Kitchen Makeover

Yay! I am so excited to finally be sharing my kitchen makeover!! I’ve had family in town for the past eleven days and all I wanted to do was finish all those last-minute details so I could share! Well it’s finally done. 🙂

Kitchen Makeover/

When I was originally thinking about redoing my kitchen, I was thinking solid surface counters, new tile back splash, farmhouse sink, new floors, you get the idea.  Enter the husband. (Known as hubby in more affectionate times.)  You see, this was his castle long before I became the queen of it. We both owned our own homes when we met. We sold mine and I took over his decided to live in his. Before I came along and made him the happiest man on Earth, he had tiled the back splash, replaced the counters with beveled laminate that he says resembles granite (from a distance…if you squint…through one eye), and tiled the floor.

In all his budget-consciousness, he could not see us replacing perfectly good counters.  No new counters=no new sink.  He loved his tile. The back splash was pretty, but just darker than I would have liked.  SO I am telling you all of this to say that my makeover is very basic; I painted, and made a few minor changes, and even though I had to forgo pretty much all a lot of what  was on my wish list, the result is still pretty awesome! Let’s get to it!  I’ll show you each area before and then after…

Here is the main view of my kitchen before (after I had just started prepping):

Kitchen Before 1

And after:

Kitchen Makeover on a Budget


Kitchen Makeover

As you can see, I kept the fabulous (ahem) counter tops and the tile back splash. You’ll also notice another compromise…

Kitchen Before

I did not paint the wood trim around the windows. My husband loved the wood there, so I resisted taking my brush to it. I like the bit of contrast now.

Kitchen Makeover on a Budget

I added a shelf above the window. Before it felt like the window was just floating and there was no end to the kitchen on top.

Kitchen Makeover 26

The window treatments were made from a set of 84″ long curtain panels I found at Homegoods. I originally made a faux roman shade for each window, but it hung way too low on this one, so I chopped it up and redid it…not completely in love, but it’ll do.


The huge space in the center of our kitchen always seemed like it needed something. (The rug is there to cover up an ugly tile pattern underneath.) I found this cart at a yard sale for $15 and it is just what this empty space needed!

Kitchen Makeover on a Budget

You can see the before of this cart here. I was told it actually came from Walmart. Looks pretty dang fabulous to me!

Kitchen cart makeover

I also love the bit of extra storage it adds.



Budget Kitchen Makeover

My favorite project was adding glass (or is it?) to that one cabinet.

Kitchen Makeover 10

This was a really daunting project for me, but it wasn’ t as difficult as I had built it up to be, and I love the result!

Glass cabinet doors

I reused the original handles my hubby had added years ago since they are still pretty. I believe he purchased them from Lowes.

Kitchen Hardware




Budget Kitchen Makeover

This is the other side of the kitchen. We have about the most open-concept house possible. A blessing and a curse. Try to avert your eyes from the tile/fake wood/carpet combo there. I’m thinking new hardwoods or laminate are still in the works…



Kitchen Makeover

Here was the backside:


It looks so much prettier with the wainscot. I finally got to use my new nail gun I got for Christmas! It made this project so much easier.

Island with beadboard

Here is the view to the dining “room”…very open concept…

Rolling Kitchen Cart 6


Kitchen Makeover on a Budget

The floors are definitely next on my list. I’m leaning towards laminate. There are so many beautiful choices now that have the look and feel of beautiful hardwood. (If you have any recommendations, I’d love to hear in the comments below!)

Kitchen Makeover

I love how light and airy it feels now. If I could, I would have a little beach cottage right beside the ocean.

Faux Roman Shade

I have a garden window on this side. The lighting makes it hard to see.

Kitchen Makeover 25

Remember my toaster oven cover I made not too long ago?

Not Your Mom's Toaster Oven Cover 17

It looks so much more at home now:

Kitchen Makeover

You can see the full tutorial here.

Toaster Oven Cover

Brennan kept popping in and out of the pictures. Finally he found his Spongebob band aids. Why do kids love band aids so much? (…and bed head that only a mother could love. 🙂 )


My hydrangeas are so pretty. I wish I could enjoy them like this all year long. There are two kinds here, but if you are in the market for hydrangeas, I love the Endless Summer varieties. They bloom on old and new wood. These almost have a bit of a lilac tint this year.

Kitchen Makeover 39

One more wide shot:

Kitchen Makeover


Kitchen Makeover on a budget

That’s my kitchen makeover. I painted the cabinets, added a shelf above the window and added a couple of glass doors. I was fortunate that we already had decent appliances.  The changes I made did not break the bank! My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner.

The actual prep and painting of my cabinets took me four days, with one full day of prep, three days of painting and waiting for paint to dry. I hung the doors back up on day five. I will follow up very soon with a complete run-down on what kind of paint I used, how I prepped, and how I painted my cabinets. I’m aiming for Monday or Tuesday. If anyone is interested in how I replaced my raised door panels with glass, I’d be glad to share the how-to on that as well.

Update: Presto! Here’s all the details on how I painted my kitchen cabinets:

How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets the RIGHT way from Confessions of a Serial Do-it-Yourselfer

How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

My Adding Glass to Kitchen Cabinet Doors tutorial is  available too:

How to Add Glass to Cabinet Doors from Confessions of a Serial Do-it-Yourselfer

How to Add Glass to Cabinet Doors

I’m happy now that my hubby is so sensible.  I may not have gotten anything from much of what was on my original wish list,  but the end result is still so much prettier than the before! I actually want to be in my kitchen now and I just can’t stop looking at it. Actually I don’t have a choice, there are no walls  down here, but I really do want to keep looking at it.  I hope you like it too! 🙂

Update: We finally got our hardwood floors woohoo!!


SO much better!

UPDATE #2: Two years later, our cabinets are stilling holding up great!

Kitchen painted in Cottage White by Behr/ Confessions of a Serial Do-it-Yourselfer


Kitchen painted in Cottage White by Behr/ Confessions of a Serial Do-it-Yourselfer


Kitchen painted in Cottage White by Behr/ Confessions of a Serial Do-it-Yourselfer



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  1. I still just melt when I see that cart. It is so beautiful! You did a great job and who knows, maybe give it another year or so and he’ll come around on the countertops or the things you’d like to update a bit. 😉

    We just installed laminate floors Saturday in our kitchen/great room and LOVE them. We got them at Lowe’s. We have medium grey walls and bulked up the baseboards to 4 1/4″ so the darker floors look amazing in contrast. We’re very happy with them so far and I’ve gotta say, our installer was pretty hard on them as he put them in and no scratches!

    • Ha…those are almost identical floors to the samples I picked up at Lowes a couple of weeks ago. I’m glad to hear good things about them! My hubby would ultimately let me have my way, I was just trying to be sensible. I’m working on him with the floors already, though 🙂

    • I love it all. I’m inching closer to taking the plunge and painting my builder grade cabinets. Thanks for sharing all the details. I am curious, though, about something. What kind of wood did you use for your baseboards? I’m not sure if it’s the stain or the species of wood but they look a little rustic. I love them!

      • Thanks, Daryn! Those were just baseboards we found at Lowe’s. I’m sure they still sell them. Good luck with your kitchen!

  2. I think you did a great job with your kitchen. Painting the cabinets, adding in some of your pretty colors, and updating that cabinet with wainscoting made a huge difference. Your little island is fun too!

  3. Christine Mills says

    The transformation is beautiful. You are inspiring me to redo my kitchen. I can’t wait to see what you used and did to make it look so good.

    • Thanks, Christine! I have been wanting to do this for so long. I’ll share all the dirty details early next week. Maybe that will give you another nudge towards doing yours. 🙂

  4. Friend!! This is STUNNING!! Amazing, amazing job! What a difference the paint made! And I would love to see the glass cabinet tutorial. I had no idea you could do that to an existing cabinet! Now, want to come make my kitchen as beautiful as yours? I’m only a *few* little hours away… 😉

    ~Abby =)

    • Aww…thanks, Abby!! I am so happy with it, even though I couldn’t change several things I wanted to. I think it still works. I did the glass cabinet last because I was so afraid to mess it up, but it turned out great! It would probably be fun having a painting party at your house lol! XO

  5. Christy,
    Your kitchen makeover is absolutely beautiful! You are my inspiration – just which I had some of your talent. I can’t wait to start (tackle) my kitchen cabinets. Still trying to decide which way to go, so I will wait for your tutorial to make final decision.
    By the way your hubby has good taste – I think for a guy (lol) his choices on the back splash and tile are good. Sometimes its good to have a mix of both personalities in the kitchen – this way he feels just as excited and proud as you are. You are a smart woman.

    • You are so right, Rinny! I never thought of it that way as far as my hubby having something he chose in the mix as well. Painting my cabinets seemed so daunting, but it really wasn’t that bad. I’ll have all the details early next week. Thanks for stopping by! XO

  6. It looks so fresh, so airy!!! Great job Christy! I also loved the new look of your website. Have a very nice day 🙂

  7. So much better. Lighter, brighter and so charming!

  8. Christy, it’s fabulous!! The paint really softened the tile and the countertops. I love the blue rolling cabinet and chair too. Just a thought…you might consider duplicating the looking of the graincloth paint job on the chair and doing something similar for the curtain at the ‘desk.’ Again…just a thought.

    I know that love-hate relationship with an open floor plan. It’s great for family and entertaining and not so great for the “stuff” of life. Still…you are blessed. And maybe your husband presented you with a “lovely limitation” (see the Nester) that helped you in the end. I’ve come to realize that I am more creative because of those limitations. 😉

    Although it seems perfect, I have a hunch we’ll be seeing more little touches to your beautiful “new” kitchen!! Enjoy it!!!!

    • You are always so sweet, Diane! I love the idea for the curtain. The one hanging there now was part of the old kitchen and you weren’t suppose to notice lol. And you are absolutely right! We all need those limitations, and they definitely help me to be more creative in the end! Thanks so much for stopping by! 🙂

  9. Christy, it came out gorgeous! It’s so much brighter and more welcoming than before. Great job! I’m trying to convince my hubby to allow me to do a kitchen redo, but he is resisting;) we have nice granite, but our backsplash is basically granite mountains and I hate it! I want to paint our cabinets, but they’re nice knotty alder cabinets and he thinks we shouldn’t paint them. I’m not completely agreeing with that;)

    • Thanks, Katie! My hubby was not on board with painting our cabinets either, but I told him I was the one who had to look at them all day. In the end I made a lot of compromises. Sometimes we just need to slowly work on them until they are on board 🙂

  10. Desirae Watson says

    This is amazing. I started the same makeover yesterday. I am priming thr cabinets tomorrow. I still have not bought paint. I know I want white but can’t make up my mind. Leaning towards linen. What white did you use?

    • Hi Desirae! I know what a job this is for sure! The white I used is a creamy white, it’s “Cottage White” by Behr in a satin finish. I love it! Good luck with your makeover!

  11. WOW !!! Please show us thetutorial on inserting glass in the cabinet doors. I am impressed.

  12. Sherri Smith says

    Wow!!!!! It is simply perfect 🙂 it is so much brighter and I am in love with the shelf above the window. Your new island really brings it all together! GREAT JOB!



  13. Night and day!!! Oh my gosh….for real!! Amazing Christy!! I LOVE it. What a difference. I can see why you can’t stop looking at it. Such a happy space! 🙂
    Fabulous job!

  14. I LOVE it! such a lovely change/refresh! I’m not sure there is much of anything that a fresh coat of paint can’t fix! the island is fab as is the beadboard on the angled cabinets. you have a wonderful eye and talent. thanks so much for sharing.

  15. I’m looking forward to reading how you did the painting. I need to do a complete kitchen gut, since we need to replace the insulation and get rid of the plaster & lathe, plus the cupboards are all built in place (very very old). It’s liveable but I am constantly keeping my eye on kijiji (canadian craigslist) for used kitchens. We have a pretty small space, so can easily reuse some cabinets – and would just paint them if they are good quality, rather than making the kitchen too dark. I think environmentally speaking, your husband is correct too – not just budget considerations – but reusing or keeping items is better environmentally too! So good choices 🙂

    • Sounds like you have a big job ahead of you, Annet. Hopefully you will find some cabinets in great shape for cheap! And I am glad now that I was given limitations as our kitchen looks just fine without all those extra changes. Look for more details about the painting early next week. XO

  16. It looks amazing Christy! It looks so open and fresh! I know this must have taken a ton of time but it was worth it!

  17. Danielle Jess says

    Great job. Yes, I would like to find out more about how you inserted glass into the cabinet doors’ cutouts. Thank you.

  18. You did a fabulous job on your kitchen, Christy! Even though you say you didn’t do much other than paint, it still looks like a totally new space. Love it all!

  19. Stunning!! I’m so glad to finally see it!!! I love my laminate, but I’ve found it scratches very easily. I guess wood flooring would as well though. We went with Quick Step because it was made in the USA. The walnut is gorgeous in person. They have a lot of really pretty patterns. But maybe another brand might hold up better…

    Congrats on an AMAZING job!! I really regret not painting the cabinets in my old house. Phil would chop me into little pieces if I suggested here… 😀



    • Thanks, Andi! I love love love your floors. I’m surprised they scratch easily? I’m glad you like the final kitchen, and I’m so happy to be done!! 🙂 XO XO

  20. VERY pretty, Christy! I love the new cabinet color, and the island color is gorgeous! The glass inserts are amaaaaaazing! Good work, friend! 😉

  21. your kitchen looks beautiful – I’m looking forward to learning how you painted them and what products you used. I would LOVE it if you also shared how you replaced your raised door panels with glass!

  22. Beautiful kitchen (of compromise)! Your additions really brightened it up. I hope your husband appreciates your hard work!

  23. Love it! The white cabinets really make the backslash look so much better. It adds great contrast. Nice work!

  24. Love it! Everything looks bigger and more spacious. Brighter, too. I really like the cabinet with the glass and the blue plates that blend with that awesome cart you redid. 😀 Sounds like you and your husband found a good middle ground. 🙂

    • I’m so glad you like it, Julie! It really does feel so much bigger! I’m glad the hubby is the sensible one sometimes. I can get carried away! Have a great weekend! 🙂

  25. I love it Christy! It’s so much brighter and more you! The kitchen cart came out fantastic and personally I love the window treatments! Time for another get together at your house 🙂

    • Thanks, Stephanie! It definitely feels more like me! And I’m holding you personally responsible for getting my mom and me hooked on those little bite-sized lemon cupcakes from Harris Teeter lol! They are so yummy! Have a great weekend 🙂

  26. Christy, the kitchen looks gorgeous! I have the same color cabinets that yours were originally and would love to paint them white. Not sure if I’ll even actually get to it, but if I keep looking at your bright beautiful kitchen long enough, perhaps it will push me. 🙂 Pinning and have a fabulous weekend! xo

  27. Sue Farmer says

    Just another “Great Job”!! The kitchen looks great.

  28. Hi Christy! It all looks fabulous together!! Well done!! Love the addition of the shelf over the window and the glass front doors! I really like the addition of the beadboard too!! It looks so fresh and bright and updated!!!

  29. Christy, it is stunning! You’ve lightened and brightened the whole kitchen! I know you really wanted to replace the backsplash and get new counters, but the white cabinets make such a big difference that those aren’t so prominent anymore. Opening up the one cabinet with glass and allowing the little bit of color from your dishes to show through adds a fun touch. I think if I were you, I might consider losing the big kitchen rug…it’s taking away from the modern farmhouse feel you have going on. I think the tile alone would be a better option. I’m looking forward to painting my own cabinets soon and can’t wait to hear your tips 🙂 Great job (as always)!

    • I’m so glad you like it, Cindy! I agree, the back splash and counters work better now. The rug is actually hiding an ugly tile pattern that’s underneath it. (Really ugly) I’m already working on the hubby for the floors though, so hopefully they’ll be next! Looking to post all the dirty details early next week. It really wasn’t too bad now that it’s done. Can’t believe I waited so long. Have a great weekend! 🙂

  30. Hi Christy,
    It’s so much fun to read your blog, learn something new, and try it out. After reading your backyard cushion makeover, I did my own and LOVE the results. I even did the 6′ chaise cushions and matching toss pillows! I should have taken before shots but didn’t :-/ You also gave me the courage to make beautiful slipcovers for my sunroom – two 6′ sectionals that were dull green now pop with ivory covers and bright toss pillows in yellow, turquoise and orange. I figured if you could take a skill saw to your sectional, I could do that 🙂 I love your kitchen makeover and have been waiting patiently for this reveal. Just stunning. Because you mentioned the various floorings (tile, carpet & wood) my one suggestion would be to lose the kitchen carpet. I’m thinking it might break up the flow of space? Just an observation. Keep up the inspirational work. I can’t wait for your next project and I would love to know how you did the glass cabinet doors. I’m also curious about the wax you used to finish your kitchen cart.

    • Your sweet words totally made my day, Chele! I love to hear when something I’ve shared has been helpful to others! Feeling inspired is one thing, but you have to have the willingness to try too, which is ALL YOU. Doesn’t it feel so good to make things beautiful again? As for the kitchen carpet, it is actually hiding an awful tile pattern. I’m already working on my hubby for the floors though, so hopefully that won’t be too far away! Details on the glass coming soon, and the wax I used on the kitchen cart is Annie Sloan’s clear wax. I used her chalk paint also. Thanks again for all the positive feedback! Have a great weekend 🙂

  31. Nancy Wiebel says

    Love! It’s amazing. I love white cabinets anyway (I have them myself) and the kitchen looks so fresh and bright now. Great job! Oh, and I love the cart, too!


  32. WOW! What a difference some paint makes. Your kitchen makeover is gorgeous. I love how much bigger, brighter and more contemporary the white cabinets make your kitchen look. Great job, Christy!

  33. It looks great and would look even better with the window frames painted!

  34. Christy, it looks so beautiful and fresh! Bravo!!

  35. Love it!!! I have a 1978 “cottage by the beach” (actually on the bay but close enough!). I am taking an Annie Sloan chalk paint class in July in preparation for painting my kitchen cabinets AND my MIL’s cabinets. I can’t wait to get them both done – hopefully by fall. and your countertops and tile really are pretty. I put in granite last yr and yes, I love it, but could be just as happy with “faux” granite. LOTS cheaper and not that much of a difference in look. If all people look at is whether I have granite or not, then I’ve not done a very good job of making my whole home look warm and inviting………so your compromises are well worth it. Save that $$ for your kids college 🙂 In 99 yrs, no one will care if you had granite or not – PROMISE ya!

    • You are so right, Robin! After all is said and done, I am so pleased that we didn’t spend out all that extra money. Thanks for your sweet words and sound advice! XO

  36. TTTerrrrrrific !!!!!! LOVE the glass insert cabinet and the wainscoting on the island!!!! HUGH difference. Of course, all the hard work on the painting is great too!!!
    All your projects are great!!!!

  37. You did a fantabulous job! What kind of paint did you use on your cabinets? I plan to paint my kitchen cabinets this Summer and need all the advice I can get. I also love the glass pane cabinets which I also want to do as well. Is there a tutorial you can share on how to? Congratulations on a beautiful kitchen! 🙂 -Bev

  38. Your kitchen looks fabulous! I am going to be painting my cabinets and will need
    to replace the hinges. Can you tell me where you got your hinges from?
    Thanks, Vicki

  39. I love your kitchen makeover, one of my favorites!!!

  40. What an amazing transformation! Your kitchen is beautiful – I love the cart! I haven’t taken the plunge yet – my cabinets are still stained! I am trying to get up the nerve to paint – I’ll probably do it just in time for stained ones to come back. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful kitchen! I hopped over from BNOTP – I’m off to look around a bit!

  41. This is absolutely gorgeous…when scrolling through, when I went from wood grain cabinets to your PAINTED cabinets!!! WOW! It’s light, fresh…HAPPY! You did a great job bringing new life without gutting every surface…thanks so much for all the inspiration my friend! If you have a moment to link w/ Twirl & Take a Bow Tuesday, I’d love for everyone to see your beautiful space~ ox

  42. Your makeover so far is beautiful! I have a suggestion for your floor. We just had a barn-wood-looking porcelain tile floor installed and love it. We found the product at Lowe’s

    It’s called Style Selections Natural Timber Ash Glazed Porcelain Indoor/Outdoor Floor Tile (Common: 8-in x 48-in; Actual: 7.72-in x 47.4-in) and looks just like aged wood. It doesn’t show the dirt that our two dogs track in and looks ideal with our white cabinets and gray-speckled solid surface counter top.
    Tile is hard on your feet if you stand in the kitchen a long time, but we use gel mats in front of the stove, sink and counter area where I stand when I prepare food. I think it would look nice with your kitchen colors as well.

  43. The white really makes those cabinets pop. Beautifully done. It is amazing what a different color can do for a space. Nice job.

  44. I love the color that you used for your island. It totally pops with the white cabinets. You did a great job with your transformation.

  45. WOW!! Your kitchen makeover is FABULOUS!! I love how bright & airy it looks now! I’m also loving your little island! Great job!! Thanks so much for linking up to the “Inspire Me Please” Weekend Blog Hop! I’ll be featuring your makeover on my blog! 🙂

  46. You did an amazing job updating your kitchen, Christy! I really like how the kitchen in your home is open to the other rooms. Every minute of your hard work on your cabinets was totally worth it. I love how the white brightens up the entire space. The shelf above the window was also a great idea. I like the display you have there. This teacher gives you an A+ on this project!

    • Thanks so much, Paula! I love the open concept most of the time. We are always all in the same space though, great at times, but sometimes you want to get away without having to go to your room lol 🙂

  47. Love your makeover and I think your countertops are nice! Please share the resource info and where did you get your cute nautical bottle with the string lights?

    • So glad you like it, Mary! I am ok with the counters now too. I think the paint really helped! You can see all the details of my makeover step-by-step here: Isn’t that bottle so cute? I found it at a local craft show this Spring. I’m thinking they probably brushed on Mod Podge, applied the netting (which I’ve seen at Michaels), and then brushed on more Mod Podge. It will dries clear. Then brushed more on the back and rolled it in sand. Then they just hot glued a few beachy embellishments to the front. As for adding the lights, I would google how to do that, probably just used a special drill bit for glass. You can make one and let me know how it turns out. 🙂

  48. You did a fantastic job with what you were working with! I love the island and actually featured it on my blog here:
    I also am in love with that toaster over cover, so cute!

  49. Christy I can’t believe the transformation was paint and that adorable island. You completely changed the look of everything and the countertops and backsplash look completely different with the cabinets. Thank you for linking up to the Handmade Hangout!

  50. This is seriously SUCH an awesome transformation Christy!! I am glad that I finally made it over here to spend some time in your stunning new kitchen – it looks absolutely beautiful! Light and bright and airy – crazy what a difference white makes! You really did a great job of working around all the things that you didn’t necessarily want to keep – but you made them work with the new look so well! Of course I am pinning it a few times and sharing it on my FB page this week!! See you soon:)

  51. Your blue island is my favorite thing in your new kitchen. I also love the stool you painted. It’s all so pretty! Very good kitchen redo!

  52. You did a great job! I painted the kitchen cabinets in my old house and I know just how much work it entails. You gave your kitchen a great facelift!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  53. Wow! What an amazing difference given you didn’t gut the entire kitchen. It looks fabulous! I just love the touches of aqua and how the dishes behind the glass pick up the tone of the “island”. I’m new to blogging so I missed the history of the toaster cover – will have to follow that link and read further. I really like it… 🙂 And I just love your amusing writing style. Evoked quite a few chuckles from me. Well done!!

  54. I love the contrast of the white cabinets and the dark tile. It looks great!

  55. Great re-do. Love the shelf above the window & the island. If you want hardwood flooring, wait until you can get what you want. We have a tiny kitchen which still needed a total re-do. We started with one thing at a time and, after ten years, the final item on the list for next year is granite countertops. Sounds like a very long time but, the years we traveled = nothing marked off the kitchen list. Life is so full of difficult decisions. thanks for sharing your re-do.

    • We waited on a lot of things since our kitchen was in decent shape to start. Maybe we’ll be able to do what we really want over time like you are doing. Thanks for taking a minute to say hello! XO

  56. Wow fantastic job it looks great

  57. Thanks for this post! I want to paint my oak cabinets to save $, but am not motivated to get started. I have one question, if you had replaced the hinges and knobs, what would you have chosen?

    • I did replace the hinges with the same ones that were there before. As for the pulls and knobs? I’m really not sure. I never gave it any thought since I knew I was using the old ones again. I would have still chosen something in the satin nickel though. This is a hard project to find the motivation for because it is a lot of work, but the end result is SO worth the the effort! Good luck 🙂

  58. Beth A. Leahy says

    Love it all. The cart color is divine. I also belong to the white kitchen club. Luckily, they were white when I bought the place.

  59. Your kitchen is beautiful! I love the clean, fresh, crisp look. I have looked and looked at your kitchen as I would love the do this very thing. We built our house 34 years ago and your cabinets look like the same style as ours which really gives me the inspiration to go forward with the painting. Our cabinets are in great shape they just need that little “pick me up” I am now holding back because we have a microwave above our stove that I would like to remove and it is a back and forth thing with the hubby and we don’t have a lot of counter space. I hope you don’t mind me asking but I don’t see a microwave in your pictures, do you have one? where do you keep it if so?

    • Hi Candy! Thank you! Painting our cabinets made a huge difference in our kitchen and the paint has held up fantastically. I believe there is a link in our kitchen makeover post to the full how-to. As for the microwave, believe it or not, we don’t have one. When I met my husband, we both owned homes. Mine had the microwave above the stove like yours, but we sold my house and decided to live in his, which did not have a microwave. I have just learned to live without it, and I honestly don’t miss it at all. Everything tastes better heated in the oven anyway. Sorry that’s not much help to you unfortunately! Maybe you can borrow some pantry space for one? Good luck!

  60. wow you are such a clever girl and that transformation is stunning!! My daughter has moved into a house with the heavy wooden cupboards, but although it would really lighten up the room, her husband absolutely refuses to let her paint them …such a shame because the room would be as beautiful as your one now is… anyway I am going to give her the title of your blog and get her to see what you have done.. she lives in Canada and so I communicate via facebook or phone… thanks again for sharing and writing this amazing blog..

    • Thanks so much, Jeannine! My hubby wasn’t exactly on board either at first, but admits now that he loves the space. He also said that he was more worried that it wouldn’t look professional, but it it does! It really is so much brighter in there now. Maybe she can work on him over time. 🙂

  61. Kelly DeVol says

    Got to love Pinterest! I was searching for kitchen remodel inspiration and what you have done to your kitchen was just what I needed to see! I have oak floors and oak cabinets, am a big chalk painter, so have been debating on painting our cabinets. Still have not decided which paint to use, but now know that I will be putting glass or plexi glass in at least one cabinet! Thank you for sharing and inspiring me to get it in gear!

    • I love to hear that you are feeling motivated to get moving on your kitchen, Kelly! Mine was such a dark hole in that corner of the house, and now it is bright and fresh! Good luck!! XO


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