Giant Ornate Mirror Update (& my favorite tool for painting all those details!)

Hello, sweet friends!  Before we get to this awesome makeover, I want to announce the winners of the Craft Junk Giveaway: Mary D. and Becky G! Both ladies have been notified via email. Thanks to everyone who entered to win, it was a super fun giveaway! I am planning to do another one at the end of Spring. ๐Ÿ™‚

Ok on to today’s project!

I found this gigantic ornate mirror at a yard sale two Summers ago for only $30:


Amazing deal, right? The original finish was quite ugly in my opinion, but I loved all those gorgeous details!

Not long after I purchased it, I taped off the mirror and spray primed, then spray painted it:


It didn’t look too bad in the photo above. I believe that was after priming only. However, I was lazy.

I didn’t feel like removing the mirror to paint the frame. When you are a lazy-pants and don’t remove the mirror, the mirror will reflect the darker color of the backside all around the edge. I thought I would be smart and tape off the one inch oval border around the mirror so that that wouldn’t matter. It looked awful when I removed the tape.

Not only that, the spray paint looked awful as well. Not how I had imagined it at all. The spray paint was very flat looking, no dimension at all.

It ended up being shoved at the back of my garage to collect dust. When we pulled out our Santa’s Workshop {super old post!} to build it for our outdoor Christmas Display this year, we uncovered this mirror as well.

This time I decided to remove the mirror. ALWAYS remove the mirror if you want it done right. I’ve included a few affiliate links so you can find the products I use. Read my full disclosure here.

I used Fusion Mineral Paint in Casement to paint it this time:

Ornate Mirror Painted with Fusion Mineral Paint in Casement from

And I painted it by hand. Sounds tedious, right?

It would have been if I didn’t have this little helper:

AMy Howard wax brush paint brush

This is Amy Howard’s 2″ Round Wax Brush Paint Brush. I believe it is intended for wax, but it says “paint brush” on it so I’m not sure. I was lucky to get one in my goodie bag from one of the blogging conferences I attended. It works amazingly well on all those details!

Ornate Mirror Painted with Fusion Mineral Paint in Casement from

I discovered how well it worked on those details when I was painting these chalkboard frames a while back:


Now that’s the brush I always use for those detailed pieces. I know it would have been even easier to pull out my HomeRight sprayer and spray tent to tackle this, but there were several inches of snow on the ground outside when I decided to tackle this project.

Ornate Mirror Painted with Fusion Mineral Paint in Casement from

The Fusion Mineral paint I used was one of several colors given to me to try a while back, and what is awesome about it is it does not require a sealer!

Ornate Mirror Painted with Fusion Mineral Paint in Casement from

That was my main reason for using it here.

It does require a light sanding first on most projects, but this was already primed and had a coat of paint on it so I just painted right over it.

Ornate Mirror Painted with Fusion Mineral Paint in Casement from

Removing the mirror allowed me to paint the inside rim on the back so the mirror would reflect white instead of the wood that was on the back:


I also chose not to distress it this time.

Ornate Mirror Painted with Fusion Mineral Paint in Casement from

I wish I had a place to keep this gorgeous mirror, but there is just no where I can use it, so off to my booth it went.

My son and I took it over on Saturday and it was gone by Sunday!

Ornate Mirror Painted with Fusion Mineral Paint in Casement from

I made another one of these cuties to take over to my booth as well:

Oval mirror made with rag rosettes from

See the original one HERE which also includes a stand-up version and a simple how-to video for those rosettes.

If you liked this mirror makeover, you might like this one too:


See how I updated this thrift store find HERE!

I’ll be back on Thursday sharing this little box I updated:


Can you see the potential??

UPDATE: See what I came up with for this little box HERE now! ๐Ÿ™‚



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  1. All of your makeovers are so delightful! I’m beginning to see the potential in ‘rescues’ I’m finding thanks to your creative inspiration.

    • Aww thank you, Carla!! It is always so rewarding to see an old piece come back to life! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Janice Holt says

    I am an early riser and the first thing I do is check my email on Tues, Thurs, and Suns to see what you have done because I know I’m going to love it. Love the mirror. I just received a brush like the one you used on the mirror (ordered it from Amazon) and mine reads on the handle “wax brush.” I can see how it would do a good job on all the ornate work. Great job.

    • Oh wow, Janice, thank you! I think you just made my whole day! I SO appreciate you following along with me. I agree that bush looks like a wax brush to me as well, I was thrown when it said paint on it. Oh well, it does work great on those details! ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Christina in FL says

    Oh Christy, after your magic touch, this is such a beautiful mirror! No surprise it sold so quickly!
    Thank you also for the reminder about your rosettes. I have to find something to use those on, they are SOOO pretty! ๐Ÿ™‚
    FYI, i ALWAYS look forward to your emails! Very inspirational and I appreciate the links as well ๐Ÿ™‚ Fabulous 2017 and onward to you!

    • Thank you, Christina!! I have a soft spot for those rosettes as well lol. I’m so happy to hear that you enjoy my posts…I SO appreciate you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. That is a beautiful mirror, looks so good no wonder it was gone quick! Have a great day Christy :))

    • Thanks, Sandra! I almost regretted buying it at first because that thing was heavy and very large, but I’m glad I did. Wish I had space for it! XOXO

  5. Wow. That is an impressive mirror! I love the color you chose, and your choice to not distress on this one. So cool that it sold instantly too! Great work!

    • Thanks, Becky! It was a gorgeous mirror…I’m happy it found a new home so quickly! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Tina Matteson says

    Another beautiful update, Christy! You are so inspiring. My home is now full of pieces I rescued and restored because of ideas I got from you! Thank you!

    • Aww you are so awesome, Tina! I love hearing that I’ve inspired you in some way…the best compliment ever! Keep on rescuing those forgotten pieces! XOXO

  7. Laura Lane says

    That is beautiful Christy!! I would have to keep that one for myself. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    BTW….I purchased three shabby slip covers on the internet and will attempt to cover my small sectional couch. Any advice???! I would send pictures but not sure how to here.

    • Thanks, Laura! Glad you were able to send me your pics through FB…hope I was able to be of some help. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. The ornate mirror turned out very pretty.

    Christy , I noticed the framed chalkboards that you did while scrolling thru this page….was wondering if you would tell me how you finishthe backs of framed chalkboards.

  9. Great job. It would be fun if the people that bought this cool mirror would send you a photo to show where they hang it. Especially since it’s so big.

  10. marilyn polifroni says

    Hi Christie… I have almost the idenical mirror only larger. It has been also sitting here for a long time not knowing what to do with it. How did you imbelish the ornate parts so they pop out. I would like it very suttle like yours.. not distressed just a tiny bit embelished. I am in Canada … Don’t think I can get Fusion paint but I do have a favourite that will worl, just don’t know how to get all that fancy stuff to pop..
    You did a fabulous job !!!! love your blog !!

    • Thank you so much, Marilyn! I didn’t do anything special to highlight the ornate parts, it turned out like that after painting. All those details just seemed to pop once I painted them. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. These mirrors are lovely

  12. That’s awesome that this gorgeous mirror sold within 24 hours – no surprise though! Pinned to share ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I know!! January is usually a good month for my booth for some reason…are you finding that at yours too? If only I could work faster to keep it filled! XOXO

  13. Sherry Stuifbergen says

    I love the mirror. Too bad you had no room…not even in the hallway to bedrooms? I can see why the mirror left your booth so quickly. You have such “vision” and really inspire me. I, too, have lots of projects. I like your combination of fabric/paint in your vision when you look at something. Comes out great! Some of mine…don’t.

    • You are so sweet, Sherry…thank you!! Believe me, not everything comes out right the first time…remember this mirror looked awful the first time I did it, so awful that I couldn’t stand the thought of pulling it back out until two years later! I’ve gotten better at visualizing how something will look over time, and LOTS of practice! And I too was so bummed I couldn’t keep this gorgeous mirror. I’ll probably never come across a deal like that again, but I really had not one single spot I could use it! XO

  14. Love the mirror! I am ordering up some Fusion paint too!

  15. Oh my, Christy!! I thought I had read every post you have ever written but somehow I missed (or forgot, *senior moment*) the Santa’s workshop. Would you mind commenting on how the luan roof has held up over the years? I am considering making a barn for the manger scene and am wondering how it will weather the elements. Uber impressed with the lighted sign as well.

    • Ha ha I shared this back in 2012, so it’s an oldie for sure! The luan has become warped over time, but you can’t really see it so much at night because I have all the icicle lights hanging over the side. The kids in our neighborhood get a huge kick out of our workshop. We put a little rocker, a throw, and a small table with a tin of candy canes inside for those that visit it regularly. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Marcie Lovett says

    That was one seriously hideous mirror. What a beautiful makeover!

    I went thrift-shopping crazy yesterday and, coincidentally, picked up a wood box similar to yours. So many possibilities…

    • It really was, Marcie! I don’t think the lady who sold it would have gotten rid of it of she knew it could be so pretty painted. I rarely pass up little wooden boxes, especially if they have their lids because yes! So many possibilities! ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Annie (Canada) says

    Christy!! I can’t believe that gorgeous mirror sat in the back of your garage for so long, it’s fantastic <3 I've painted several mirrors and always use my Annie Sloan round brush. It's great for getting into all those 'nooks and crannies' and gives it that beautiful hand painted finish. Oh and btw I LOVE Fusion paint! I've used it on several large dressers/buffets and it's been amazing especially with the built-in top coat,

    • Thanks, Annie! I know, I can’t believe I let it go for so long either, then it just got buried! I love using the round brush for those frames…so much easier than a traditional brush. And yes love Fusion paint as well!! <3

  18. Hi Christy
    It’s been awhile since I’ve “spoken my mind’ ๐Ÿ™‚ but I’m always looking at your lovely pieces on all your sites……….sometimes several times a day. Your work always give me inspiration ……….and as I tell my friends, “you have to look past the ugly”……….and you do it so well Now for my question
    I have a 1960’s gorgeous oak dresser with a 4ft oval mirrow with beading around the mirror. It is in perfect shape, however as gorgeous as it is…..I’m not a fan of oak, and I want to paint it white. My choice is cottage white but I already have a buyer and she is wanting white. I’m not sure if I’ll slightly distress it or not, but it has beautiful ornate areas on it that would just stand out. Without seeing it, can you give me a few ideas as to which paint you would use. Now I’m not opposed to using spray paint, and I use the kind you do, and I’ve mastered spray paint, (you know what I mean) ! Please advise and PLEASE PLEASE keep your beautiful talented work flowing because you are an inspiration for many of us.

    PS: I bought this ornate mirror just yesterday 1/16 and NOW I know exactly what I’m going to do……….BTW it’s larger than yours, and I only paid $8.99 at Goodwill,. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    Mary Ross Tennessee

    • Aww thanks so much, Mary!! I think the Fusion in Casement that I used on this mirror would be gorgeous! It does require a very light sanding first, but no top coat is required. I also love “Fluff” by Dixie Belle Paint. No prep at all required, but it does require a top coat. The good thing I’ve discovered about the Dixie Belle is that it only requires two coats for full coverage, where I usually need three for other paints. Both are excellent options! And way to go on your Goodwill find!! That’s always exciting!! XOXO

  19. The mirror looks amazing and heavy too.

  20. I bought a gold extra large mirror at Goodwill for $70 12 years ago. Had the hopes of doing something similar however it still sits undone.

    • Girl, pull that thing out and slap some paint on it! That brush I used was awesome for all those details!

  21. Amazingly beautiful! Not sure how you were able to give it up.

    • Thank you, Linda! This truly was a beautiful thing, and so is my marriage when I let these gigantic pieces go ha ha. Honestly though, I did not have a place for it at all, or I definitely would have! ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. My goodness, girlfriend, where do you shop that you find such fantastic deals? You mention thrift stores a lot but the only thrift stores around where I live are Good Will and their stuff is usually rickety and the cheap-o compressed wood. I’m so jealous but love to see all of the beautiful things your creative mind comes up with to redo & repurpose things. I think I’ve told you before that yours is the only blog that I log into EVERY SINGLE TIME you post something. Keep it coming! Best regards.

    • Aww that really makes my day, Christine…thank you, for real!! We have a ton of thrift stores in my area…there used to three within a couple of miles of my house, but two of them closed. I definitely find the best deals at yard sales because I can haggle a little, and people generally just want to get rid of their stuff. I didn’t yard sale hardly at all this past summer because my to-do pile was already at max capacity, but I’ll be ready this Summer! XOXO

  23. Janice Hobbs says

    I love what you did with that mirror and the wooden tote box. You definitely gave me some ideas on my finds. I am also on Instagram and Pinterest looking for ways to boost up my finds from yard sales, thrift stores and flea markets. I love bringing old stuff to life.

  24. Janice Hobbs says

    Love what you did with that mirror! I’m glad that I’m not the only one that likes to bring new life into old items. I have a couple of old mirrors. One that was passed down and the other one I purchased at a thrift store. You gave me some ideas on what I want to do with them. I also have an Instagram and Pinterest account and look for ideas on repurposing my old things. Great job on the mirror. Wish I had that in my home.

    • Thanks, Janice! Glad I could offer some inspiration and yes Pinterest is awesome for getting those creative juices flowing! ????