Christmas Place Cards from Grocery Store Flowers

Awesome friends, I have a fun post to share today! I am so excited to be reuniting with my Decor Enthusiast girls to share how you can use grocery store flowers to add a special touch to your holiday home! We used to meet once a month to share tips for decorating on a budget, and I’ve really missed them.

For today’s project, I decided to hit up my favorite resource for fresh flowers in my area: Trader Joes.

This is only some of what they have, and look at all these beautiful Christmas colors!

Florals at Trader Joes

I grabbed one bouquet of these beauties for $12.99 as that would be perfect for what I had in mind…

How about using them to make these super sweet and festive place cards for your holiday table??

Place cards from Fresh Florals from


Place cards from Fresh Florals from

They were really so simple to do! I started with one bouquet of flowers:

To set this table for four, I knew I needed four “star of the show” flowers, and I saw that this bouquet had two pretty green ones and two good sized red carnations that would be perfect. I also made sure it had some sort of leafy stems that I could use as a base and these bouquets had a couple of different ones in it.

For my vases I used these little candle holders I picked up at Michaels for $5 using a 50% of coupon:

They are a tiny bit narrower and taller than your average votive holder.

I cut a sprig of the evergreen for each one and plopped one in each mini vase…

Place cards from Fresh Florals from

See I am not a professional floral arranger as I am certain one would never say “plopped”.

I also added some of the leafy greenery to each. Then I cut these small white flower stems apart:

Place cards from Fresh Florals from

And added three to each one:

Place cards from Fresh Florals from

I think odd numbers work best.

Then I added a large bloom, or what I call “star of the show” bloom to each:

At this point I actually thought they looked rather sad, but I was determined and kept going, adding more small blooms from the bouquet to each to fill the space. If it detracted from the main bloom, I chucked it.

Then I used some card stock, bamboo skewers, and double-sided tape to make these simple name tags for my arrangements:

Place cards from Fresh Florals from

You could even print these out in a pretty font on cardstock if you don’t like your own writing.

Add water and voila!

Place cards from Fresh Florals from

Cute, right??? I love how they turned out!

They really add such an elegant touch to the table.

Place cards from Fresh Florals from

I just set this up for the four of us, but if these last until the big day, I might just have to make one for all my guests!

Place cards from Fresh Florals from

I purposely didn’t use the roses because they don’t last very long, but the others should last quite a while, especially the carnations.

Place cards from Fresh Florals from

I enjoyed bringing out my grandmother’s china for this occasion.

Place cards from Fresh Florals from

When I was younger I always set the Christmas table with her china, and I loved to do so, but I’ve become less fancy these days. Or maybe I’ve learned that the time spent with family instead of washing tons of dishes is more important.

Place cards from Fresh Florals from

These would be pretty for any occasion that you want to make just a bit more special.

Place cards from Fresh Florals from

Ask me if any of my boys were impressed. Um no. No, they were not, but they are still making me smile, even while washing dishes. After our “fancy” dinner, I lined them up on our window sill behind the sink in the kitchen!

Place cards from Fresh Florals from

I love how my decor enthusiast girls push me to try things I might never have! Thanks to my friend, Christy from Our Southern Home, for coming up with today’s theme!

Be sure to pin this for later!

Make beautiful place cards from grocery store flowers!

My friends are sharing their own ideas for incorporating grocery store flowers into your holiday decor at the links below!

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4.  Artsy Chicks Rule 

Here’s another post I did with my Decor Enthusiast girls using florals and this basket:

See what I did with it HERE!

Have a great weekend and I’ll meet ya’ll back here on Tuesday with a fun round-up that just might give ya’ll some ideas for those on your Christmas list:

UPDATE: These may not look like potential gifts, but wait until you see them HERE now! 




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  1. Christina in SW FL says

    Wow, Christy, you created a lovely table! The place card flowers are lovely and so festive, way to go!
    Have a great rest of your week and weekend!

  2. Mary Kaiser says

    So I will say it again, I don’t believe that there is any thing you can’t do!!! You are the most talented person EVER!! Those are so beautiful, I love them, I wish I had a trader Joes close to me to pick up some of those lovely flowers. You are such an awesome inspiration to me, thank you!

    • Aww you are the sweetest, Mary, thank you so much!! XOXOXO

    • If you don’t live near a Trader Joe’s, sometimes Walgreen’s has these same flowers, just not as large a bunch. I love the lime green Fuji mums, but I am allergic to fresh flowers. Looked everywhere for silk mums in the same color and can’t find any.

  3. So beautiful and elegant ! Thank you for sharing. Could you direct me to last year’s place cards? I had already made mine when I saw yours and I thought I saved it for this year. I tried to look through your past posts but I couldn’t find them. You used photo’s. Thanks in advance

  4. Carolyn Alley says

    When I clicked on your friends’ blogs, they all came up as page not found. What’s with that?

    • Hi Carolyn! I know that is very frustrating! One of the girls generously put together all the links for us and shared them with us on Facebook. Unfortunately when I copied them from FB, FB had added some weird code in there that made them not work properly. A sweet reader alerted me early this morning and I fixed them right away. SO sorry about that! Merry Christmas!

  5. I love the fresh flowers and the colours are so perfect.Christy.
    Complete side note, I was wowed first by the price of flowers at Trader Joes. A bunch of grocery store flowers like that in Australia starts at abour $35.
    Always love your ideas. Merry Christmas x

  6. Debbie in TX says

    These are very pretty. Thanks for showing what you used and how to make them. I am totally on board with the “time spent with family instead of washing tons of dishes is more important,” and I don’t really dress up my table. Too bad your boys weren’t impressed, and those vases on the kitchen window are so perfect and uplifting!! Great idea!

    • Thank you, Debbie! Oh yes, I ditched the fancy table setting years ago. Now I buy pretty plastic lol. I am really enjoying these pretty little vases along my window sill now. Have a great weekend! XOXO

  7. what do boys know anyways! what a clever way to add a thoughtful touch to a tablescape.

  8. I think these are the cutest! I can’t imagine why your boys were not impressed!! Boys!! lol Great idea to line them up on your window sill. 🙂 xo

    • Ha ha I know, right? It takes a lot to impress them lol. Thanks, girly! And yes I have been enjoying them very much up on the sill! XOXO

  9. Christy, everything is so lovely and festive! This is the sweetest idea. Don’t you just love Trader Joe’s!

  10. Shanna Gilbert says

    Such a pretty little treat for all of your guests and they add such a pop of color to your table!

  11. Perfect and easy! Love this, Christy! Pinning!


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