Mini Drop Cloth Rosette Stool Makeover {a $5 Yard Sale Find}

Mini Drop Cloth Rosette Stool Makeover (A $5 yard sale find)

I have a fun makeover for you today! Seems like it’s been a while since I shared a makeover, probably because I’ve been knee-deep in my kitchen redo for what seems like forever!

I found this little stool at a yard sale for $5 a couple of weeks ago:

Dropcloth Rosette Trimmed Stool 1

I liked the chair height of it and of course, the price tag.  It was a bit beat up though, and not in a “Its got tons of character” sort of way…

Dropcloth Rosette Trimmed Stool 2

So I immediately came up with the perfect plan in my mind…

You know how sometimes you’ll envision something and it is so perfect and wonderful…

…and then you get this instead?

Dropcloth Rosette Trimmed Stool 3

Um, nope. Not. Even. Close.

So here’s the thing, last year I made over the cutest little vintage tool caddy using this TAP (Transfer Artist Paper) to transfer an image to the front. The post was titled: One Little Caddy that I Almost Ruined. That should have been at the forefront of my mind when I had the idea to try it again. I swear, I must have crafter’s amnesia. Either that or I was wishing on a  star this time would be different. Nope. No go on woodo! But you know what it works amazingly well on? FABRIC!

Check out how I fixed this flop:

Dropcloth Rosette Trimmed Stool


Dropcloth Rosette Trimmed Stool

Sometimes the most fun projects come from big fat fails!

To fix my flop, I decided to cover the seat. Since I always have a stash of drop cloth nearby, it was my first choice. I also had some leftover batting from when I Destroyed and Rebuilt my Sectional.  I cut them like so:

Dropcloth Rosette Trimmed Stool 4

Then I  used the same process I used to transfer a pretty graphic onto my Men’s Valet Stand turned Pretty Stool. I share the how-to in that post. I used the TAP paper once again. See how beautifully it transfers to fabric?

Dropcloth Rosette Trimmed Stool 7

I found the graphic using the keywords “Round Paris Graphic” and it links to this site, but she doesn’t recall where she found it. It’s tough when you find it in a search, so if you know where this came from, please leave me a message so I can give proper credit.

I used a staple gun to attach it to the underside.

Dropcloth Rosette Trimmed Stool 10

Then I started making my drop cloth rosettes. A lot of them.

Mini Drop Cloth Rosette Tutorial

I attached my rosettes as I made them, so I could make sure they were uniform in size. Hot glue hurts. I may have lost the ability to be identified by my fingerprints.

Drop Cloth Rosette Trimmed Stool


Drop Cloth Rosette Trimmed Stool


Drop Cloth Rosette Trimmed Stool


Drop Cloth Rosette Trimmed Stool


Dropcloth Rosette Trimmed Stool


Drop Cloth Rosette Trimmed Stool 2

It’s the perfect height for my dressing table!

Drop Cloth Rosette Trimmed Stool


Mini Drop Cloth Rosette Stool Makeover (A $5 yard sale find)

This was created as  part of a Travel-themed furniture makeover challenge, hence the original idea to transfer a pretty French post card to the seat.  At least it still says, “Take me away to Paris!” Right? Sort of?

A few of my favorite blog friends are also in on this challenge. Be sure to check out their fun furniture transformations too!

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  1. You took this stool from drab to elegant. I never would have thought to add rosettes to the stool’s side and I absolutely love that feminine touch.

  2. Oh my goodness! I LOVE this! I’d say that is a successful fail! Wow, it is beautiful. I am going to pin this!

  3. Oh my gosh, Christy!! Lost the ability to be identified…so funny! 😉 But you are right, that hot glue hurts!!! lol I LOVE how you fixed your stool. I totally agree, sometimes the biggest fails turn out the best! 🙂

  4. I really, really love your Paris stool. Those rosettes look like a lot of work. But I have to say I liked the transfer art too!

    • Thanks, Kathy! In a very small way, I kind of liked the messed up transfer too. It was really super super shabby though and I just couldn’t leave it. 🙂

  5. This is gorgeous! I love the idea of adding the rosettes, although I’m just getting over hot glue trauma from a project I did this week. I too believe my prints no longer exist – especially the thumbs! 🙂

  6. grammygoodwill says

    It turned out great. I’ll never look at a beat up stool the same way again.

  7. Michelle Scharpen says

    I think you AMAZING, and I get super excited when I see a new facebook post from you! A couple of days ago I read your step-by-step on how you did your kitchen. It just so happens, that day I was planning to begin my kitchen project. After deglossing and sanding for (seriously) 6 hours, I began painting the dark, chocolate brown color I had chosen. Turns out, it looked horrible next to our jet black appliances, so guess what I’m doing now….WHITE! I’ve probably referenced your step-by-step guide 10 times in the last 2 days.

    You rock.


  8. Holy freaking cow! I just love this, Christy!!! I really can’t wait to try your transfer method…the whole shebang! Is that spelled right? See ya soon! ~Christy

  9. I love your cute little stool! Just perfect for the table!

  10. So sweet!

  11. Though I am not into anything that says Paris, I do adore the rosettes and love how this little stool came out. I am a true believer that if a project ruins, then something even better will become of it, why? because it has happened so many times to me. I know that if I hate the look of something as I am transforming it, I will love it even more when it is done because it will be awesome…like you stool!

  12. Donatella Berardi says

    wonderful re do!!! I’ll try something similar!

  13. Most amazing $5 stool ever!

  14. Soooo cute!

  15. Christy, I’d say your flop did you a big favor because this turned out even cuter than your original idea!!! I’m in the’no identity’ boat with you… just recovered a lampshade with burlap and burnt every. Single. Finger. Tip…. You think the FBI will eventually ban hot glue because of the damage we’re doing to our pinkies??

  16. Christy….that is the cutest stool makeover ever!! You come up with the best ideas!! I love TAP paper and have tried (w/o success) to transfer to wood too. I recently bought a vanity/dresser similar to yours without a chair, so I’ll just redo a stool to pair with it…perfect! Thanks so much for all your recent kitchen inspiration, also….have a great weekend!

    • Thanks so much, June! I don’t think I’ll be trying the TAP paper on wood again, it works fabulously on fabric though, so I’ll stick to that! Hope you have a wonderful weekend too! 🙂

  17. Love it Christy! I bet you had some major glue gun burns after this one! So pretty!

  18. Very, very, very cute. I love it.

  19. Love this makeover! It turned out so cute! Also got my gears turning about what else I could use those rosettes on…

  20. Christy,

    Your stool turned out soooo darn cute! Great tutorial on how to do it all. I love everything drop cloth.

    Thanks so much for stopping by the check out my Make it Stick (krylon) video. Your comment was very sweet!


  21. Stopping by from DIY Sunday Showcase. The rosettes definitely make it! So beautiful 🙂 Pinning

  22. This is so pretty! Love how it turned out.

  23. OK- your image transfer came out perfect! I will have to look into that transfer paper. Too bad it didn’t really work on wood though, I’ve been searching forever for a good (easy) transfer method for that too. The stool is adorable and those rosettes are so sweet- I can tell you really put a lot of effort into them!

    • This paper is awesome on fabric!! I ironed the back of it directly onto the wood when I used it the first time and the paint bubbled up, so this time I put a tea towel between the iron and the paper, but it didn’t give it enough heat to transfer, so I tried to apply it directly again. I should have known! I’m convinced there is no easy method to transfer to wood, but if I find one, you’ll be the first to know 🙂

  24. So stunning! I’m glad your first draft flopped… I got to see this beauty emerge! Featured you on I Love That Junk this weekend. 🙂 Thanks for linking up to Party Junk!

  25. I love this drop cloth craft, Christy! I’m pinning to my Drop Cloth Dreams board.
    Thank you for sharing this at DIY Showcase on VMG206.
    ~ Megin of VMG206

  26. Love Love Love this stool. I am on a hunt for one now. So cute.

  27. Fonda Rush says

    I would jus about bet that the image came from She has scads of free images. Enjoy!

  28. Oh Christy, it is soo pretty!! Wow! The roses and that Paris stamp make it look soo sophisticated!! I often make the rolled flowers for my daughter’s hair clips but will have to attach them to some projects! Would love for you to come “party” with us again… The link up is on my blog now. I featured your beautiful kitchen this week!

  29. This is super cute.

  30. Yep, I’m in love with this stool! I’d love it if you shared this on Worthwhile Wednesdays

  31. Christy, I love what you did with This stool and I was drooling over your dressing table! Gorgeous! I too have had my share of failures with image transfers. Every time, I think it will work, and it never does. I will have to try it on fabric next time:). I’m choosing your stool as my feature his week on Thursday S.T.Y.L.E. Thanks for linking up with us!

  32. You are amazing! Not only can you get these fabulous projects out, but you have such amazing tutorials to go with it. I definitely have to make this, it is adorable! I am quite familiar with the hot glue and missing finger prints process myself….

    Hey, I have a question for you, if you are interested in participating in a blog tour, very minimal work, but great exposure. Anyhow…I can’t find your email, can you message me?

    • Aww thanks, Karen!! I’m interested in hearing more about this blog tour! There’s a “Contact Me” tab at the top of my homepage, but you aren’t the first one to not be able to find it. I’ll message you 🙂

  33. A-Dor-A-Ble! When I first saw the picture I thought it was carved stone flowers -you did an awesome job! Jennifer

  34. Hi Christy,
    I love this! The rosettes add so much to this stool and simply makes it over the top gorgeous. I am planning on redoing a headboard with painters canvas and you’ve now inspired me to add the rosettes to it. I’m so excited to try it. You’ve now got a new follower and I’ve totally pinned this gorgeous project!

    • Thanks, Jenise! This would be such a fantastic idea for a headboard!! I’d love to see it when it’s done! Thanks for the follow and the tweet! XO

  35. elaine simmons says

    Did you still wonder where the French graphic came from? I think it is from “the graphicsfairy”. She has thousands of free ones. I think your stool is adorable.

  36. Super cute Christy!! Love the travel themed ideas!

  37. Hot glue is SO mean. But that stool is awesome. Can I just move in and live in your hydrangea bush??


  38. Hey Christly, I’ve featured your stool on Worthwhile Wednesdays today! Come by and grab your button and link up again 😉

  39. This is just fabulous! I LOVE this little makeover, the rosettes really make it, and it is perfection as your vanity seat. I love it!!! Please share with us at WIW, we’d love to have you!

  40. Christy, this stool is so darn adorable! I have a taller one I don’t know what to do with. I’ve had a couple fails as well that in the end turned out fab.


  41. I love, love this stool! Such a beautiful idea.. I may have to find a stool now.

  42. Christy, I adore this sweet little stool and those rosettes are simply gorgeous.
    Thank you for linking up at Shabbilicious Friday. I’m delighted to be featuring you at the party tomorrow.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  43. Christy, I adore your “flop”…it is just the sweetest!

  44. I love the roses around the edge. So cute.

  45. How adorable! Love the graphic. It gives it that extra special touch.

  46. Oh Christy – this is the sweetest thing – pinning !!!

  47. I love this stool. I have so many different stools around that I could redo. I have drop cloths also, just because I like them. Enjoyed your blog.

  48. You are like seriously AMAZING. I just love what you do, your ideas. Incredible makeover from a simple stool. I would have no idea. LoL. I’m learning though, and will try something soon!!

    • You are SO sweet, Stacy! Thank you! This stool is one of my very favorite makeovers, probably because it started out as a big fat fail! Sometimes those get the best results. 🙂


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