Christmas in the Dining Room (& Table and Chairs Updated!)

Beautiful Friends, I am so excited to be able to declare another room done!!

Remember what our dining room looked like in my Hot Mess Tour I shared when we first moved in?

And remember how my hubby thought the water cooler was going to get to stay there?

Um no.

Well not only is the room done, but I repainted my entire dining set, and decorated the room for Christmas!

Welcome to my Christmas dining room!

Christmas dining room from

I ‘ve included a few affiliate links so you can find the products I use.

Christmas dining room from

Pay no attention to the uneven garland on the hutch.  😉

This space got new paint and new floors! The paint is Behr’s Campfire Ash and the floors are engineered hardwood made by Style Selections from Lowes. I believe this color is Barrel Hickory.

My dining set was looking quite yellow before, much like my hutch I shared HERE. A fresh coat of paint in Behr’s Bit of Sugar made into DIY chalk paint (recipe with video HERE.) fixed it right up!

Christmas dining room from

I ordered a new rug for the dining room on Black Friday that is a bit bigger. This one will move to my office.

And looky here…no water cooler. 🙂

Christmas dining room from

To help with painting all those chairs, I used my HomeRight paint sprayer and spray shelter:

Spray your dining room chairs with the homeright sprayer!

My DIY chalk paint works great in it. I do make a fresh batch to put in the sprayer since it is a bit thinner when it is first made.

Painting chairs with the HomeRight Paint Sprayer

The sprayer made this task so much easier! After sanding and waxing, I recovered the chair pads just like I did the first time. (See that HERE.) Then to help protect them I sprayed them with Scotchgard…

And wouldn’t you know, just like the first time I did this a few years ago, a bird came along and shackydoodled on my brand new chair pad! I took a picture for you…

Your day is now complete. You’re welcome.

They did turn out pretty though:

See how easy it is to add piping to your chairs HERE.

I just lightly sanded the chairs this time so that yellowy color underneath didn’t show too much:

Christmas dining room from

I painted the base of the table as well.

Christmas dining room from
Most of my décor is from previous years…like these pillows:

Christmas dining room from

I painted this basket in the Spring and filled it with pink Roses. (See that HERE.) It worked well to hold this greenery that I found at Pier One after Christmas several years ago:

Christmas dining room from

The furry runner is new this year. I found that at HomeGoods.

My hutch just has garland up top and a few sprays of greenery…

Christmas dining room from

These little cuties were a gift from my Sister last year and look right at home with all my white dishes:


Christmas dining room from

I added beaded garland to the greenery up top for a little fun…

Christmas dining room from

And to match my tree!

Christmas dining room from

This was my Mom’s tree. She decided to get a smaller one this year and offered this to me. I snatched it right up!

Christmas dining room from

We have a real tree in our living room that holds all of our family ornaments, so this one can stay pretty! Most of the decorations are from my old tree that I used to have in our bedroom. I picked the ornaments up for 25¢ a piece after Christmas one year so I grabbed a bunch of them. I added the beaded garland and a box of gold balls from Target this year.

How do you like my tree skirt?


I borrowed my fur throw from the little sofa in my office. It works great! It is actually a faux sheepskin rug that I picked up at HomeGoods a couple of months back. I threw it on that small sofa to sweep one day and I loved it there so it stayed.

I also found these red poinsettias at Walmart. I love the pops of red and these are really pretty close up…

Christmas dining room from

You can’t see up the stairwell, but it has also been painted. Remember I was deciding how I should go about getting that finished? I ended up hiring it out. A guy came over to give me a quote, and I was only asking for the stairwell to the top of the stairs. He threw in the upstairs hall for free so I went for it. He and his crew did a great job, and I am so happy it is finally done!

Christmas dining room from


Christmas dining room from


Christmas dining room from

I also picked these lanterns up at HomeGoods this year…

Christmas dining room from

I’ll be able to use them after the holidays.

Christmas dining room from


I hope you enjoyed my dining room set makeover/room reveal/Christmas dining room!

My girl, Nancy from Artsy Chicks Rule, is sharing her Christmas dining room today as well if you want even more holiday inspiration!

Visit her HERE!

She’s actually coming over for a visit today! She only lives about 45 minutes away!

And here’s a makeover you might like if you missed it the first time:

See what became of this shelf HERE!

You’ll see me back here tomorrow with some fun girls sharing one of my favorite Christmas traditions!

UPDATE: See what one of my most treasured Christmas traditions is HERE now! 🙂




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  1. Christina in SW FL says

    Oh Christy, your dining room is spectacular! Love your tree and the rug is perfect. Love the updates! Also, I am in love with your chandelier. 🙂
    I laughed out loud at “shackdoodled”, you are funny!
    Sooner or later, I’m going to get a Homeright sprayer and booth.
    One word for your dining room…. sparklicious! 🙂

    • Thank you, Christina! So glad to call this room done! And yep…right on my chair pads…can you believe that? You can’t help but laugh about it! Love my sprayer, and love the spray booth even more! Happy weekend! XO

  2. Beautiful and more! I do like the touch of red, and I’m not a red person but at Christmas it seems so pretty. You are gifted!

    • Thank you so much! I tried to take a break a break from reds in the past, but I always come back to the reds! XO

  3. Bahahahaha! I KNEW that water cooler wouldn’t be staying…..husbands are SO funny! Gotta love them. Your room turned out gorgeous. Enjoy all your posts and ideas and always wish I could do power tools like you do. Merry Christmas from Kansas!

  4. Lovely! Happy holidays and hope you have a wonderful time for your first Christmas in your new home.

  5. You are seriously my go to gal for inspiration!! You work so quickly! I feel like a slacker! Your dining room is lovely! I love how you keep things simple. Can I be like you when I grow up??

    • Aww thank you, Sheila! I appreciate that! I am so happy to have that room done! Have a great weekend! XOXO

  6. Michele Branham says

    Your dining room looks great!

  7. Norma Rolader says

    oh so beautifully done I have enjoyed your inspiration Thank you for sharing with us

  8. It’s all so lovely! You do such gorgeous work-every detail! So nice to see a blogger who’s not turning up their nose at some good old red-and-green too! : )

    • Aww thank you, Becky! I have tried to decorate for Christmas with more neutrals in the past, but I always come back to the traditional colors! Have a great weekend! XOXO

  9. Your dining room looks beautiful! You amaze me, been a busy bee haven’t you? Everything looks so fresh and
    inviting. Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

  10. MARCIE LOVETT says

    Wow, wow, wow. The room looks great, Christy! Do you ever sleep?

    You just seem to be a target for the birds, huh? I always fear getting bird-tagged when I paint outside.

    • Thank you, Marcie! Yes I definitely need my beauty sleep ha ha! And I paint furniture outside all the time and never had that happen…only the two times I was spraying the Scotchguard on my seats lol! XOXO

  11. Gorgeous, just Gorgeous!

  12. Oh WOW!! What a beautiful dining room. Again, you did a great job!!

  13. Christy,
    I’m a little embarrassed because I seem to “gush” (is that really a word or just a southern made-up word?) over everything that you do! But it is all just so pretty! The bird poop is so funny – so real life 🙂 Your family is so blessed to have such a talented Mom – won’t it be fun to see what your boys end of doing – their wives(one day) will be blessed, too! Wishing you and your family a blessed Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year! from one of your biggest fans 🙂

    • Aww Patty do not feel embarrassed at all… it totally makes my day! Thank you so much! I do hope some of my enthusiasm for projects rubs off on my boys! Merry Christmas to you and yours!! XOXO

  14. Your dining room looks so pretty! I love the paint color you chose and your Christmas decor is gorgeous. Have fun with Nancy today!

    • Thank you so much, Paula! It was so nice to visit with Nancy yesterday…it’s never long enough though! Have a great weekend! XOXO

  15. Joy Cavaghan says

    Oh, I love the makeover. It’s perfect! Just wanted to ask what you did to the top of the table? The contrast is beautiful with the white! Thanks & Merry Christmas ???????? ~Joy

  16. waooo everything is beautiful, they look so clean, elegant and Christmas with those red touches. love everything, the fur carpets under your tree … and I must confess that I loved the way you wrapped your gifts, that snowman gift paper is divine … yes, I know, so many things and I look at the gift paper … hehehe … should be because I’m packing mine and I can not find one that I really like,
      is that for me the way you pack the gift is a gift more … =)
      congratulations for your new decoration

    waooo todo es hermoso , se ven tan limpia ,elegante y navideña con esos toques rojos . ame todo , las alfombres de pieles bajo tu arbol …y debo confesar que me fascino la manera en que envolviste tus regalos , ese papel de regalo de snowman es divino …si, ya sé, que tantas cosas y me fije en el el papel de regalo… jejeje… debe ser porque ando empacando los mios y me cuesta encontrar uno que realmente me guste ,
    es que para mi ,la manera en la que empacas el regalo, es un regalo mas…=)
    felicitaciones por tu nueva decoracion

    • Thank you so much, Karine! The snowman paper came from Target. I do love a beautifully wrapped gift as well! XOXO

  17. Beautiful job on the painting! The room looks so fresh – and festive!

  18. It’s gorgeous! Love the red pillows on the chairs. You got me laughing with the bird bomb…so typical, isn’t it? Lol. And the water cooler! Haha, I’ve had some of those type discussions with my husband. Guess who wins? ???? Yay for another room done!

    • Thank you, Cecilia! You know as much furniture as I paint outdoors, I have only been bird bombed twice…both when I was scotchguarding the seats to my dining room chairs lol! And yes…the hubbys ultimately know who’s boss ha ha! XOXO

  19. So pretty!!!

  20. Love it all! I want to do my stairway with the white spindles and it’s nice to see what it will look like! You didn’t mention the draoes in the DR. Were they bought or made? Also, the tabletop that is stained. Was that stripped down and stained or is it one of the products that you paint the stain over the existing finish?

  21. LeAnn Hileman says

    It all looks lovely Christy! Whoever walks into that room can’t help but be put into a happy mood! Thanks for the beautiful pictures.

  22. Linda Petersen says

    Oh Christy, it’s gorgeous and inviting! The chandelier is perfect????! At least you know the scotchgard works lol????. The paint color & Christmas touches, I just have to ask one thing. What time is dinner & how early may I arrive??! XO

    • Thank you so much, Linda! Ha ha yes…thank goodness that happened after the Scotchguard! Dinner is at 6:00…I’ll add another place setting! 🙂 XOXO

  23. Christy,I love, love your dining room! The painted furniture, lovely greens, and pops of red all come together so beautifully! You did a splendid job! Thanks for sharing.
    Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas!

  24. Wow, You never fail to amaze! Love your new dining room. I’ll be checking out the flooring you used at Lowes (great color). Where did you get your rug, love that also?

    • Aww thank you, Paula! The rug is several years old, but it is made by Mohawk and I believe it had “trellis” in the name. It was given to me during a promotion they were having. Sorry I can’t be more help than that! XO

  25. Robyn Wright says

    If you can’t share the shackydoodle with your friends, who can you share it with? 🙂 I love how the ribbon on your tree almost looks like a musical staff. AND your chandelier is stunning! Did you make it too? We moved into our house in April and still no where near done. I can’t even get to my Christmas decorations. 🙁

    • OMG ha ha yeah you know that’s right!! The tree ribbon is made of grapevine and just spray painted gold, found it on clearance at Michaels like 10 years ago. The chandelier came with the house. Funny that it looked very out of place when we moved in, but now it fits right in with my décor! I’m sorry to hear you can’t get to your decorations…but admittedly, there are several things I can’t even find since the move so I’ve still got some unpacking to do too! Merry Christmas!! XOXO

  26. Absolutely beautiful!

  27. You did an incredible job, you dining room is beautiful, and so festive.

  28. Merry Christmas to you & your family ????.Love the way the room turned out & the little snow people are adorable.

  29. It all looks so classy and lovely!


  31. Nancy Cannell says

    Hi Christy

    Your dining room looks so beautiful! I wish you could come to my house and redo my place lol.

  32. Julie Briones says

    Sooo, is it my imagination, or are you adding a bit of French farmhouse to your style? Looks like you are stepping a bit away from the coastal look? Your dining room looks beautiful! Love the window pane on the one wall… I thought it was a real pass-through. 😉

    • Noooooooo don’t say trendy words like farmhouse around here ha ha ha! I just decorate with what I love and hope it all comes together! I think it’s just because I’m missing the blues, but I didn’t use them in my last dining room either. I do have more of a coastal feel in the living room. Thanks, Julie! Have a great weekend…hope you get to spend some of it squeezing that sweet baby! XOXO

      • Julie Briones says

        Oh no! Well, I’m glad to know that trendy words are not allowed here… LOL! You are so funny! I guess when I think ‘farmhouse’, I think light/airy/clean with some vintage look… then I think of you! 😉 Seriously though, do you just stay away from labels, or what would you call your style if someone asked?

        I got to be with August last weekend, and my son and his fam will be here on Christmas day. So… I have to wait until then. I love that my daughter lives just 5 minutes away, and I get to see Ryker on almost a daily basis! Such a blessing! Have a wonderful weekend!

        • Ha ha you know I tease! I guess I like to think of my style more as cottage-inspired? Lots of paint, white slipcovers, pretty fabrics. I don’t really try to create a look, but rather decorate with things I love and they somehow all come together. 🙂 Enjoy those babies!! XOXO

  33. Oh wow, so pretty! I love how you tell all the details of where and when you get your bargains, that is so helpful. The spray booth looks so useful, what a great thing. Shackydoodled lol had me cracking up, good thing for scotchgard. Gorgeous room! thanks for showing it 🙂 You did great on the upholstery too!

    • Thank you, Carrie! That spray booth is awesome…I use it all time…great for spray painting with regular canned spray paint as well! And yes…thank goodness I got bombed after the scotchguard and not before ha ha! XOXO

  34. Shackydoodled!!! Hahaha!! Bad birdie. 😉
    Everything looked so beautiful today! So glad I got to see it all in person…finally! Fun visit but never long enough! See you again soon! xoxo

    • Ha ha…as much furniture as I paint outside, it has never happened to any of those pieces…only the two times I scotchguarded the dining room chair seats lol! I really enjoyed our visit too…but yes never long enough!! My house smells like a peppermint dream! Thanks again! XOXO

  35. Carole Larsen says

    As usual you have transformed your dining room into a very beautiful space. I love everything you did.

  36. Your dining room and home look amazing all decked out! Wishing you and your family a beautiful holiday season in the new home. xo

  37. Hi. I love seeing you transform everything, it inspires all the time. The grey and white strip fabric can you please advise where you bought it, the band/name and price. I have been looking for some grey stripe material in australia, (usa I d have to get swatches first) for months and can t find any, but that is the perfect one for some new roman blinds s and is exactly the shade I want. Thanks. Denise

  38. Your dining room is beautiful! You did a great job in painting all of the furniture and decorating for Christmas.

  39. It’s absolutely beautiful, Christy. Lov’n the pops of red. Might steal your bead garland idea for the top of my living room bookcases – so pretty with the fresh greens. Hope you had a fun day with Nancy!

    • Thank you, Marie! Yes steal away, my friend! And yes, our day was so nice, but never long enough! XOXO

  40. Christy. Your room is so elegant . You are doing an amazing job creating such a beautiful home

  41. This room is lovely, and will be your favorite to play with for sure! Love the balance of the white, linen, and dark wood!

  42. Love everything you do! I have a blank wall in my living room I don’t know what to do with. Would you have any suggestions?

    • Aww thank you, Ginny! I think for my wall I am going to look work on a gallery wall of some sort. I always love the look of six matted black and white photos! XO

  43. So pretty! I’m not liking the things that I’ve painted with Old White these days. I love the new bright white. It all looks so pretty! I especially love the way you did the beads on the garland of the hutch. XO

    • Thank you, Christy! I used to love Old White in my other house because our trim was an ivory color, but it looks really yellow against the bright white trim of our new house. It was nice to give it all a refresh anyway! 🙂 XOXO