80’s Clock Cabinet Reimagined

March Madness, 31 Thrifty Makeovers in 31 Days!! Confessions of a Serial Do-it-Yourselfer

Is it really day #13?? How did we get here so fast? March is flying by! Not to worry though , I still have 18 more fantastic thrifty makeovers on their way! 🙂

Let’s get to today’s makeover…this clock from the heart of the 80’s. This was a staple in 80’s décor:

Clock Cabinet Before

Mine was navy blue, and I loved it. When I came across this one at the thrift store, I saw past the clock and instead envisioned it as a cool cabinet. I told you the other day I rarely pass up little cabinets since they are great sellers. I included a few affiliate links in this post so you can easily find the products I love too. Read my full Disclosure here.

Here is how I reimagined this one:

This started as a clock straight from 1985. A little imagination revived it! Confessions of a Serial-do-it-Yourselfer

Cool, huh? The inside is where all the pretty is hiding…

This started as a clock straight from 1985. A little imagination revived it! Confessions of a Serial-do-it-Yourselfer

Tada! I removed the original backing, all the clock parts, and the glass from both doors. Then I painted the whole piece in Behr’s Sparrow made into chalk paint.

This started as a clock straight from 1985. A little imagination revived it! Confessions of a Serial-do-it-Yourselfer

The glass was replaced with this wire mesh we had leftover from a previous home reno project. I’ve used it on a couple of other projects like this DIY Spice Rack. We purchased ours online but I could not locate the exact one. I did find this option online and that retailer has a few options to choose from at a reasonable price. Grab a pair of tin snips while you’re there if you don’t have a pair already.

This aluminum sheeting is perfect for replacing the original glass for an updated look.

After I cut the metal panels to fit, I spray painted them with Rustoleum spray paint. The cabinet and the panels were sanded with 150-220 grit sandpaper. The cabinet was then dry-brushed for a little dimension and sealed with Annie Sloan’s clear soft wax.

This started as a clock straight from 1985. A little imagination revived it! Confessions of a Serial-do-it-Yourselfer

The panels were reinserted and held in place using one of my favorite tools, my Logan point driver.

I covered the backing with this pretty paper I found on clearance at Michaels, adhering it using this spray adhesive.

Add pretty paper to the inside of a cabinet for an easy update!

I put my cosmetics in here for the photo ( the pretty looking ones, not the old dusty lip gloss smeared ones), and I think it works so perfectly for this purpose!

This started as a clock straight from 1985. A little imagination revived it! Confessions of a Serial-do-it-Yourselfer

Or to hold a few wash cloths…


(I don’t let my hubby use these or the aqua ones like…I tell him they are my props! No using the props! 😀 )

Do you remember this basket I made over as one of my Flea Market Swap makeovers last year? Take a peek HERE at what it looked like before, and how easy it was to recover.


It’s perfect to hold my nail polishes…


The final step in this makeover was adding the hardware. I found both the knob and the handle in my stash. They were updated with white spray paint as well.


And that’s how I reimagined a clock cabinet straight out of 1988.

This started as a clock straight from 1985. A little imagination revived it! Confessions of a Serial-do-it-Yourselfer

If you still own a clock like this, I don’t blame you. It was really hard to part with mine too.

This started as a clock straight from 1985. A little imagination revived it! Confessions of a Serial-do-it-Yourselfer

I’ll be back tomorrow sharing what I did with this little metal holder:

Chic little trinket holder before

UPDATE: You can see it HERE now!

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  1. You hit this fab makeover on the perfect night and you didn’t even mention it!!! YES!!! throw that clock out!!! We are moving the clocks forward, day light savings time, and that’s the way we want to keep it!!!
    God Bless!!!

  2. Good morning Christy! Really enjoyed your post of Saturday and today. The 1980’s clock — oh my gosh! So 1980s! I’m going to keep my eyes open more and more for handles and knobs for future projects. And thanks for the chuckle – don’t let hubby use the props! Have a great weekend!

    • Thanks, Joanne! This really is a perfect representation of country décor in the 80’s lol. I wasn’t 100% optimistic I could completely remove that stigma from this little cabinet, but I think I did ha ha! 🙂

  3. Wow Christie, I didn’t see this coming! Fabulous! I love all your OPI too!

  4. Tina Matteson says

    Oh.My.Goodness. Every time I think I just cannot possibly imagine how you could update that ugly thing… you outdo yourself! I love it so much! Thanks for sharing all these great, inspiring ideas!

  5. Once again, I am amazed at your ability to see far beyond what an object appears to be. Maybe I’ll call it your “Cinderella Effect”, being able to see what something can be with a little help. Envious. But you have inspired me, so… maybe with a little (lot) of practice. *Sigh

    Quick question:
    Looked at your point driver with link provided, do you use the flexible or rigid points?
    I’m trying to decide when a flexible point would be used if ever.

    Thanks for your amazing posts!

  6. Jayne Slovick says

    I don’t know how you can imagine these makeovers.

    Your photo looks like you’re just a kid. How could you be decorating in the 80’s?

  7. Good morning Christy! Since it’s raining up here in Eastern Washington, it’s a good day to just relax and enjoy your post. I wish I had your energy and especially some of your creative DNA. Have a wonderful Sunday and thank you again for a fantastic blog filled with so many clever ideas.

    • Oh yes a rainy day is like a guilt-free day indoors! We got a little rain this evening…started pouring just as we threw our steaks on the grill. Thanks for always stopping by with your sweet comments…I truly appreciate every one! 🙂 XO

  8. That is such a great transformation. Love how you completely changed it with some creativity and paint.

  9. You are so good at coming up with ways to repurpose things. Yesterday when you showed us the picture of your clock, I had no idea what you would do with it. Turning it in to a cabinet is a great and useful idea.

  10. WOW! That is a big change. You would never know it was a clock!

  11. Love it Christy and how you put your magic touch on it. Night and day between the before and after pictures.

  12. What would happen if I used satin finish latex to mix with the calcium carbonate ? I have about 30 beautiful shades of sample paint & would love to try this. Have you ever? Love your project!

    • Thank you, Kathy! You could mix a small sample and try it out. Because a little sanding is needed after painting to smooth everything out, I don’t know if it being a satin paint, would end up looking shiny in some areas and dull in others? I’d love to know myself. I say give a try on something small and then come tell me lol. Good luck! 🙂

  13. Nice job Christy! I did the same with a clock cabinet. Did you see it? I’m using it in my bathroom for a makeup cabinet. Love yours 🙂

    • Just checked yours out…very cute!! I love how you flipped it upside down and added screen to make it look like a mini screen door! I staged mine with makeup because I was looking for something that would match the paper I added to the back, but it is a great purpose for this sized cabinet! Great minds 🙂 XOXO

  14. Jayne Slovick says

    I have the rigid and the flexible point drivers. I personally like the flexible ones best. The flexible points bend open so you can change what is in the frame without pulling out the points and putting new ones in. You just put the new picture in and bend the points down flat again.

  15. Our Home Depot (in Waxahachie, TX) carries the metal squares in different patterns and sizes. Love what you did with the clock!

  16. As Always!…You floor me!

  17. Wow, that is a great makeover Christy!! Much better than ole 80’s!!! lol

  18. So very cute. And the basket! You have my favorite OPI polish in there! My Chihuahua Bites, correct?

  19. Martha Rekni says

    I kept this post on Pinterest ever since you put this out back in March in hopes I would find one of these old clocks. Well it’s happened. I found one at Goodwill this past week and will be making my own little cabinet. Thank you for your inspiration!

    • Oh awesome!!! I haven’t seen another one since then ha ha. They make such great little storage cabinets…have fun with yours!! 🙂

  20. Super Cute!

    The advertisements on your website are super annoying. A video kept trying to play and every-time I scrolled down to read your post and look at photos it popped me right back to the video ad….. I almost clicked right out of your blog.

    • Oh no…that isn’t suppose to happen. I’m so sorry you had that experience here! Please let me know if it happens again and what was being advertised so I can report it. Thank you, Jennifer!