Thrifty Basket Makeovers

Beautiful friends welcome back! Today I am back working through my Haul of Shame!

These two baskets have been hanging around as long as I can remember:

Let’s start with the one that gave me the most trouble:

It was marked 75¢, but it was late in the day at the yard sale where I found it, so the lady selling it said to just give her 50¢. I couldn’t not bring it home for two quarters, right? I’ve included a few affiliate links so you can find the products I love.

I started both makeovers by spray priming them with Rustoleum Spray Primer in my small spray tent:

Always spray prime baskets first so the paint doesn’t flake off later. I may have learned that lesson the hard way!

Then for this one, I was thinking pink but decided I would attempt to add a diamond pattern around the sides of the lid in white:

I didn’t get a photo of what it looked like when I removed the tape, but let’s just say it didn’t look good. At all. Sometimes the weave of the basket can interfere with the pattern. (Yeah, we’ll blame it on that.)

So I painted in where the “diamonds” had been:

Except, I still didn’t love the pink, not even a little. I don’t ever use Krylon as I don’t care for the smell, but on my first pass of the pink, it pelted the front of my basket with a rough texture. That never happens with Rustoleum.

When I removed the tape from the strap in the front, the white was too white against the pink. See? My projects don’t always go as planned, but I just keep working until I get something I’m happy with!

So I sanded the rough texture off the front a bit and back to white it went!

Yard sale basket makeover with paint and fabric from

There is just something about a white painted basket. This is primer only.

Yard sale basket makeover with paint and fabric from

I added a little tag to the front that I painted with the help of my silhouette cameo:

Yard sale basket makeover with paint and fabric from

The color is The Gulf from Dixie Belle mixed with a little Cotton.

Yard sale basket makeover with paint and fabric from

The inside looked like this before:

It probably held a child’s picnic set at one time. I removed that liner and used it as a pattern to make a new one:

Yard sale basket makeover with paint and fabric from

My rotary cutter and cutting mat set make it so easy to make those straight cuts.

Instead of breaking out my sewing machine this time, I used hot glue, so NO SEWING required!

Yard sale basket makeover with paint and fabric from

I have this cordless glue gun that uses my Ryobi batteries.

Yard sale basket makeover with paint and fabric from

Then I folded the top edge down and hot glued it to the top of the inside of the basket.

Yard sale basket makeover with paint and fabric from


Yard sale basket makeover with paint and fabric from

It’s perfect for holding nail polishes!

I used a scrap piece of fabric to wrap around the handle as well…

Yard sale basket makeover with paint and fabric from


Yard sale basket makeover with paint and fabric from

I really did try to go in a new direction, but it just wasn’t meant to be!

Yard sale basket makeover with paint and fabric from

Next is this basket that I picked up for $2.98 at the thrift store:

I like that it had a unique shape to it, so although $3 seemed a bit much for it at the time, I bought it anyway.

This one also got spray primed, but then I gave it another coat of spray primer to really coat it good. Then I decided to paint the sides in a mix of Vintage Duck Egg Blue and Cotton that I still had from when I painted this ornate shelf

$3 Thrift Store basket gets a coastal makeover from

One coat did the trick, then I decided to stripe it using FrogTape because adding stripes is such an easy way to add a coastal feel to something.

$3 Thrift Store basket gets a coastal makeover from

I gave it two coats of Cotton and removed the tape immediately after applying the second coat. You can see also that I swapped out the knob.

And here is how this cutie turned out:

$3 Thrift Store basket gets a coastal makeover from

I decided to give this one a sign to hang on the front:

$3 Thrift Store basket gets a coastal makeover from

I made that one with the help of my Silhouette as well. I secured it in place using craft wire. I just drilled a small hole in the upper corners of either side and fed the wire through the hole on one side and through the basket weave, then brought it out the other side. I wrapped the ends of the wire into a small “coils” using needle-nosed pliers.

And you can see the striped sides here too.

I lightly sanded all over with 220 grit sandpaper and then sealed the sign and the sides with Dixie Belle’s Best Dang Wax in Clear. I don’t mind using wax for smaller items. There is no need to seal spray paint.

$3 Thrift Store basket gets a coastal makeover from


$3 Thrift Store basket gets a coastal makeover from


$3 Thrift Store basket gets a coastal makeover from

I threw a few shells in this one…

$3 Thrift Store basket gets a coastal makeover from

But…it is actually on our coffee table now holding the remotes and my glasses…you know…things!

$3 Thrift Store basket gets a coastal makeover from

So this one is a keeper!

In fact, I moved this whole tray to our coffee table as is!

$3 Thrift Store basket gets a coastal makeover from

Now it’s definitely worth $3, right?

$3 Thrift Store basket gets a coastal makeover from


$3 Thrift Store basket gets a coastal makeover from

That’s TWO more items tackled from my Haul of Shame YAY!!!

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You can find all my basket makeovers HERE!

I’ll see ya’ll back here on Thursday with this tray:

UPDATE: See how I updated this tray HERE now! 



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  1. Denise V Cox says

    You little stinker!!! They are both Lovely!! And, if you recall, costal is my favorite decor theme! I wish we were best buds and lived close together… ????. What can I do to achieve the same affect as I don’t have aSilhouet? That first basket was my favorite!!
    See ya later.. ????

  2. Mary Kaiser says

    I love how both of your baskets turned out, they are so adorable. I think that your white baskets are always so beautiful. I know you try to mix it up with other colors but white is my favorite. Your tutorials are great and people can mix it up with other colors if they like, but its not for me. You are simply the best!!

    • Thank you, Mary! White is my favorite as well and sometimes, I just need to stick to it. You’re right…others can incorporate any color they like! You’re the best! XOXO

  3. Robin Stephens says

    Stellar, per usual! ????

  4. Very nice 🙂 and I like the sign “things” – perfect!!!

  5. Christina in SW FL says

    Wow, Christy, these little baskets are gorgeous! Great job! Love the new lining to the one basket and trimming the handle was a great idea.
    The swing up lid basket turned out so charming. Well worth the $3 now after your spa treatment.

    • Thank you, Christina! I have the most fun with these smaller projects! “Spa treatment” Ha ha! I like that! XOXO

  6. Christy both of these baskets are amazing. I’m glad you kept working on the first one because it came out great! I could use a basket for my nail polish! Great projects!!

    • Thank you so much, Susan! Yeah, that pink just wasn’t working for me…I’m glad I kept going too! That one is perfect for nail polish! 🙂 XOXO

  7. Both are so super cute! I am a basket addict (aka. basket case ????)

  8. Cecilia from Georgia says

    Both of these are precious. I get so frustrated with wicker because I can’t get a good coverage????. You seem to always have great pieces. Your little “things” sign is so you. Love it! Have a great weekend! Can’t wait to see who wins the super giveaway!

    • Thank you, Cecelia! If you turn your pieces upside down and spray them first, then put them right side up and spray them, you’ll get them from both directions and get better coverage. Hope that helps! Enjoy your weekend too!! XOXO

  9. sharon austin says

    Super cute! I have baskets in my stash!! LOL

  10. Well done! Those both came out as beauties! Maybe I CAN salvage that basket in my storage room… That fabric wrapped handle gives such a pretty punch of color to the first basket, and the second one has a pretty and unique shape, I can see why you’re keeping it!

    • Thank you, Becky! I know we say it all the time, but it really is amazing how paint can save something! Have a great weekend! XOXO

  11. I absolutely love those basket make overs! How adorable! I have 2 baskets I’ve kept forever in storage and now have the inspiration to make them cute!!

    • Thank you, Debbie! It’s amazing what just to coat of paint can do for a basket. Have fun with yours! XOXO

  12. You never cease to amaze me! I love how you turn trash into treasures! Your trash/treasures can make their way to Ohio and into my Home! In fact, I have two old picnic baskets waiting on me to transform into treasures! Thank you for your inspirations!
    PS. You are able to purchase your trash much cheaper than my trash! Love your ideas!

    • Aww thank you, Pam! Ha ha! Bust those bad boys out and get them done! I do get lucky with finding deals…some stores are better than others, but it all depends on what the people in the back think something is worth. Most of what I buy probably looks like junk to them ha ha! XOXO

  13. Janice Holt says

    It is hard to chose which basket I like best. I’m just going to say both of them. Great job.

  14. You always add those gorgeous special touches to your upcycles, Christy. Both baskets are just lovely! Love how you decoupaged fabric on the handle of the one basket.

  15. Constance Colvin says

    Aw Christy these are sooooo cute! I especially love the stripes!

  16. Super cute Christy!

  17. I don’t care how many baskets you re-do, they always look great! Thank You

  18. Marcie Lovett says

    They’re both so sweet now! The fabric lining is a lovely surprise and I noticed you even painted the inside sides of the other basket. No detail overlooked here!

    I hate when spray paint leaves bumpy texture on things. I usually don’t have a preferred brand, so I’ll try to remember to stick with Rustoleum. There won’t be much painting going on around though, here since it’s so hot out. I hope you’re staying cool in the pool between projects!

    • Thanks, Marcie! Yep, spray paint makes it easy to get the inside while I’m at it. Now you know if I didn’t plan on selling these pieces, I might not tackle those insides LOL! And yes Rustoleum is my favorite, but they didn’t have a soft pink in s satin boo. I plan on spending all weekend poolside! XOXO

  19. Love your work! I was wondering how you attached the sign to the basket. Maybe I missed it somewhere in your post.

    • Thank you, Anita! I’m sorry I didn’t mention that. I attached it with craft wire. I drilled holes in the sign and poked the wire right through the basket. Hope that helps! XOXO

  20. I think your little baskets are purses from the late 50,s and 60,s The second one is missing it’s handle .

    • Maybe! The idea behind trying pink on one of them was so that a little girl could use it as a purse perhaps…so that could be true! XOXO

  21. Janet Schen says

    I really like the way you redid these baskets! You are just so clever and crafty!

  22. Sue H Mellette says

    You are so clever. I love the white baskets, and the details that you add make them even more special. You are so talented!I always get inspired reading your blog and seeing your pictures. Your styling and photography are outstanding. How do come up with all these ideas?! Thank you for sharing.

  23. Carole Larsen says

    I love both of these baskets. I always want to hide things like remotes, etc. so they aren’t just lying around. Why not have a beautiful basket sitting on your coffee table

  24. I am a basket addict as well, you name it, I will buy it. Perfect for carrying things. You always do such a beautiful job on all your projects. Love them so much. Look forward to all your posts. Keep up the great work Christy!

    • Thank you, Darlene! At least baskets are functional too, right? Doesn’t make us feel so bad about hoarding them ha ha! XOXO

  25. You have been such an inspiration to me! I have done over a few things that I had on hand that just didn’t like any more but now I LOVE! Also my garage sale this past Saturday was a huge success! We sold almost everything we had in spite of the 95 degree heat. I followed so many of your tips for hosting a sale. I told my hubby it was the best, most pleasant sale we have ever had. Will you be featuring any of your Dixie Belle products in future makeovers? I visited your etsy shop but I am not sure what some of the products are used for! Thank you!

    • Thank you so much, Jo Ann! I love hearing that you have been inspired to give your own home a lift! And congratulations on a successful sale! It’s a lot of prep work, but so worth the effort. Thank you for sharing! I have been using only Dixie Belle products for the most part since I opened my Etsy shop, and I haven’t had a chance to try everything myself, but I’m working on it for sure. Have a fantastic week! XOXO

  26. You are an inspiration, Christy. I love the baskets and will attempt a basket upscale with a basket that needs some love. Where did you purchase the green and pink fabric for the white basket?
    Thank you for sharing this project!


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