Sewing Chair with a {top secret} Drawer


Themed Furniture Makeover Day

Hi friends! How about a fun makeover today? Every month a few blog friends get together to share fun furniture makeovers.  The catch is, there is a theme! Some of our previous themes have been: Metallic, Bold, Flowers, and Travel.  This month’s theme is NUMBERS! There are a lot of ways to incorporate numbers into a piece of furniture, and this chair was the perfect candidate for this challenge:

Sewing Chair with Secret Drawer 1

I found this sad little chair at a yard sale for $5. There wasn’t anything exciting about it and I almost bid it a good day when the owner appeared to show me that it had a secret compartment. Ooh a secret compartment?? Like Top Secret?? Intriguing.

Here is its makeover:

Love this sewing chair. It was a cool yard sale find with a secret hidden drawer!


Sewing Chair with a Secret Compartment

And can you see the secret compartment?

Sewing Chair with a Secret Compartment

It’s a drawer!

Sewing Chair with a Secret Compartment

How cool is that? I have never seen a chair with a secret drawer.

Sewing Chair with a Secret Compartment

Of course the addition of this pretty knob kind of makes it not-so-secret, right?

Sewing Chair with a Secret Compartment

I’m only guessing what it’s purpose was, but going with the idea that it was a sewing chair, I added a measuring tape to the back…perfect for a number themed furniture makeover!

Sewing Chair with a Secret Compartment

I used Annie Sloan chalk paint in Old White.

And getting those lines straight went something like this:

Sewing Chair with Secret Drawer

And maybe this:

Sewing Chair with Secret Drawer 4

Um. ya. tedious. I tried to use a paint pen originally and then I remembered why I thought they were worthless. I finally decided to tape it off with my swag bag frog tape (it’s my favorite!!).  I used this method to add the numbers. Then I  gave the chair a decent sanding and sealed it with clear wax.

It fits right in in my dining room.

Sewing Chair with a Secret Compartment

The seat before was pretty gross:

Sewing Chair with Secret Drawer 2

I used fabric I had left over from my starfish-stamped pillows to cover it. I also added piping, and I love how finished it looks. {I share an easy step-by-step (sew and NO sew) for adding piping to dining chairs here.}

Sewing Chair with a Secret Compartment


Sewing Chair with a Secret Compartment


Sewing Chair with a Secret Compartment


Sewing Chair with a Secret Compartment


Sewing Chair with a Secret CompartmentI think the large numbers are very playful! Wouldn’t this be fun in a craft room?!

Here’s what my fabulous furniture making-over friends came up with:

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Are you inspired to add numbers to something?

Love you like sunshine 🙂



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  1. Christy this is Awesome!! The secret drawer is way too cool but the ruler across the back of the chair is right up my alley. I so want one of these chairs!! Beautiful job!

  2. Angie @ Postcards from the ridge says

    I have never seen a chair like that with a secret compartment! I would have definitely snatched it up too! I love what you did with it. It looks perfect in that corner!

  3. OH my gosh…how creative!! I am so impressed!! LOVE the measuring tape idea! And the secret drawer..super cool. I’ve never seen anything like it either! Definitely geek to chic!
    Loving this tour!!! 🙂

  4. I’ve never seen a chair with a secret compartment! This would be great for sewing or for a desk chair.

  5. You do have patience Christy. I would have gone nuts trying to paint those lines. The chair looks beautiful.

  6. Oh I just LOVE your little chair — that secret drawer would’ve sold me at any price – have never seen a chair with that before. Love the measuring tape – I would NOT have the patience to plan & paint that!

  7. Another fabulous makeover Christy – gosh I love your work! I love the tape measure back and the fabric is perfect with it. Now for that hidden drawer…come on! The knob you choose is so pretty too.

  8. That is the coolest chair! What a great find and it’s lucky that you found it and added your touch. I agree with you regarding the paint pens. Such a great idea but a lousy product. I’m really enjoying this tour. ~Jeanette 🙂

  9. I have a similar sewing chair that belonged to my mother, it has a sizable compartment under the seat. Thanks for the great idea. I think I may actually try to do something with it.

  10. This is darling Christy! I love the ruler and who would have thought there would be a drawer in a chair? Great job!

  11. Wait! What?!? A secret drawer? I have never seen this either. Why aren’t all chairs made with secret drawers? That is too cool! And I have also never seen a ruler painted on top of a sewing chair, and that handle, it is perfect. Christy, I am your biggest fan! It sounds kinda creepy when you read it out loud, but no worries, I assure you.

    • Aww you are so sweet, Michelle!! I agree! How come all chairs don’t have a secret drawer?? It is really fun and I’m so glad you keep coming back! 🙂

  12. I want a secret drawer chair Christy! I’ve never seen one of those before. You worked your magic and I adore how it turned out. And, how about that beautiful drawer pull… Love it!

  13. Your projects are the coolest Christy!!!!! I am soooo jealous of that chair. I want it. I have never seen one like it..

  14. Fonda Rush says

    What a fun chair! I love the secret door, and I don’t blame you for wanting to put a stunning knob on it!

  15. This is so cool Christy! I totally adore the measurements at the top, what a task that must have been to paint them on! I’ve also never seen a chair with a secret drawer- I’ll have to be on the lookout for one. 😉

    • Thanks, Jen! I really dragged this project out because I was dreading adding the detail I wanted, but then I decided to make it really big and was able to tape it off, much better. Love our furniture themed days!! Can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

  16. Ellie from Canada says

    That has to be the coolest chair ever!! Referring to the yellow lemonade cart from Curb Alert, I just bought one like that a couple of weeks ago in great shape with wooden wheels for $6. Great idea!

  17. I’m in love with this chair. I’d never seen a hidden drawer like that before. And thanks for the link to instructions on piping on a chair. You make it look so easy. You have a new fan

    • Thanks, Wendy! I had never seen anything like it before either, and adding piping is not difficult at all! By the way, I switched email delivery people today, and recognized your email as one that I manually entered since I saw you signed up as I was moving things over, so if you get a request from mailchimp to confirm again, that’s why. So happy to have you following along! 🙂

  18. Christy,
    Aren’t you glad the chair owner showed you the secret compartment! What a fabulous find! I have never seen anything like it!!! Great job! Love the ruler!!! ~Christy

  19. Too cute Girlfriend! Love your secret drawer too..OK, maybe now not so secret! Your ruler idea is so original too! Can’t wait to join you gals in next months fun line up!

  20. Beautiful chair! I love the secret drawer and numbers. 🙂

  21. Sue Farmer says

    Love it!! Wish I had the room in my house to copy all the fun things you do!!!

  22. Absolutely stunning! Thanks for sharing your talents, Christy! Pinned 🙂

  23. I came back for a second look. That ruler was a lot of work Christy!

    • Ha ha it does look that way, but I just cut small strips of frog tape to tape it off and then I was able to slap my paint right on it. Not so bad, really. The hardest part was doing it at an odd angle since it was on the back of the chair 🙂

  24. This is absolutely fabulous! I am so impressed with your careful redo of this sewing chair…want to find one of these pronto!! Thank you for sharing!

  25. I love that chair! And the drawer is the cat’s meow, for sure! The tape measure you painted along the back is a stroke of genius. It is truly chic. 🙂

  26. This chair is super adorable and I love the top of it with the measuring tape design!!

  27. Love the chair with the drawer! Perfect for a sewing chair!

  28. Loving your blog today! That secret compartment is the coolest! Imagine all the crafty things you could store in there without having to crowd up a desk. 😀

  29. What a small world!! I just left the antique mall this is currently being sold at and this just happens to show up when I search “fabric storage”. This chair is even more neat in person! I really wanted to buy it but unfortunately I would have to reupholster it (to fit my age and decor) and I just couldn’t do that lol. I really liked the style of (your?) the booth. I look forward to checking out this blog 🙂

    • What a small world indeed, Cherri! That is so funny! Yes, that is my booth, and if you are really interested in the chair, I’d be glad to recover it if you provide the fabric. It really is a neat chair, I’ve never seen one like it. I hope you come back and visit often. (Here and my booth!) XO

  30. Oh I love your sewing chair, it is so cute! You did a really great job on it. I love the zebra print and the measuring tape paint job for the back. Very fitting for the chair. I haven’t ever seen a chair with a drawer, or even heard of a sewing chair. It’s really neat. Thanks for sharing your beautiful makeover.

    • Thanks, Linda! Funny story…a girl had commented on the chair that she couldn’t believe that she had just seen the same chair on Pinterest before seeing it in my booth. She said that she loved it, but the fabric wasn’t quite her style. I replied that if she was interested, I would be glad to recover the seat for her in a fabric she liked. So she bought the chair and I recovered it for her! Just funny that she had seen it on pinterest first, right? What are the chances! The drawer is such a cool feature. I’m so glad you like it! 🙂

  31. Christy, you are the bomb. That is the coolest chair I’ve ever seen. Your style is right up my alley

  32. I actually just bought this same chair a couple months ago!!! It’s a horrible green right now, and I’m using it as a Vanity Chair. Whenever I get a moment I am going to repaint the entire Vanity and Chair together to be super wonderful 🙂 Thank you for possibly letting me know what it’s true purpose was though!

  33. I realy love this chair and I keep your idea in my mine if you are ok with that 🙂


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