Pedestal Kitchen Table Makeover

I am SO excited to have a brand spankin new makeover to share with you today, fabulous Friends!! I Iove how this one turned out! Working in my new organized garage (See that beauty HERE if you missed it.) made it so much easier to tackle this project!

In my garage reveal I shared a little peek at today’s project piece: a table I picked up just before the big move. I knew that for my eat-in kitchen area, I wanted a round table. I originally decided I would treat myself and go wild and buy a brand new set for that space.

Except when I went looking (online too), I just couldn’t do it. There were some pretty sets out there but none of them felt like “me”.  I love a collected look…like pieces had been found over time, and put together in unexpected ways. (You know…because you found them all at thrift stores and yard sales and they were forced to play well together.)

So when I saw this solid oak pedestal table for $45 at the thrift store, I didn’t hesitate:

I knew it could make a great kitchen table.

I had been so busy working on house stuff that I almost forgot that my day with my Furniture Fixer Upper girls was coming up. Luckily I had the perfect furniture piece! My friends are sharing furniture makeovers of their own today, so be sure to look for them at the bottom!

Are you ready for the big reveal??

Here ya go!

Whitewashed pedestal kitchen table from

Isn’t she perty?? I’m including a few affiliate links so you can find the products I used.

It doesn’t even look like the same table!

I decided I would pair her with these two chairs I reupholstered in the Spring. (See their gross before photos and makeover HERE!)

Whitewashed pedestal kitchen table from

I made the seat covers with zippers so they could easily be removed for washing.  Now I’m on the hunt for two dining chairs with similar lines that just have upholstered seats that I can add the ticking to as well to create a coordinated set.

The top has a weathered feel now but without looking old and dirty…

Whitewashed pedestal kitchen table from

I recently redid a sofa table very similarly (see it HERE) and I just love this look!

To achieve this weathered (but clean enough to eat off of) finish, I started by sanding the table top with my rotary sander using 100 grit sandpaper. Then I followed up with 220 grit to get a super smooth surface:

Then I used my shop-vac to remove the dust and wiped it down with a clean soft cloth. I added a coat of Minwax Wood Conditioner on the top surface, applying it with a clean soft cloth. This helps the stain to absorb evenly.

For the other two pieces I did this treatment to, I used a packet of powder called Driftwood Weathering Wood Finish. I love how it worked. It is mixed with water and can be stored for up to three months. ( I only mixed half the packet at a time.)

Unfortunately my container of leftover Driftwood Weathering Wood Finish that I mixed for my sofa table not too long ago spilled in the move, and I didn’t have anymore so I decided to try Varathane Weathered Wood Accelerator. It worked very similarly except it left the top feeling a bit rough like it needed another sanding, so I lightly hand-sanded again with 220 grit sandpaper when it was dry and it was good to go.

This is after two coats:

Next I watered down flat white enamel latex paint just a bit and then started brushing it on the surface, going with the grain. Then using a clean soft cloth, I removed the paint, being sure to stay in nice straight lines:

How to get a weathered look on furniture

After the entire top was complete I went back and played with it a little, removing more paint in areas using a dampened cloth, and then adding  more paint in areas where it needed more depth.

I love the end result:

How to get a weathered look on furniture from

I sealed the top with General Finishes High Performance topcoat in a flat finish. I usually use polycrylic by Minwax but I wanted a more flat finish so I gave this a try. It worked really great. Three coats with a light sanding in between each coat did the trick . I applied it with my favorite brush  found HERE for applying poly/topcoats.

It says flat, but it leaves just the slightest sheen…

How to get a weathered look on furniture from

For the base of the table, I used Fusion Mineral Paint in Casement. I had originally ordered it to update my dining table and chairs and hutch since it requires no topcoat, and figured I’d just use it on the base of this table since I didn’t have any of my DIY chalk paint already mixed in white.

How to get a weathered look on furniture from

Some said it will not yellow over white paint, and others said it would. I added a coat over the sides of the table top to try it out and it did yellow slightly. You can actually tell a bit if you look at the photos again. I will need to add another coat of the Fusion on top of that.

How to get a weathered look on furniture from

This was my first attempt at photographing furniture in the new house, and it wasn’t too bad. These tall windows in my kitchen let in a ton of natural light which really helps!

How to get a weathered look on furniture from


How to get a weathered look on furniture from

I feel like I should have my living room organized and styled by now since that was one of the first rooms I painted. The floors are already done in there as well, but we were debating about hanging the TV above the fireplace. Neither of us really wanted it there, but the furniture placement was really awkward, so above the fireplace it went:

As you can see the bookcases still aren’t styled and we have yet to hide the cord from the TV to the cable box, but it is progress!

How to get that weathered look for your furniture from

Now for my Furniture Fixer Upper friends’ makeovers! Visit the afters of these treasures at the links below the image!

1. The interior Frugalista

2. Just the Woods

3. Girl in the Garage

4. Petticoat JUNKtion

5. Prodigal Pieces

I am putting the finishing touches on our downstairs guest bath:

Then our first room in our new house will be complete! I’ll be back to share that on Tuesday! 🙂

UPDATE: Check out how I updated this bathroom HERE now! 

Have a fantastic weekend!!



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  1. Christy I have to say I love that soft whitewashed look the best. It is elegant and coastal at the same time. Your new home is coming along nicely.

    • Thank you, Mary! I love this look as well, and yes the house is finally starting to take shape! XOXO

  2. Robin Stephens says

    Another masterpiece! Hugs from Central VA.

  3. Christy, you are rockin’ your new home and that table is da bomb! I love the new look – so refreshing. PInning!

  4. Love the pedestal table. Was glad to see a new makeover but know you’ve been busy and always welcome to see what you’ve done to your new house. It’s looking very pretty so far.

    • Thanks, Janice! It was so nice to be working on a new makeover! I have missed getting out there with my paintbrush! XOXO

  5. Christina in FL says

    Well good morning Wonder Woman! You blew me away with this table and, of course, I love the chairs you re-upholstered. I love natural wood so the beautiful finish on the table top is stellar. 🙂 I’m glad you found it and are keeping it.
    I kept wishing for a photo from the window side of the table so I was tickled with the top down shot to see the beautiful finish. Thank you!!!

    • Aww I’m so happy to hear you like it, Christina, thank you! This one is definitely a keeper! XOXO

  6. This table is perfect for your coastal home! I love the finish you gave it and the top looks great with the painted base.

  7. Marcie Lovett says

    Beautiful, Christy! It’s hard to look at new furniture and feel the same passion, isn’t it? There’s something about older furniture that just calls to your heart (not to mention your wallet ????). As I was reading, I was thinking that I didn’t miss the old leaded glass doors. This is a great corner for photos!

    BTW, life is too short to worry about bookcases! Enjoy fixing up the house at your pace, given everything else you have to do. The house will come together in its own time, although I get that it’s hard to be patient when there’s so much to be done.

    • Thank you, Marcie! Yes, I just could not love any of those sets I saw no matter how hard I tried, and I saved hundreds!! I didn’t really miss the old doors either, whew! This house has a ton of natural light which really helps. And I agree…I am taking my sweet time working on whatever I am motivated to work on at the moment, even if I am all over the place lol! XOXO

  8. I rarely *LOVE* a table makeover but you totally nailed it with the driftwood looking top. It looks like more work than I want to put in but the end result is stunning. Love the smooth almost matte finish with a tiny sheen. It’s beautiful!

  9. Omgosh, you’re a girl-on-the-go Christy! I LOVE this table makeover – and for $45, what a score! Your photo’s (as always) are impeccable. Your new home has beautiful lighting and is just gorgeous. Can’t wait to see more of your home makeovers. 🙂

    • Thank you SO much, Denise! This table had seen better days, but it was solid and a great deal at $45, so I just had to bring it home. So glad it worked for our kitchen! And I appreciate that…I am so relieved that my photos turned out ok since this was my first time photographing in the new house! XOXO

  10. chris tucker says

    that table turned out beautiful i love the top, this house is going to be gorgeous xx

  11. So lovely! One of my favorites of your transformations, to-date.

  12. Great job, looks gorgeous!

  13. Love the table’s new look. The house is beautiful too, may you have many happy, healthy years

  14. It’s STUNNING!!!! and I’m in love! Beautiful job!

    • Thank you, Amy!! I was almost afraid to let all the boys eat there the first night ha ha… but so far so good! 😀

  15. Fabulous! Love it! Pinned it!

  16. I love it Christy!! And I don’t notice the yellowing you mentioned. I have had good luck with it also (but I use Satin finish, not sure that makes a difference though)! 🙂 and YAY for good lighting!! The struggle for good photos is real in my dark house!! lol xo

    • Thanks, Nancy! You can see the yellowing in person more easily. I think that topcoat will be great on anything but bright white though! And yes…I was worried about finding a good spot for pictures, and luckily there is a lot of natural light in this house. I had exactly two spots in my old house that always required shuffling of heavy furniture to use ha ha!

  17. Karen Moore says

    Very nice. How well does the white hold up to every day use on the base and chairs? Do you find a certain paint holds up better?

    • Thanks, Karen! The paint on the chairs has held up very well so far. (I painted those in the Spring.) As for the table, time will tell. I just painted it this weekend. I do prefer a regular latex enamel and polyacrylic topcoat for higher traffic areas like kitchen or dining table tops or children’s furniture, but for the base of those peices I don’t mind a worn look so I am fine with chalk paint on them. 🙂

  18. Patti McGarry says

    Beautiful job on the table! I can almost feel how smooth it is 🙂
    I do have a question for you though, where can I find a mirror like the one in your living room? I need a large mirror for over my mantel and that one might be a winner!
    Thanks for sharing your talents with us!

  19. Nancy Walden says

    Love the “new” table! I used a gray chalk paint “wash” over stain when I refinished my dining table. The gray tint gives the top an aged look that goes well with my chalk painted armoire.

  20. Christy, I am so glad you went with your instincts and did not get some matchy-matchy store bought nonsense. This is beautiful.

  21. I really love how this table turned out – it has given me just the inspiration and push I need to makeover my own kitchen table! Thanks for posting the instructions.

  22. Your table looks gorgeous, Christy! Especially paired with your pretty armchairs. Love the driftwood top and it really picks up the ticking stripes on the chairs. Looks like things are coming together nicely in the new house. I’m with you on having the tv over the fireplace (as much as we hate them being a focal point), the furniture placement seems much better this way.

    • Thanks, Marie!! I almost didn’t want to use it the first night ha ha, but it is working out great so far! The house is coming along for sure. It is starting to get fun now that most of the unpacking is done. And yep, the TV just works better over the FP. We really tried not to do it, but oh well. It is really nice to be able to see it from the kitchen! XOXO

  23. Julie Briones says

    LOVE that table! I may decide to do gray on top of my tv console. 🙂 Love the light in your new home, too! It looks great! And those built-ins are going to be so fun to style. 🙂

    • Thank you, Julie! I know you will be so happy to cross that console table off your list, and this finish would be perfect. It is really simple to do too. I am loving the light as well…and I agree the those built-ins will be fun to play with! XOXO

  24. Oh Christy I LOVE the round oak table!!! I have one very similar to yours that I am dying to paint. You have given me the inspiration I needed!!! Love your new home! Cannot wait to see each room!!!

    • Thank you so much, Sue!! I am so thrilled that you are feeling inspired! This finish is not hard to do at all…I say go for it! And I am really enjoying getting this house together and look forward to sharing how it all unfolds! XOXO

  25. hope this comment and question reaches you and generates a response. This project is a breakfast table and obviously meant to take “abuse”. Please tell me how you will maintain the table top. Wipe with a damp cloth????

    • Hi Patti! I sealed the table top with three coats of the matte sealer I referenced in the post and it is super durable now. And although it is supposed to be matte, it has a very subtle sheen which makes it easy to wipe clean. So far I have used Lysol wipes and also a dishrag and spray cleaner on it to clean it and it has done great!

  26. So pretty!

  27. Oooo! Love the table and the finish you did on the top! The chairs are perfect with it! I like the arrangement of your living room – looks so cozy!

  28. It turned out so great! I love the weathered wood top. Awesome!!!


  29. This is so gorgeous, Christy! Especially with those chairs that I adore. I missed what you said yellowed? Your new house is looking fabulous. xo

    • Thanks, Jen! I am so thrilled this set came together the way I imagined it. The band just under the top that is white…I tried the sealer on that part to test it thinking I could easily repaint it if it yellowed, and it did. The photos don’t show it well, but is definitely a bit yellow now in that area. Was crossing my fingers for an easier solution than waxing, but no go! And thanks…the house is starting to come together! XOXO

  30. Thx for sharing your talents. The table is gorgeous and the chairs look so professional with the ticking stripe fabric. You did a great job on the whole set! Very beautiful. Appreciate the tutorial!

  31. Great directions Christy! I’m going to do a very project next week, and wanted this wonderful weathered wood finish. Thanks, now I know what to do. 🙂

    • Thank you!! I too love this weathered look…glad I could help. I clicked through to your blog and found myself oohing and ahhing over your beautiful home that you just sold. I know that didn’t last long! XO

  32. You did it again! The table looks great! And the cushions with the ticking stripe are perfect with it!

    • Thank you, Cecilia! I couldn’t be more pleased with how this set came together! Now to find two more chairs! XOXO

  33. This is ahhhhmazing!!!! And I LOVE GF HP Flat! It’s my total fave. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to use anything else. 😉

    Hope things are going well in the new abode!

    • Thanks, Andi!! I love how easy the GF was to use! I know you understand all the work that goes into setting up a new home…all that stuff that isn’t blogworthy at all ha ha, but it’s getting there! XOXO


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