99¢ Thrift Store Table Makeover

You read that right, Friends, 99¢ for a table!! Hey there, and welcome to Trash-to Treasure Tuesday, one of my favorite days of the month! Not only am I sharing a thrifty makeover today, but four of my favorite treasure-maker friends are too! Look for their posts at the bottom.

This table is a perfect trash-to-treasure project! Clearly the person who priced it thought it was trash. I found it while thrifting,  just before the holidays. (When I was supposed to be Christmas shopping, of course!):


You may remember seeing it when I shared the before photo of this lamp a couple of weeks back:


See what I did with that lamp HERE if you missed it!

I had to ask the salesperson if that was really marked 99¢?? I thought surely they meant $9.99, but nope, so of course I had to bring it home.

I’m glad I did because it turned into a real cutie:

99¢ Thrift Store Table Makeover from confessionsofaserialdiyer.com

The top was in serious bad shape:


The person who priced it was obviously not aware that paint has magical powers. Good bye ugly top…

99¢ Thrift Store Table Makeover from confessionsofaserialdiyer.com

I used my Gray Morning by Behr (mixed about 1/2 with Pure White) in my go-to DIY chalk paint recipe on this piece. I love this pretty blue.

99¢ Thrift Store Table Makeover from confessionsofaserialdiyer.com

I also decided to add handles to the top:

99¢ Thrift Store Table Makeover from confessionsofaserialdiyer.com

These are one of my favorites from Hobby Lobby.

99¢ Thrift Store Table Makeover from confessionsofaserialdiyer.com

I also added these wheels that I had removed from an antique dresser:

99¢ Thrift Store Table Makeover from confessionsofaserialdiyer.com

It acts more like a little cart now. This would be perfect in a bathroom to hold fresh towels.

99¢ Thrift Store Table Makeover from confessionsofaserialdiyer.com

Aren’t these flowers pretty?

99¢ Thrift Store Table Makeover from confessionsofaserialdiyer.com

I love to dress up my furniture makeovers with fresh flowers.

Only these are not fresh…they’re totally fake!

Aren’t they good fakes?

99¢ Thrift Store Table Makeover from confessionsofaserialdiyer.com

Would you believe that I actually found these at the thrift store?


You just never know what you’ll find! These were not sitting out in the open like this, but up on an out-of-the-way shelf. I almost missed them! I love hydrangeas, so for $9.98, these will tide me over till my real ones are blooming again this Summer.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what this sad table became!

99¢ Thrift Store Table Makeover from confessionsofaserialdiyer.com

Don’t go anywhere yet, my friends are sharing thrifty trash-to-treasure projects of their own today! Visit each project at the links below the image:


1. Prodigal Pieces

2. Bless’er House

3. Girl in the Garage

4. Artsy Chicks Rule

I hope you’re feeling inspired!

Want to see more trash-to-treasure projects? See all of mine from this series HERE!

I’ll be back on Thursday sharing how I updated these two estate sale cuties:

See ya Thursday!

UPDATE: See how they turned out HERE now! 



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  1. Mary Kaiser says

    How lovely. You are not only very talented you are quite the bargain shopper! I love it!

    • Thanks, Mary! I just could not leave this table behind at that price ha ha, and I’m glad I didn’t! 😀

  2. Score!! Not only that, but you nailed the color and I love the addition of handles and wheels. Great job, Christy!

  3. Janice Holt says

    This little table is soooo cute. Love the handles and the rollers you added. More of that talent you have showing.

  4. Oh Christy, what a wonderful makeover. Adding the wheels gives it a whole new purpose and I love the handles. It is such a good feeling when you can snag such a good deal. Awesome!

  5. Wowza!!! What a difference!! Beautiful!!!

  6. What a find, and what a great transformation you’ve done! Your little blue table is gorgeous – you’re so right about what a good thing paint is! Love the little wheels on it and can see using that in almost any room of the house. Kudos to you for saving another piece from the landfill!

    • Thanks, Barb! Yes paint is amazing, and you really could find so many uses for a little table/cart like this! XO

  7. Seriously blown away as usual. Prettiest dollar bill I ever saw!

  8. Marcie Lovett says

    Christy, you are a genius! Anyone could paint that lovely table and be done with it, but you have given it a whole new purpose. It could be a bar cart or tea cart, or a mobile craft station. So many possibilities!

  9. It’s gorgeous, Christy! I love the little things you added like the handles and wheels – just gives it extra personality. And I can’t wait to see what you did with those French Provincial nightstands! xo

    • Thanks, Jen! Glad I took a chance on it! Those night tables weren’t nearly as good of a deal, but they did turn out sweet! XOXO

  10. Well like everyone else has mentioned Christy, I love the color, and the addition of the handles and wheels! Beautiful transformation of this .99 cent find!!

    • Thank you, Kaycee! Of course I’m trying to see where I can put it in my own home now, better get it to my booth soon! XO

  11. Oh, Christy! LOVE this! So fast, and probably one of your easier pieces, but one of my faves! Love the color and the hardware. Honestly… what a gift you have! Wish I could find deals like you do, but alas, in So Cal, not the usual. =/ Probably a good thing for me. 😉

    • Thank you, Julie!! I have to say this is one of my favorites too and it was a super easy one to do! And trust me, it is getting harder and harder to find good deals on my pieces. The reason everything I share is so cheap is because I’m cheap and I wouldn’t but it if it wasn’t ha ha! I paid more than I wanted to for the night tables I’m sharing on Thursday, but this little table makes up for it! 😀

  12. Oh my goodness! Wish I could find those deals around here. You totally nailed it. Love the color, the wheels, handles and of course the hydrangeas!

  13. 99 cents! You scored big time! Great makeover!~

    • I know, right? That’s why I had to ask if that was really the price ha ha. Thanks, Lindsay! XO

  14. I love your happy cart.

  15. It turned out absolutely delightful! I love it!

  16. Blue is most definitely my favorite color! Love the additions of the handles and the wheels and of course the $.99! Lovely 🙂

  17. That is gorgeous!!!

  18. Oh that is a cutie patootie for sure!! I love that you added wheels and handles…perfect!!! xoxo

  19. I have two tables that I got from my grandma and grampa’s house. I love them and they need a make over so this is great. That old tables have style and are inexpensive at thrift stores.

  20. I love the color! It was such a deal!

  21. You know I’m in love with this table!!! You also have me sold on this paint color! Is this paint chip still available for this color? I know after a while you can’t find the paint chip on the shelf. Do you have any numbers on your paint can for this color? Also, can you remind me what you use for your white paint? Thank you!!!

    • Thank you, Angelia!! I always ask for it by name, and they pull it up on their computer. I’m not sure if it is a current color or not, but you should be able to ask for it by name, and the white I used was just their premixed Ultra Pure White. 😀

  22. Love it and I can’t believe it was only .99 cents! Wow!!

  23. Christy, that little table turned out beautiful and I love that you added the handles and wheels to it, and that color is so fresh and beautiful I love it.
    Love the hydrangeas, they look so real. you really got good bargains on the table and the flowers.

    • Thank you, Patty! I do love this blue as well, one of my favorites! Much of the time, I leave thrift stores empty-handed…these finds make it worth stopping in for! 🙂

  24. OH my goodness….I have that SAME table!!!!
    It’s in fair shape but I always planned on doing something with it. It belonged to my ex husband’s father, then my ex husband. I have toted it along with me from 1988 from house to house (and husband to husband. ha!) I was thinking that one day I would mosaic the top since it has that edge on it. I am also going to use your table as inspiration…I do love that color and technique. I have a new picture in my mind now!!!

  25. Wow! What a transformation! I love your additions, those handles really make a difference! Trash to treasure indeed!!!

    • Thanks, Becky! This responded well with a little TLC, huh? I keep trying to think of a place I can put it ha ha… better get to the shop quick!

  26. Christy this is such a great find and Iove the color and your clever addition of handles and wheels. Pinned!!
    Have a wonderful New Year!

  27. Annie (Canada) says

    Super makeover Christy! Love that colour 🙂

  28. 99¢ – if they could see that table now! Such a pretty color and talk about from drab to fab! Pinning to share 🙂

  29. Love this transformation! You’ve inspired me once again.

  30. I love how you added wheels and handles to this piece to make it function as a cart. What a clever idea! I can think of so many spots that this cart could be used. This may be your best thrifting bargain yet!

    • Thanks, Paula! I think you are right…it will be hard to beat this bargain. Have a great long weekend! XO

  31. Wow, you really lucked out on that one! The price!! Love the color too! Can’t believe they priced it so cheap…around here that would be at least $5 minimum, but probably more. A really cute job!

  32. Love this little table. Cannot believe you got this so cheap. the thrift stores in my small town never have goodies that cheap.

    • Thanks, Hope! Mine don’t usually either that’s why I had to ask a salesperson if that was the actual price! I thought surely they meant $9.99! 🙂

  33. Great project. Love the color, and adding the handles & casters made all the difference!

  34. I love what you did with the table! I, myself would have refinished with walnut lacquer and tiled the top with multicolored ceramic tiles. Thanks for sharing your talent with us!

    • Thanks, Wendy! Someone else mentioned they had a similar table and had plans to tile the top…I never even thought of that, but it would be perfect for this piece! 🙂