied up state. Thank you for sharing!

  11. Way too cute! I have never used wax, but it really adds character! I am glad you fail turned out so nicely. I have to laugh, I broke a mirror too doing a makeover!

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