Simple $7 Greenery Wreath

Hello amazing friends! Today I am bringing you a little Spring inspiration!  Who else is ready to leave this Winter far far behind??

One of my favorite blogging friends, Krista from The Happy Housie, is hosting several weeks of Spring blog hops and this week is all about Spring wreaths! (Several other talented gals are sharing wreaths today as well so be sure to look for them at the bottom!)

When I think of Spring, I immediately think of things turning green. I wanted a simple wreath that implies that warmer weather has arrived, but isn’t necessarily committed to one particular season. That way I can enjoy it all the way up until the Fall.

And because I’m cheap, I wanted it to be inexpensive. Mission accomplished.

Here’s my very simple $7 Spring Wreath:

How to make a simple greenery wreath from

I told you it was simple, and it was just as simple to make. And it only cost me $7 dollars!

It’s the perfect pop of green here in our living room:

How to make a simple greenery wreath from

Want to make one too??

Here’s what you’ll need:

How to make a simple greenery wreath from

1.  Greenery (Found at Hobby Lobby.)

2.  Grapevine (This is part of an old wreath.)

3.  Floral Wire

4.  Wire cutters

This bushel (Is that what this is called?) from Hobby Lobby was regularly $15, but on sale for 50% off.

To get started, I took apart an old Summer wreath I already had and snipped some of the grapevine off of it. I needed just enough to give my wreath form.

I bent the grapevine into about a 12″ circle and secured with floral wire:

How to make a simple greenery wreath from

Then I cut the greenery into individual pieces:

How to make a simple greenery wreath from

More than this came from that one bushel, but you get the idea.

Then I just started tucking the stems into the grapevine like so:

How to make a simple greenery wreath from

I added another, slightly overlapping, and so on until I had one layer all the way around:

How to make a simple greenery wreath from

Then I added a second layer all the way around…

How to make a simple greenery wreath from

I secured it here and there with more floral wire and called it a day!

How to make a simple greenery wreath from

Easy, right?

How to make a simple greenery wreath from

Almost too easy…

How to make a simple greenery wreath from

This would also look great hanging on an interior door,  an old window, or even a regular window, hanging from a bit of ribbon.

How to make a simple greenery wreath from

It looks right at home here on my favorite mirror. (I have it hanging with a command hook.)

How to make a simple greenery wreath from

Did I mention it was super easy to make? 🙂

I already had the floral wire and the wreath, so I only had to buy the greenery and I didn’t quite use one whole bushel.

I was able to get two more smaller grapevine forms out of that one old wreath…

So I made a wreath for either side of my built-ins as well.  I’m undecided if they will stay or not. When I get my living room all set for Spring, I’ll be sure to come back and share!

How to make a simple greenery wreath from

Several other super talented ladies are sharing their own Spring wreaths today. You can visit them all at the links below!

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15 Fabulous DIY Wreaths for Spring!

Here are a couple of my favorite Spring wreaths from the past…

Spring Tulip wreath tutorial from

Spring Tulip Wreath

Sweet and Simple Spring Wreath from

Sweet and Simple Spring Wreath

I’ll be back on Thursday sharing how I went to town on some smalls for my booth!

See ya then!

UPDATE: Check out the first half of these mini-makeovers HERE now! 




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  1. Mary Kaiser says

    BEAUTIFUL!! Gotta love simple and beautiful, thanks for sharing!! I have a bunch of small stuff like in your picture that I need help with ideas for, waiting on Thursday!!

    • Thanks, Mary! Yes… love simple! It’s amazing what that sad collection of smalls looks like with a little paint! See ya Thursday! 🙂 XO

  2. Hi Christy – I’m always so excited to see your emails in my inbox…..I love the teaser “before” photo, and I’m always thinking “Now HOW is that Gurl going to turn THAT into something special???” And you always DO! I think your before/after is brilliant for drawing us in as readers. I think I’m going to try your Spring wreath, too. Happy Spring – hope it arrives soooooon! Your fan in Kansas, Chef Alli

    • Aww thank you, Chef Alli! I love a good before and after as well. 🙂 This wreath was SO easy, and adds just enough green to welcome Spring, and like you…I am SO ready! XOXO

  3. Really cute and simple, Christy!

  4. I like your work ! Around here a bushel is a measure.It is a basket used to pick apples or potatoes and sold in that quantity. Does that make sense? Have a good day. Doris I am in New Brunswick Canada.

    • Thank you, Doris! And thank you for that explanation…that makes perfect sense. I just could not come up with a word for what that greenery was called ha ha! XOXO

  5. Very Lovely, and yes simple, going at lunch to pick up supplies to make me one 🙂

  6. Please tell me about the mirrir you hung your wreath on. I searched your site, but couldn’t find that one. I love how it is distressed!

  7. Okay, now you got me me motivated to make one of my own! I happen to have extra grapevine wreaths and all kinds of flowers and greens – I see another project on the horizon. Thanks for your simple but beautiful idea!

    • Oh awesome, Debbie!! It feels even better when you can make something beautiful out of things you already have on hand! XOXO

  8. Christy, I love the wreath, but I am really loving those beautiful drapes in the picture. Will you share where you got them? 🙂

  9. This is lovely! I think we all need a little green in our lives.

  10. Constance Colvin says

    Christie! Are you having March Madness this Year? (-:

    • Hi Constance! So I was planning to do March Madness this year, and on January 17 we unexpectedly lost my oldest son’s father. I absolutely love March Madness, but it takes a lot of work and a lot of time away from my family to pull it together, so in the aftermath of that heartbreaking event, I decided I would not be doing March Madness this year. It makes me really sad, but that time with my boys is far too precious. Now if I could pull it together enough to create a little extra all year, I might eventually do it again lol, but I’m a last minute girl, so it’s a no-go for this year. I hope you understand! XO

      • Constance Colvin says

        Oh Christy……that is a hard blow…….no sadness hurts as much as the sadness we feel on behalf of our child….I’ll be thinking of you….. :*

  11. I love how simple and cheery your wreath is! Quick projects like this are my favourite!

  12. Perfect wreath! Love the light touch on the greenery! Can’t wait for Thursday!

  13. This is so beautiful! It for sure doesn’t look like a $7 wreath. Amazing job!! ????

  14. I love it! Gotta make this to, beautiful.

  15. Christy, first I love the wreath. I have all the stuff just never thought to pull it all together. I have a huge square mirror I got for free(loving that) and painted it in your behr bit of sugar will make this and put it on it. Sometimes simple is the best. Second may I say condolences to you and family for your loss. I pray you all find strength together and hope you had good memories to think back on.
    Take care Girl, Hugs????????

    • Thank you, Bonnie…I really appreciate that. I try to keep things light and fun around here, so I didn’t mention it on the blog. My son is so strong, and we are getting through it the best we can. As for the wreath, yes girl… go make one! Simple really is the best sometimes…and glad you tried Bit of Sugar. The perfect not-too-bright white! ????????

  16. This wreath is PERFECT. Who would guess that such simplicity would be so gorgeous?! I need to get me to Hobby Lobby and buy a bush! I think this might be my favorite wreath of all time.
    P.S. Hugs and prayers for Jack (I hope I’m remembering his name correctly?) on his loss. I’m glad he has a strong and loving mom. My dad died when I was young also.

    • Thank you for your condolences, Becky, and yes it was Jack’s Dad. I am amazed at how strong he is. I can’t imagine losing a parent so young. As for the wreath, yes girl go to Hobby Lobby immediately lol. I found this greenery on the same aisle as the garlands. I too love the simplicity! XOXO

  17. So pretty, Christy! I love your design – so simple and classic and you could use it in or outside. Thanks for joining in on this hop, friend!

    • Thank you, Krista! Love simple these days, and thanks so much for including me, friend! XOXO

  18. Wire cutters! I have got to invest in these so I can make something this beautiful!

  19. An as always, yours is my favorite! Honestly, is there nothing you can’t do? Thank you for sharing your projects. You have given me so many wonderful ideas.

  20. So gorgeous Christy! I love the pop of green and it looks amazing on your mirror!

  21. What a simple but pretty wreath!

  22. teresa bragg says

    I love your wreath. It is so simple but eloquent! I too love wreaths! The most simple one i made was from a garland I got at Hobby Lobby. I had a grape vine wreath and i just zip tied the garland to it. It looks like i actually glued all of those flowers on it! I think it’s gorgeous. I don’t get to Hobby Lobby very often, since the closest one is in Va. Beach. I hope some day, they will open one here in Hampton or Newport News. I love reading your blogs. I love all of the white you use, but my husband wouldn’t let me get away with all white! I look forward to reading your next blog!

    • Thank you so much, Teresa! Hobby Lobby has some gorgeous garlands and I bet your wreath is a beauty! I love that we have a Hobby Lobby so close by…when the closest one was in Richmond, my Mom and I would take day trips there just to stock up on knobs! 🙂 XO

  23. Sometimes keeping it simple really is the best. I love this wreath Christy.
    Thank you for sharing the tutorial at Create, Bake, Grow & Gather party this week on Shabby Art Boutique. I’m delighted to be featuring it at tomorrow’s party and pinning too.


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