Living Room Revealed and Ready for Christmas!

Happy Tuesday, Friends! The countdown to Christmas is definitely on now…only six days left! How is that even possible??

Thank you for all the wonderful feedback on one of my most treasured Christmas tradtions that I shared on Friday. You can visit it HERE if you missed it.

We’ve been in our house for almost five months now and I have yet to share my living room! I have only shared peeks, but not the whole space. Well today is the day! And of course it is decorated for Christmas.

Here is a reminder of how this room looked before we moved in in August:

And here it is not long after we moved in:

I painted and installed new hardwood floors in here before moving day.

And here is what this view looks like today!

Christmas in the Living Room from

So much better!

It was very daunting at first when I started decorating this house, but I am pleased with how it has come together over the last few months.

Throughout this post I have linked to several projects I’ve done in this space if you’d like to revisit any of them.

Christmas in the Living Room from

This room gets a ton of light thanks to these huge windows…

Christmas in the Living Room from

After a very long search, I finally found these drapery panels at my local JC Penney store, and saw that I could order them in the super long size I needed online. They ended up being on clearance for 60% off, and I found a coupon to use so they only cost me $25 per panel! They only have a couple of sizes left here.

I stuck with my favorite color pallet  in here…soft aqua blue and white. I love the pops of red for Christmas.

You might remember these pillows from my previous Christmas tours…

Christmas in the Living Room from

I’ve had fun playing around with the built-ins…

Christmas in the Living Room from

I found this old world Santa after Christmas on clearance last year at Michael’s…

Christmas in the Living Room from

Remember this sweet caddy I redid a few months ago? I just added some of my Pier One greenery that I also found on clearance after the Holidays last year:

Christmas in the Living Room from

See that caddy redo HERE if you missed…it looks nothing like how it started!

This was our Christmas card a couple of years ago. Instead of putting it in this old Holiday frame I had, and since the opening was too small anyway, I just glued a clothes pin to the top and clipped this on. It covers the opening in the frame and provides a festive backdrop for it…

Christmas in the Living Room from

We don’t really have  a mantel, but some greenery and my favorite red velvet poinsettias from Walmart brighten up the fireplace for the holidays.

Christmas in the Living Room from

Remember how I was trying so hard to keep the TV off of the mantel? It ended up really being the only place for it, and it has worked out just fine.

And to the right of the fireplace  are more built-ins and our family tree!

This corner usually holds this chair that I redid a couple of months ago.

Remember how I was trying so hard to keep the TV off of the mantel? It ended up really being the only place for it, and it has worked out just fine.

It’s hard to photograph a tree in a brightly lit room, but you get the idea. This is our real tree, and the one that holds all of our treasured family ornaments.

We collect them from all the places we visit, and love being able to revisit those fun memories each year.

Here it is at night all aglow…


Remember how I was trying so hard to keep the TV off of the mantel? It ended up really being the only place for it, and it has worked out just fine.

Remember my coffee table I redid recently? Visit that makeover HERE.

You might remember that when we first moved in I was considering not using the whole sectional in here, but as you can see that idea went out the window. It has worked out very nicely in here.

Christmas in the Living Room from

See my sectional slip-cover tutorial HERE.

Remember how I was trying so hard to keep the TV off of the mantel? It ended up really being the only place for it, and it has worked out just fine.

See that mirror makeover HERE.

Here’s our eat-in area with a little Christmas added…

Christmas in the Living Room from

See that pedestal table makeover HERE, the armchairs HERE, and the cane-back chairs HERE.

More of that Pier One greenery makes a simple arrangement for the table with these elf feet from Michael’s and another poinsettia.

And back to where this tour started!

Christmas in the Living Room from

I hope you enjoyed the tour!

I love how these spaces have come together so far. The wall to the right in the living room is still a big blank wall so I didn’t share that…still need to figure out what to put there, and then this space will be officially complete!

I’ll meet ya’ll back here on Thursday…I’ll be resharing a fun idea for your table setting!

UPDATE: No need to come back…see it now HERE!




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  1. Christina in SW FL says

    Christy, your living room is warm, welcoming, charming and so festive. Truly well done! I’m sure you will find just the right solution to that blank wall. 🙂

  2. Your living room is gorgeous !!! I love the white with the greens and pops of red. So simple and so beautiful. Your favorite poinsettias from walmart, are they sold individually? I would love to add them into my holiday decor around here! Thank you for sharing your stunning home and fabulous ideas again!!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS

    • Thank you, Agata!! The poinsettias are sold individually. Walmart has all of their ornaments displayed by color, and on the first shelf below each section are bins with the poinsettias. They had cheapie looking ones also, which by now might be all you can find. The ones I love are velvet and are wired, with a little clip on the end for attaching to something. Walmart has had them every year for the past three years, so if you don’t see them now, check early in the season next year. So glad you enjoyed the tour! Merry Christmas!! XOXO

      • I did visit my local walmart but didn’t find any…. boo hoo. So now I’m totally on the hunt! My husband is going to kill me when he finds out that he will be driving me around tomorrow. Yikes!! Hope to find some but will definitely look early next season ????

        • Oh no…yep they seem to go pretty quickly. The first year I found them, my Mom loved them too so we drove from store to store in search of them. We did find three that year! Good luck on your search! XO

  3. It’s beautiful! You do such s great job at everything- from upholstery to repurposing to picking paint colors to decorating bookshelves, etc… Abd having moved a few times, I know you’ve been even very busy making your new house your home. Well done 🙂

    • Aww thank you so much, Moriah! I appreciate that! And yes…it has been very busy around here with the new house…just want it all done yesterday ha ha. XOXO

  4. I can’t believe how much you have accomplished in just 5 months in your new home. It looks so pretty decorated for Christmas!

    • Thank you, Paula! I want it all done so I can get back into my old routine. Thankfully we only have a handful of new house projects left to do! XOXO

  5. Everything is so beautiful! You always get just the right amount of “pretty” in a space: not too much, not too little. It’s bright and light, and warm and friendly all at the same time!


    Very festive! I like the picture frame with the clothespin – great idea for odd-shaped photos and the ability to change easily.

  7. Christy it is beautiful! I love the red accents! Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas!

  8. You are rockin it, Christy! So excited for you.

  9. Love your living room, and especially decked out in its Christmas finery! Your first Christmas in your new house, how special!

    You know the post I would like to see: what to buy in the after Christmas sales!
    I am thinking faux greenery, wrapping paper and ribbons, any signs with things like Merry Christmas on them, and more! Possibly that would give one an idea of their color scheme or theme for next year. Of course I have my family favorites that we use every year, but I do like to have some changes to make it unique. Just a thought 🙂

    • Thank you, Shelley! After Christmas I usually only go out if I have something specific in mind that I am looking for. I hit up Pier One for sure to look for those beautiful greenery bunches, and I usually check out Michaels as well. That is really it since I am too tempted to pick up other things that I don’t really need just because they are cheap! 🙂

  10. Michelle Kirsh says

    Your home is beautiful! So cozy and warm. Thx for sharing your talents and treasures. Merry Christmas!

  11. It looks very cozy and Christmas-y! Love the tree with its special ornaments. You’ve done a wonderful job pulling the room together. Beautiful!

  12. Beautiful- very warm and cozy. The sectional looks great and I love the new floors. I think you have accomplished more in 5 months than I have in 5 years! Have a wonderful Christmas.

  13. Your living room turned out beautifully, Christy. And the Christmas decor? Evergreen and red always makes me catch my breath. Very elegant indeed!

  14. Sherry Darlington says

    Your house is perfect! A little farm, a little beach & a lot of white! Perfect!

  15. It looks so festive and inviting, Christy! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  16. Christy! It’s such a beautiful space! Light, bright, airy with the perfect amount of colour. Gorgeous for Christmas and beyond! Merry Christmas, friend!

    • Thank you, sweet friend! I have really enjoyed decorating our new house so far. Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful boys! XOXO

  17. Wendy Somerville says

    Beautiful Christy. Very homey and warm looking. 😉

  18. It turned out beautiful. It’s so light and airy, great color combo. And your tree is so pretty. Great job!

  19. Sherry Stuifbergen says

    Your family room is gorgeous…look around at ALL the work you have accomplished! It has to give you a great sense of accomplishment! I love the “styled” built-in shelves, and I am SO glad you used ALL of your sectional…after all the work you put into the slipcovers! I bet you are the “envy” and wonder of all your friends, family and relatives! Don’t be into big a hurry for the “blank wall”…I didn’t even notice that. Yes, pops of red are so enlivening, a spark. You do good work, Christiy. MC!

    • Thank you, Sherry! Yes, I am very pleased with what we have gotten done so far! I’m so happy to have the sectional back together as well…it works well in this space. I’m taking your advice and not rushing the blank wall…an idea will come eventually! XOXO

  20. Debbie in TX says

    Looks so homey and inviting. You have really put a lot of work into your home since moving in, and it is simply beautiful. I love all the special personal touches in the living area, and the dining room chairs turned out great! Happy holidays! XO

  21. Robyn Wright says

    LOVE the pops of red. Really pretty and cozy. Can I come over? 🙂

  22. Linda Petersen says

    Hi????, the living room looks so festive! Friendly & inviting????. I love the tree & Santa greeting everyone who may come in ????????. Cute idea with the Christmas c

    • Thank you, Linda! So glad I picked up that Santa last year…adds a nice pop of red to the built-ins! XOXO

  23. Lovely, just lovely!!

  24. Linda Petersen says

    Yikes!! I hit the button by mistake before I finished. Sorry????. Anyway, the picture frame idea is really cute. I wanted to say how much I love the post on your Christmas village tradition????! Such a sweet story & it looks adorable. Precious that the boys love to help. Everything is beautiful lit up at night isn’t it, the village, tree, candles. Special times. XOXO, Linda

    • Oh ha ha…don’t you love it when that happens! I’m so happy you enjoyed the Christmas Village post…it is a really special tradition so it was a treat to share it with my some of my favorite people! Thank you! XOXO

  25. Looks like a magazine article! So perfectly lovely!

  26. Thank you so much for all you have shared all year,what a fun journey you’ve taken us on.Merry Christmas ???? P.S. I loved the village.

    • It is truly a treat to get to do what I love and I am thrilled that you have enjoyed it, Margie, thank you!! Merry Christmas! XOXO

  27. Lois Keffer says

    Dear Christy, Thank you for sharing how your charming home is coming together! Since I’m a writer, I’d love to see as many books as cute decor items on those shelves. The plainer books would make your lovely chosen items stand out more, methinks. And I’ve wondered if you’re going take down the distracting popcorn pattern from your ceilings? I would also love to see more warmth amongst all that white—but that’s just me. Your work is always tantalizing!

    • Thank you, Lois! How cool is it that you are a writer? I do love to read, but the books I read would not be pretty on the shelves unfortunately, mostly good mystery novels in paperback. That said, I do love how the pretty decorating books I do have on there look, and will continue to look for them in my thrifting outings. The ceiling is swirled plaster, and only stands out in photos when the light hits the pattern for some reason, so they will be staying. 🙂

  28. Absolutely Gorgeous! Every single thing! Love your tree and especially love the red and green you brought in for Christmas! I’m so old school and so are my kids, they have to have red and green. I tried to change it up one year and do more winter-y things but boy did I hear about it all through the holiday. Wishing you and your family the Happiest of Christmas’ in your new home, and the new year filled with Tons of Love, Heaps of Happiness and Loads of Laughter! Merry Christmas!!

    • Thank you so much, Amy! I too have tried to stray from the traditional Christmas colors to a more white Christmas, and I really missed the red! Never again! Thank you for all the encouraging words this year! Merry Christmas to you and yours!! XOXO

  29. The tree is so pretty and the room is so inviting! You’ve done a great job and I envy you of all the wonderful things you make and make over!

  30. So beautiful, Christy. So fresh and bright with just the right amount of colour pop! Love your tree–I love it when people add a mixture of ornaments that are personal to them. This is what makes your tree truly one-of-a-kind. Thanks for all your inspiration this year. Love your blog!!!! Merry Christmas.

    • Thank you so much, Carolyn! I treasure all the special memories our tree holds! Thank you for following along with me! Merry Christmas! XOXO

  31. Oh, so pretty! Everything you do is amazing!

  32. All your hard work has paid off. Everything looks gorgeous! Congratulations. I am sure your family is enjoying it all.

    • Thank you so much, Suzanne!! With a house full of boys, I think they might have been happy as it was ha ha, but I am truly enjoying seeing this house become our home! XOXO

  33. Norma Rolader says

    Oh so lovely and inviting … Thank you for sharing and allowing us in your festive home God bless and Merry Christmas to you and your family

  34. Christy , You inspire us all with your chalk painting and decorating style . Your new home is lovely . . . When checking you out to see what you have painted and how you have decorated, I find we have similar taste. I am changing a room at a time in the french/country theme and love it ! Your oldest son looks a great deal like you .
    MERRY CHRISTMAS . . . may you new home being you joy ,love and peace in the new year. Judy , from Monroe ,Wi .

  35. I know you will probably get sick of me saying this but, you truly are my inspiration. I look forward every week to your news letters and have tons of stuff I am working on to get ready for a booth in the spring at an antique store called the lighthouse. I look for junk everywhere and as I told you before I look at it and say what would Christy do lol. Beautiful job on the living room and the other areas of the house and thank you for inspiring so many. I am 56 and never thought I was good enough to do this stuff but have gotten great reviews on a dresser turned entertainment center. Look forward to seeing the rest of your house. Merry Christmas!

    • I appreciate your words so much, Bonnie, thank you! It is truly a dream to be able to do what I love and share it with amazing people like you! Congratulations on your new booth…how very exciting!! You never know if you can do something or not until you try, right?? Best of luck to you on your booth and Merry Christmas!! XOXO

  36. Love this room, Christy, as usual – so pretty! Those kitchen chairs are my favorite! I would love spending time visiting your Christmas Village and those sweet boys obviously love it too! Merry Christmas! 🙂

    • Thank you, Patty! Those chairs are favorites of mine as well! SO glad you enjoyed the Christmas Village! Merry Christmas! XOXO

  37. Susan Williams says

    So Beautiful! Well done, thanks for sharing!

    I love the curtains and would like them in a neutral color but the link did not load for me. Im not sure if it is my computer or the link. Could you please repost it or send it to me?

    FYI: Pier One already has their Christmas decor on sale and it is going fast! I bought a lot of the metallic wire Christmas spheres in various sizes and colors (small ones were $.50!). I also bought a set of the silver hand blown wine glasses at half price. Everything is 40-50% off. My Hobby Lobby shelves are almost bare with 50-66% off.

    Thanks agin for sharing!

    • Thank you, Susan! The link is not working for me either and when I tried to copy and paste it from their site into a new window, it still would not load. Enter this in the search box on the JC Penney website: “JCPenny Home Addison blackout grommet-top curtain panel” and that should take you to it. Looks like as of this morning, there is only an ivory color available. Good to know about Pier One, thank you! 🙂 XO

  38. Love it!! So pretty – everything – the decorations, the tree :-), all of the work you’ve done – just everything!

  39. I love your Christmas decor. I especially love your Christmas village. Enjoy looking forward to you next posts.

  40. Wow, very nice! You’ve done great on all this and really in a short time! It’s so inviting! I love all the photos and ornaments! everything is so pretty! Enjoy your holidays, Merry Christmas! 🙂

    • Thank you, Carrie! I am so pleased at how much we’ve gotten done…nothing like family visiting for the Holidays to give us a little push! Merry Christmas!! XOXO

  41. So beautiful, Christy! I love the floors. Good choice! XO

  42. A little late with viewing your post because I was working on my spare bedroom for my grandsons. It’s painted and border is up. Now we need to put up the bunk beds and the finishing touches. They are going to be so surprised. I just love your Christmas decorations and your house looks lovely!

    • Thank you, MaryJean! Your grandsons will love their new bedroom, and what a fun project! I know you enjoyed working on it! Merry Christmas! XOXO

  43. Christy your living room is beautiful. It is super clean and fresh with all the white and the pops of red make it look even better. The tree is stunning. I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and all the best for the new year!

  44. Everything looks so pretty and festive Christy!! And even more so in person! 😉 xoxo

  45. Congratulations on your new home. Your living room is beautiful, it’s so inviting. Happy New Year.

    • Thank you so much, Amy! Taking all my Christmas décor down today….missing the reds a bit! XO