Cane-back Chairs Makeover

Hello sweet friends! Thank you for sharing in my excitement Tuesday about the completion of our very first room in our new house: our guest bathroom! It really feels like a win to have one room done….one down, many more to go!  Many also responded about being interested in a wainscoting tutorial, so I will gladly share that with you next week on Thursday!

In other news, my sons had their first day at their new schools on Tuesday and would you believe that not just one, but BOTH of them got off at the wrong bus stops?? We never thought about that being an issue ha ha! My oldest had to use his GPS on his phone to make his way home. Luckily they were both in the right neighborhood, not too far away! Yesterday went much more smoothly!

As you may know I have been on the hunt for two chairs to complete this set in my kitchen that I shared not too long ago:

You can see the table makeover I shared recently HERE and the chairs makeover I did in the Spring HERE if you missed them.

This set is working out perfectly in our new kitchen, but I needed two more chairs. The problem I was running into in my search, was finding just two that matched. There were lots of sets of six though!

Then when I was wandering through HomeGoods last week I spied these:

I had actually seen them once before but was sure I would be able to find something at one of my favorite thrift stores for much cheaper. When I saw them again, they had been marked down to $95. That’s way more than I hoped to spend, but a great deal for a brand new chair, and they had just two, so in the cart they went!

Although these were brand new, I didn’t have any hesitation about taking a paint brush to them…they were gold, ya’ll. Really gold.

Making them match the others I already had was actually pretty simple. All that needed to be removed was the piping around the bottom of the cushion and then I could get straight to painting. (That piping didn’t even have any cording in it…it was all flat??)

First I spray primed both chairs, then I painted them with (affiliate link)  Fusion Mineral Paint in Casement to match the table. I like this paint because it requires no top coat, but since there is no sanding after, the finish isn’t quite as smooth to the touch as a chalk paint and wax combination, but I figured that would be just fine for these chairs. You can see I also grabbed several small things from my built-ins that were originally more ivory, to give them a fresh update as well.

I don’t usually paint in the house, but it was SO incredibly humid outside and  I was trying to get them finished before our cookout we had last weekend.

I covered the chair seats in the same ticking fabric I used on the other chairs I redid…

See my tutorial HERE to see how I recovered these chairs and made the piping. I actually really liked the original fabric with the white, though!

I am so pleased with how this set came together:

Kitchen table and chair set on a budget from

Thanks to my sweet MIL for bringing me these beautiful fragrant blooms from her garden…just in time for these photos!

Cane-back chairs makeover


Cane-back chairs makeover

I liked these chairs because they have similar lines to the other two:

I thought they would make a pretty set. I love the carved details on these ones…

The piping is super easy to make, I promise! If you can sew a straight line you can totally make this…

DIY Double welt piping

Find my double welting tutorial HERE.

Kitchen table and chair set on a budget from

I decided to hang my “Beach Rentals” sign here above the doors. I think it works perfectly!

Kitchen table and chair set on a budget from

See how I made that sign from an old fence panel HERE. I still need to paint in here, but I’ll just take it down before I do.

And a couple of ya’ll asked about my big black and white mirror in the background when I shared my table…

That was a DIY project that was the result of a big fat fail! See that HERE. And don’t mind the little TV in the corner…that will be going soon.

I have been playing with the built-ins a bit. It’s harder to style them than I thought it would be:

Everything on them is something I already had.  My hubby still needs to hide that cable cord from the TV and I need to figure out a plan for this window:

It is super tall so I am undecided if I want curtain panels (and if so, on just the outsides or in between each window as well??), roman shades, or should I just leave them as is? I’d love to hear what ya’ll think!Simple Cane-backed chair makeover from

You will probably never ever see me redo a brand new piece of furniture again! I really hated paying $200 for two chairs I was going to have to redo, but in the end they worked out great.

I’ll be back on Tuesday with my Trash-to-Treasure girls sharing a new thrifty makeover!

Surprise! It’s another chair:

Kinda cool, right??

UPDATE: Check out what I did with this chair HERE now! 🙂

If you missed any of my new house adventures so far, you can catch up here:

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Have a great weekend!!



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  1. Mary Kaiser says

    Wow! Those are amazing. They really match the others so well. Well you paid for the new chairs, but it is so totally worth it in the end. You still do not have as much into the set had you paid full price for all of it. It turned out great, on to the next great project. You are amazing!

    • Aww thank you, Mary! And you are right…I still saved a ton on the set as a whole, so it was worth it! Yep…onto the next project! 🙂

  2. Christina in FL says

    Another winner Christy!~ :))) Great chairs for your dining area. Of course I adore the white and the ticking. Your signature piping is right on. Thanks for always inspiring me and so many others. :))

    • Thanks, Christina! You are so sweet…it is such a joy for me to get to share what I love doing the most! I hope you are not in harm’s way down there! XOXO

  3. Jamie Kennemer says

    Beautiful makeover! I’m in awe of your talent! Can’t wait to see what you do to the window! ❤️

  4. You saved them! Lol. They look so much better painted white and I love! the black and white ticking on them. So.much.better!
    If you do curtains on the windows, just do on the sides. It would look cleaner and you could see out.

    • Thanks, Cecilia, so glad you like them! Thanks for the input on the windows…I think I’m heading in that direction! XOXO

  5. Your chairs turned out great and the entire table set looks so pretty!

  6. Sherry Stuifbergen says

    Sometimes you just have to “bit the bullet” if you want to move on to other things and stop the “search” for your two last chairs. Look at ALL the other money you save on your decorating projects. You really inspire me to see “outside” the box of what something could be. I love the 4 chairs together. Awesome job. What a go-getter!

    • You are so right, Sherry! That is exactly how I felt after having no luck in all my searches! This set was still a bargain in the end. Thank you SO much for always being so sweet!! XOXO

  7. I absolutely love the table and chairs – just gorgeous!! I wish I lived closer (I live in NC) to you so I could purchase chairs that you re-make – you amaze me! That mirror is such a statement piece – gives me an idea for a couple of mirrors that I’ve been holding on to. I like panels on a window because they make a room feel cozier, but that’s just me and not for everyone. Whatever you decide it will look lovely!
    Glad the boys made it home safely 🙂

    • Aww thank you so much, Patty! I know that bold mirror isn’t for everyone, but I agree it makes such a statement! And thanks for weighing in on the window…I think you are right! XOXO

  8. Darlene Frankiw says

    You are SO AMAZING !!
    I thank God for your Talent, just wish I could have
    a portion of it & your confidence.
    Great Job ALWAYS.
    Love the recent dining chairs & table set.
    Question: Do you ever sell your finished projects?

    • Aww thank you, Darlene! I appreciate your kind words so much! I have a booth here locally where I sell most of the things I make over, but I will ship anything that fits in a flat rate USPS box. 🙂 XO

  9. I LOVE the way paint and fabric unify this set of table and chairs – the furniture styles really coordinate, but you really opened my eyes about what paint and fabric can do. Simple changes for a very luxe look – gorgeous!

  10. Great job! These really made this set. I think the furniture companies should just hire you to design their furniture in the first place. Gold? Seriously?

  11. Christy, love the new chairs! You said you are having a hard time with the built-ins. Have you thought about painting the back wall of the built-ins a different color? I’m thinking Sunken Pool would make a nice little pop of color!

  12. LOVE IT! What a great set you have now! Love everyone of your projects! Thx for sharing.

  13. The chairs are amazing! I think of furniture I had years ago and could have done something similar. Love visiting your blog to see what magic you are creating!

    • Thanks, Donna! I too think of pieces of furniture that I let go years ago that I wish I had back! Thanks for following along with me! XOXO

  14. Marcie Lovett says

    Roman shades! Keep the walls simple. And don’t stress about the shelves. Put things you love and it will look wonderful. Look for some darker objects around the house, too, to reflect that marvelous floor. Or maybe it’s that big expanse of white bugging you – how about wallpapering the back or painting it a darker color to show off all your white treasures?

    Ahem, back to the chairs. Magnifique! I can imagine your hesitation about buying them, especially that gold! But they look fabulous and now you can spend time doing other things besides looking for the right chair (kinda takes over your brain, right?). Did you take off the seats or work around them? That shape looks tricky.

    • Thanks, Marcie! I do like the idea of adding something to the back of the shelves, but I agree…I’m just going to fill them with things I love for now and they will come together! And yes I am so happy I can stop searching for the right chairs and move on to another project! I was able to leave the seats on…I only had to remove the original piping so that was really nice! XOXO

  15. Looking great, love seeing all the new decor.

  16. I agree that it is hard to style bookshelves when every shelf is short. No matter what you do, everything feels “lined up.” You might consider taking out a chosen shelf or two on each side, so that you can have tall areas to play with.

  17. Donna Gonzalez says

    I love your vision for what something can be. These are beautiful.
    For several weeks, whenever I click on your link in Facebook, it spins forever before the blog post finally completely renders and I can scroll down. Even typing this comment, is slow going. Any ideas why?

    • Thank you, Donna! I’m not sure why you are having trouble with my blog loading? Are you on a mobile device or a desktop computer?

  18. You make it look so simple. Since I have been following your work I have been inspired and have become addicted to thrifting makeovers. I look forward to your emails with new makeovers and find myself checking for new ones every day. I absolutely love everything you share. Keep it coming!

    • I am so thrilled to hear that you are feeling inspired, Felecia!! I share every Tuesday and Thursday. Thanks for following along! 🙂

  19. Is that a small tv mounted high on the wall in your breakfast area? If so, how did you hide all the wires that connect it to the electric/cable/satellite source?

    • Hi Tara! That is a small TV. It was already there when we moved in, so I’m not sure how they did that…sorry!

  20. The lines in those chairs really do work well with the armchairs – so much prettier now. The beach sign above the garden doors is perfect, considering they lead to your deck and pool. I love how bright your family room is so my suggestion would be a light sheer on either side just to soften the window. Nice style chair you’re sharing on Thursday, can’t wait to see what you did with it.

    • Thanks, Marie! I think that was the best spot for that sign too, and I like your suggestion to just do sheers. That’s what I have done in my bedroom and I really like the light airy feel of them. That chair has been in our storage unit for probably three years!!! XOXO

  21. Diane Kaskel says

    I think wood shutters for those windows would look great & fit in well with your decor.

  22. Debbie in TX says

    Huge transformation! I love how they blend with the other chairs to add lots of interest at the table. Super job!

  23. These chairs work perfectly with the two you already had! Great find 🙂

  24. Julie Briones says

    These chairs couldn’t be a more better fit!

  25. Maureen Ryan says

    Christy, You are so clever! The newly recovered chairs are super paired with the older chairs at the kitchen table — what a success! Congratulations on your new home!

  26. Is white your go-to color?

    • I do love me some white so I guess so! I love a coastal cottage feel in my home and I think a lot of white achieves that look…hoping so anyway! 🙂

  27. I love your table and the chairs are perfect. You have such a great eye. Maybe go with the roman shades for that window depending on how much sun you get certain times of the day? I have a sliding door that at times will have blinding sunlight and no way to cover it. Just a thought. I look forward to your makeovers each and every week! You are so very talented.

    • Thank you, Heidy! I love the look of roman shades…so clean and unfussy! Thank you for following along with me!! XOXO

  28. Oh! You know I love a good French chair. I’m going to have to watch Homegoods. I keep waiting for some to appear in my local thrift but haven’t had a lot of luck.


    • Yep I just bit the bullet and bought these, and I am so glad I have this set finally done! I had been having zero luck in my thrift stores as well…of course now that these are done, I’ll see some! 😉

  29. I love the way the chairs look now. Was not too impressed with them before. Your home is lovely.

    • Thank you, Rose! Yes the gold was not the best look for these chairs ha ha. The house is coming together! XOXO

  30. I met you today at my yard sale. I love your kitchen table and chairs. Good luck with your new home and welcome to the neighborhood.

    Have a great weekend,

    • Hi Pam! Thank you, and thanks so much for the great deals today! I’ve already found a home for the stool near my built-ins so I can reach things that are too high. The tray is a bit large for the top of my table, but slides under it perfectly! Thanks for stopping by for a visit! Maybe we’ll run into each other again! XO

  31. Rita Spittler says

    Love everything you do. What a GREAT find and upgrade to the chairs.
    I also love your flooring. Do you remember the name of it? So many things to decorate, so little time LOL

  32. At first I was skeptical that you could improve the chairs. I thought the wood was natural, not icky gold, LOL. Your makeover is delicious, and the match with your existing chairs is perfect.

    • Thank you, Nette! I know in the photos, the wood before almost looked like a pretty wood ha ha. Nope gold all the way! XO