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March Madness: 31 Days of Thrifty Makeovers

Hi friends! Welcome to day 15 of my March Madness, 31 Thrifty Makeovers in 31 days series! We are just about at the halfway mark and I still have a bunch of thrifty makeovers coming your way.

Today I am sharing how I upcycled this little basket:


I found it at the thrift store for $1.25. It was probably donated because one of the handles was coming unraveled. I came up with an easy fix, but first it got a new paint job. (You know I can’t ever leave well enough alone.)

Basket Upcycled with a little paint and jute twine.

Adding jute twine(50¢ yard sale find) to the handles covered the unraveling pieces.

I spray painted with Rustoleum primer first, then two coats of Blossom White.


It felt like it needed something else so I hot-glued jute twine around the center:

Adding jute twine to the center of this basket adds the perfect contrast.

I continued to wrap until I had it where I wanted it.

Adding jute twine to the center of this basket adds the perfect contrast.

Then I wrapped it around the handles…

Embellish a plain white basket with jute twine.

I cut out this little rectangle chalk board and drilled a couple of holes in it to run jute through to attach it to the basket.

Add a little chalkboard to a basket to add a fun touch.


Upcycle a basket with paint, jute, and a chalk board.

I put it in my guest bathroom to hold extra TP!

Upcycle a basket with paint, jute, and a chalk board.

Good thing I labeled it so my guests can find a spare roll ha ha ha. This is something my husband would definitely not understand.

Upcycle a basket with paint, jute, and a chalk board.

Sometimes we just want to make things cuter, right?

Honestly though, you could sit this on a counter with guest towels in it or by the front door to hold house shoes. There are a million ways you could use this little basket.

Upcycle a basket with paint, jute, and a chalk board.


Upcycle a basket with paint, jute, and a chalk board.


Upcycle a basket with paint, jute, and a chalk board.

I actually passed this basket up the first time I saw it. I immediately loved the shape of it with it’s square bottom, but the unraveling handle made me keep on walking. When I saw it still there on another trip, it was half price, so I brought it home. 🙂

I’ll see ya’ll back her tomorrow with a pretty makeover…this table and chair set!


Kinda cool, right?

See you tomorrow!

UPDATE: Check out the after of this table and chairs HERE now! 🙂



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  1. Good morning, Christy! I honestly had given up on basekts unti I saw this..This is such a cute, and very simple fix that changes the whole look. I love this! Now I can pull those baskets that I hoarded away a few years back;) lol Have a wonderfully blessed day!

  2. As usual, you turned something ordinary into “Wow, why didn’t I think of that”! You put a creative touch into everything you do! I love the March Madness – keep it going!

  3. Sue farmer says

    Love it Christy. I love baskets and this is perfect!!!!

  4. Again this is a favorite!! Have you had success with painting wicker? Maybe its your primer….. This is a great idea for those “ugly” baskets that need to be “cuted” up. I look forward to your posts always. Now its time for me to get creative. I’ve been in a funk. Happy repurposing!! 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Mary! I have never sprayed a basket before, but I have sprayed rattan and I did not use a primer first. It started flaking off with wear, so I made sure to prime well with this basket. It took no time at all and the paint is on there solid! 🙂

  5. Never thought about using primer on wicker, great tip! Your basket is now a winner!

    • Thanks, Jenna! I had issues with rattan that I spray painted without using a primer first. With wear the paint started flaking off. The paint is on there solid with that primer. 🙂

  6. I have this very same basket…looks like it may get a makeover too.

  7. What a great upcycle! Love it!

  8. What a great idea! I’m looking at some of my less-than-perfect baskets with a new eye!

  9. The little basket that could! Love it Christy:)

  10. This is a favorite. I can picture it on display in my laundry room. I love the way you mixed textures to preserve a rustic look, then added the chalk board for a modern twist. I can’t wait to complete this project and have it house my laundry supplies.

  11. More basket brilliance!

  12. haha…i love using baskets for my TP…but I haven’t labeled the baskets! Yet….


  13. This is so cute!! I love the twine, it totally was the perfect touch for this little guy. Love the chalkboard added, too. So great for a guest bath! 🙂

  14. I love this! I always see baskets like this at Goodwill and pass them up, not any more! Next one I see is getting a coat of spray paint 🙂

  15. Great idea. I have a basket like this ,now I know how to fix it. Thanks

  16. I love all the little benches made from discarded headboards… but they sure are uncomfortable… the hardness of the seat portion and the straight angle of the back. Cute, but not really usable.

    • They certainly aren’t for relaxing on to watch TV, but perfect in an entry to sit on to put on your shoes, or for the foot of the bed to hold blankets, etc. They just add a touch of charm to any space. 🙂


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