Frame and Mirror Upcycle

Happy Tuesday, awesome Friends!!

I spent the better part of this past weekend in my paint pants painting all the trim in my kitchen and this hallway that leads to the back stairs:

That includes NINE doorways, 3 large windows in the kitchen (one is actually a door), and five interior doors (laundry room, garage, storage room, door to FROG, and pantry), plus all the base molding and chair rail that connects them!

This just seemed like such a daunting task, but I am so happy it is getting done! It will be so nice to walk into the house from the garage and not be greeted by this:

Oh wait that’s not so bad…let’s zoom in a little shall we:

Disgusting!! Sadly the wall in our kitchen around our pantry looks just as bad!

So needless to say I don’t have a brand new shiny project to share so instead I am bringing one of my favorite oldies! This is the last project that I shared in my March Madness, 31 Thrifty Makeovers in 31 Days series in 2015, and it is something anyone can do!

I started with these pieces:


You know I can never pass up a good frame. The same goes for mirrors. This was a thrift store picture, complete with broken glass that I got for $3, and a mirror I found for about the same price. They both had pretty, detailed frames.

And here’s what you get when you put them together:

Fabric Framed Mirror from a thrift store frame and mirror!

Cute, right?

This was another project that included my favorite fabric shop, the drapery aisle at HomeGoods!  I had leftover curtain panel fabric from another project that was perfect.

Fabric Framed Mirror from a thrift store frame and mirror!

Making this is simple to do.

I started by painting my frames in my DIY chalk paint using Cottage White by Behr:


I sanded a bit and waxed with Annie Sloan’s clear soft wax when the paint was dry. You could also use spray paint if you like.

I cut a piece of hardboard to fit (the same thing I use to make chalk boards), found this left over curtain panel, and plugged up my glue gun…


I cut the fabric an inch or so bigger and wrapped the hardboard in the fabric:

Fabric Framed Mirror from a thrift store frame and mirror!

I used hot glue to secure it in place. Then I inserted it into the larger frame, securing with small nails like so:

Fabric Framed Mirror from a thrift store frame and mirror!

(That was before I had my point driver.)

It was looking pretty already!

Fabric Framed Mirror from a thrift store frame and mirror!

I inserted the mirror back into the frame, securing it in place the same way. Then I hot glued the mirror to the center of the fabric panel…

Fabric Framed Mirror from a thrift store frame and mirror!

This was just to hold it in place while I flipped it over.

The last step was to flip it over and secure it in place more permanently with small screws. I put one in each corner:

Fabric Framed Mirror from a thrift store frame and mirror!

I kept the original hanging hardware in place.

Pretty simple! I actually kept this one, although I haven’t found a new home for it yet in the new house, but if I were going to sell it, I would have covered the back in brown craft paper to make it pretty on the back as well.

Fabric Framed Mirror from a thrift store frame and mirror!


Fabric Framed Mirror from a thrift store frame and mirror!


Fabric Framed Mirror from a thrift store frame and mirror!

You could make a fabric framed mirror to match any décor!

This isn’t the first one I’ve made, here is another one I made similarly several years ago using burlap:

Burlap Framed Mirror

See more of that makeover HERE! 

Thrifty Fabric Framed Mirror from

Here is the other project I used that curtain fabric for:

See how this set turned out HERE. That was also part of March Madness 2015.

I’m hoping March Madness makes a comeback in 2018!

If anyone is looking for me over the next couple of days, I’ll be here…wearing my paint pants.

I’ll be back on Thursday sharing my updated front door! Here is what it looks like now:

UPDATE: See what color I chose for my front door HERE now!



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  1. Oh my thank you for your fun filled posts and God bless and keep it coming

  2. I’ve been painting trim in the past few weeks but I think you’ve accomplished more than I have. It is slow going but so worth it when you are finished!

    • Painting trim definitely isn’t the most fun way to spend a day, but yes it so worth it when it’s done! XOXO

  3. ColleenB.~ Tx. says

    Love the mirrored frame inside a frame.
    This would look good in my entry way, hall, or even in spare bedroom or like my daughter would say; “mom, that would look good on my bedroom wall.” :}
    Turn the framed project the other way and probably would even look good on a small fireplace mantel

  4. Christina in FL says

    Beautiful transformation Christy!!! If you put this in your shop Italy snapped up in a heartbeat. ????
    Short version is still without electricity here but hope to have it back shortly.

    • Thanks, Christina! OH wow…still no power? I’m on the southernmost coast of Virginia and in 2003 we had a hurricane come through that left us without power for 11 days, so I get it…no ice to be found anywhere and no way to keep things cold, cold showers, and no vacuum! I remember calling my house when I was not home to see if the answering machine would pick up to see if the power was back on! Hang in there, my friend! XOXO

      • Christina in FL says

        Hi Christy, electricity is back after 8 days. I have the best neighbors, friends and electricity guys from around the country. Thanks for understanding and hanging in there with beautiful transformations to thrill me while I waited. 🙂

        • Oh yay…so happy to hear that you have your power back! And I’m glad I could offer a tiny distraction! XOXO

  5. That is a beautiful upcycle on the mirror! Love the white frames and the mirror pops on the fabric background. What a splendid idea. Thanks for sharing your talents.

  6. Wendy Somerville says

    Hi Christy, May I ask why you moved? This home seems a lot older than your previous one. I loved your other house.

    • Hi Wendy! We loved our previous home as well, but we had outgrown it big time! This house is only 10 years old while our other home was built in the 80’s. This house had renters for several years previously so while the walls were not looking their best, they are painting up beautifully! So happy to see clean walls! 🙂

      • Wendy Somerville says

        Ahh ok. Now I see. Well, cosmetic stuff can always be fixed as long as the mechanical, ie furnace, hot water tank etc etc is in good shape. Looking forward to seeing more home improvements. 😉

        • Yep…the bones of this house are excellent, and we have a ton of space to move around now. That doesn’t mean I don’t miss our old house from time to time, but we are enjoying making this one ours. Happy to have you along for the ride! XOXO

  7. Clever idea! Frames are usually a bargain at the thrift stores. The painting you did on the trim really brightens up the hallway. It’s kind of like polishing your shoes…makes the whole outfit look better. For some reason, trim really takes a beating.

    • Thanks, Donna! Yep you can always find a good deal on frames! And yes the hallway is looking so much brighter already! XO

  8. Such a clever idea to put the two together! It makes for a very nice look.

  9. I love all of your ideas! They are amazing. Thank you for posting your creativity online. Question: I went to Home Deport and looked at Behr’s Cottage white paint….Is it sort of a faint yellow? Your picture frames look white so that is why I am asking.