Small Silver Tray Makeover & The Haul of Shame

Hello beautiful friends!! Today is the day!! The day I cross off the final piece of this Summer’s huge hall that came out of my storage room, AKA The Haul of Shame!!

I almost forgot about this little cutie until I was looking at the photo to see what was left. I found this while Nancy and I were thrifting last time:

You can see me finding it here in our last thrifting video if you like:


(See how I redid that chair I found HERE!)

If you’re new around here, Nancy is my blogging bestie and enjoys thrifting as much as I do. She blogs over at Artsy Chicks Rule, and every few months we get together to go thrifting and record our shopping trip to share with you! You can see all of our videos in the My Videos tab or visit them HERE also.

Okay so there are only so many things you can do with a silver tray, especially one that is so petite. I made a larger one over earlier this Spring. You can see that one HEREI’ve included a few affiliate links so you can find the products I love.

I chose to give this one a simple paint job:

Silver thrift store tray painted with Dixie Belle paint


Silver thrift store tray painted with Dixie Belle paint

I started with a good wipe down with Lysol wipes. Then I primed with Rustoleum’s spray primer using my small spray shelter to keep the spray contained:

You can also see I have a brand new lazy susan. My last one was huge and was a steal at only $2 at the thrift store. It worked amazingly well when spray painting. However, guess who threw it away??

I know you know who did it!  I swear my Hubby would throw everything away if he could. He said he thought it was trash. Mm-hmm sure. I made him buy me a new one, and it was a lot more than $2 this time! I found this one HERE on Amazon.

I gave my tray plenty of time to dry and then painted it in two coats of Driftwood mixed with 30% Cotton.

Silver thrift store tray painted with Dixie Belle paint

I love this color combo…it’s like the perfect neutral!

I lightly sanded it and sealed it with Dixie Belle’s White Wax so I could leave some in the crevices of the handles and feet:

Silver thrift store tray painted with Dixie Belle paint

A little tray like this could be used for so many things, but here it is the perfect size to hold napkins:

Silver thrift store tray painted with Dixie Belle paint

The feet are the sweetest!

Silver thrift store tray painted with Dixie Belle paint


Silver thrift store tray painted with Dixie Belle paint




Silver thrift store tray painted with Dixie Belle paint


Silver thrift store tray painted with Dixie Belle paint

And that’s it!! The final piece of this haul is complete!

Here’s a look back at all the makeovers from This Haul of Shame!

I started this group way back in June with Grandma’s Side Table in a beautiful fresh Farmhouse Green:

Antique Side table painted in Dixie Belle's Cotton and Farmhouse Green from

Then my old neighbor’s Sewing Machine Table got a fresh new look with the help of a transfer and Dixie Belle’s In the Navy:

This $6 Thrift Store Bench lost its mildew and gained some confidence with a beachy new look Vintage Duck Egg Blue mixed with Cotton:

Then this $6 Rrooster Lamp was brought up to date with a much needed redo and a new shade:

Update an old lamp with paint and a new shade!

It’s amazing what a new shade can do!

All this sad chair needed was a couple of fresh coats of Cotton:

$10 Yard Sale Chair Painted in Dixie Belle Cotton from

One of my favorites was this Drop Leaf Table that I was suffering from a bout of amnesia over:

Drop leaf table white washed and sealed with Dixie Belle's clear satin topcoat, VIDEO included!

I gave the top a white wash treatment using Dixie Belle’s Up in Smoke as a base and I also shared how I apply sealer using a sponge on this piece!

This sad Child’s Wicker Rocker got a sweet new look with a new-to-me spray paint:

Child's wicker rocker spray painted in French Blue by Rust-Oleum.

Then this $2 Thrift Store Box got some Fluff and became someone’s secret stash box:

$2 Thrift store box makeover from

Okay this might be my favorite… I love how this $5 Estate Sale Stool got a sophisticated new look:

How to Tuft a wooden stool from

I actually did that harlequin thing to it…good thing our styles evolve, eh?

I used this thrift store stool to share how I apply a whitewash finish using a couple of awesome Dixie Belle products:

How to whitewash furniture from

Then I shared Two Thrifty Basket Makeovers…this one:

Yard sale basket makeover with paint and fabric from

And this one:

$3 Thrift Store basket gets a coastal makeover from

I kept the second one. 🙂

Every haul seems to have a couple of baskets in it, but they also usually include a tray as well.

Here’s a Thrift Store Tray I updated using  a little shiplap:

Thrift Store Tray made over with shiplap from

Okay this $7 Headboard turned Bench for real is my favorite:

How to make a headboard bench without a footboard.

This color is Fluff and by the way, it did fit in my Hubby’s truck…yay! And darn it…would have been a great excuse to keep it!

I sat on this $3 Thrift Store Tray forever and then inspiration finally struck with the help of a little Caviar and my Silhouette:

How to turn a thrift store tray into a house number sign!

I couldn’t be more pleased with that one!

And earlier this week you saw how I redid this $7 Thrift Store Shelf in Savannah Mist:

Sweet cottage-inspired shelf painted in Savannah Mist by Dixie Belle.

Can you believe most of these pieces spent years in my stash?

Do you have a favorite??

I actually pulled a few more things from my storage room that I could give quick makeovers to just to get them done and out of there. This night table is one of them:

I redid this back in 2013 when my blog was just an itty bitty baby. It was a bit bold for my taste today, so I decided to tone it down a bit. I’ll be back with this makeover and my Furniture Fixer Upper friends on Thursday!

UPDATE: No need to wait woohoo!! See how I gave this night table a sophisticated new look HERE!

See ya’ll then!



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  1. Mary Kaiser says

    How do you pick a favorite one thing from such an array of beautiful things? They are all my favorite, as you are my favorite also!! Congratulations on your achievement of finishing your haul of shame!! I can’t believe your hubby threw out your turn table, and good for you making him buy you new one, hopefully he learned his lesson.

    • Aww you are so sweet, Mary! Thank you for always being so encouraging!! I am thrilled to call this haul done for sure, and yes I won’t say the hubby learned his lesson, but I don’t think he was too happy about losing $30 lol! XOXO

  2. It’s so pretty now! I’m imagining it with Christmas decor in it to decorate the table! Well done.

  3. Janice Holt says

    Love the tray. I see them at thrifts stores all the time but haven’t found one yet with the feet. Still looking. Enjoyed all the makeovers.

    • Thank you, Janice! My stores are filled with silver serving pieces, but yes, the ones with the pretty feet are a bit harder to come by! XOXO

  4. I love how the white wax highlights the crevices in the feet and handles. This is a great way to enjoy an old piece of silver plate that no one wants to polish or a pice where it just won’t shine anymore.

    • Thank you, Paula! If I had a nice complete set of silver serving pieces, I’m not sure I would paint it, but this is certainly a fun way to renew those odd pieces! XOXO

  5. Denise V Cox says

    I love this sweet little tray, Christy!! I have several of these trays.. . SURPRISINGLY ENOUGH… LOL..because my Goodwil usually has plenty of them. I’m going to do this!!!
    Thank – you for sharing,
    Your newest, but most DEVOTED fan,
    Denise… from the SHORE… 😘

  6. Lorri Rauscher says

    I just love looking at all your lovely transformations. I think the one I like best is the tufted stool. I also love the drop leaf table. Do you have more treasures in your storage area?

    • Thank you so much, Lorri! I do love those as well, and I kept the stool. 🙂 I do have more things in my storage room if you can believe it! I’m starting on a few more of those and I’ll be sharing what I have to make over next on Thursday! XOXO

  7. Cute cute
    You know what that means Christy….
    Time for a rehaul !! Nancy clear your calendar.
    Ya know you two could come to Charlottesville. It’s not that far away and we have a HUGE NEW Goodwill. Just sayin’

    • Ha ha! Thank you, Cheryl! I have started looking a bit, but first I have a few more things from my storage room to do…if you can believe it, there is more lol! Charlottesville isn’t too far away at all! XOXO

  8. Deborah Derden says

    I like most of the things you paint, but I just can’t figure out why anyone would paint a silver tray. Wooden trays, yes, but why cover up the silver? I feel like painting a silver piece tends to “cheapen” it.

    • Thanks, Deborah! If I had a full set of beautiful silver, I most likely wouldn’t touch it. But for these few odd pieces I find, why not? The silver works well in a serving capacity, but painting it gives it a softer look that works well in any room, and our thrift stores are full of these silver serving pieces! I appreciate your thoughts though! XOXO

  9. Lisa Chambers says

    Hi love all the makeovers that you do and I follow them closely, so my question is…where did you get the little feet for the metal tray??

  10. This little tray is SO sweet! What a beautiful job. Congrats on completing the clear out of the Haul of shame….not you can start “collecting” again! lol

    • Thank you so much, Claudine! I am thrilled to have this group done for sure, but unfortunately, there is more where this came from ha ha. I have been shopping a bit though! XOXO

  11. Christy, I enjoy all your posts & try to imagine how you would repurpose things when I hit the thrift stores:). I’ll be in the hunt for a tray now for sure, I’m hosting a bridal shower and this would be perfect.

    • Thank you so much, Sandra! Oh yes, this would be lovely for a bridal shower! You could find a few odd silver pieces and paint them all to match…that would be lovely! XOXO

  12. Cheryl Atkinson says

    Hi Christy. this was a fun haul!! My favorites are always the baskets and trays. You always make them look so pretty. I remember you saying you like the trays that have the little feet. I need to remember to look for the legs because i pass up alot of silver trays. I do however have my own haul of shame of just trays that i need to make pretty and i’m blaming you. 🙂 Thank you

    • Thank you, Cheryl! This was a tough one for me because I have long lost my motivation for many of these items, but I am so thrilled that it is complete! Yes, Keep an eye out for trays with the feet…they are the sweetest! And ha ha…I’ll take the blame, but sounds like you need to get to work lol! XOXO

  13. Mary Loveland says

    Christy, I think my favorite has to be the bench, it is totally gorgeous. The biggest surprise was the little “secret stash” box, how cool is that! I am also always shocked at how good wicker looks when you paint it, very good way to save those baskets and make them beautiful and useful.
    Keep both your eyes on hubs, he’ll probably sneak something into the trash when you aren’t looking, yahoo!

    • Thank you, Mary! It was fun seeing the bench come to life! And the smaller projects like the box and baskets often surprise me! Yes…need to keep my eyes on that Hubs of mine ha ha! XOXO

  14. Good idea painting silver trays. May I suggest next time you use a paint called Rethunk Junk. It has its own build in satin finish, so you don’t have to wax or apply another finish. I hate the chalky feel of the Dixie Bell paint.

  15. Hi Christy! I hope you are going thrifting again and gain a new haul! I look forward to Tuesday’s and Thursday’s posts! Love your work and the details you add so we can copy your work! You are AMAZINGSAUCE!!!😜

    • Thank you SO much, Pam!! You bet I am…working on another small group of things from my storage room and I actually started shopping for the next big haul!! That’s the most fun part! XOXO

  16. I love them all, how rewarding to accomplish all that so beautifully. I want to be like you someday 😁

  17. Paint makes everything better and that is absolutely perfect!! Napkin holder, love it! xoxo

  18. Lovely! All of these were great, but I think the sewing table was my favorite. 🙂 I just painted a phonograph table turned desk after a failed attempt to repair, strip, and stain it (it was horribly, horribly beat up and the veneer had broken off all over it). I enjoyed looking through your archive for inspiration as I refreshed it! 😉
    I must admit, it gives me great pain to think of your husband throwing away a -ack!- $2 lazy susan and having to replace it with a $30 one! Why, oh, why, would he do something like that… didn’t he know how useful it was to you? Heartbreaking. ;o

    • Thank you, Mariele! I know you tried your best to save the wood on that desk, but sometimes it just doesn’t work out, so paint to the rescue! I was so mad at him for tossing my lazy susan!! Hopefully, after being $30 poorer, he will think twice next time! It was covered in layers of paint so I sincerely think he thought it was trash! XOXO

  19. Kimberly Wollmer says

    Yay! Time to go shopping to fill up the Hall again! All of the makeovers turned out so beautiful.

  20. I love everything you do!. I could not pick just one, but I particularly like what you did with the tray – I found a similar one and wanted to paint it, so now I have the inspiration to do it. I also am fond of your smaller makeovers- the baskets are so precious and you just nail them both.

    I do have a question. I also love the table runner that you have placed under your tray. Is that another one of your creations? BTW can’t wait to see your next makeover! Thanks as always for sharing.

  21. Cecilia from Georgia says

    You’re amazing! You pump out more pieces in a week than I can in 2 months! I’m sure your booth is benefiting from your cleaning out the storage room. If I had to choose a favorite it would be the wicker child’s rocker. The color and stripes just make me smile. All the pieces are lovely and I have learned so much during this phase of your blog. XOXO

    • Aww I appreciate that so much, Cecilia! Thank you! You are right…I have been able to keep my booth humming, but I had such a great Summer of sales that it is looking mighty sad at the moment. I’m in search of a couple of larger pieces to help fill it back up. I’m so glad you like the rocker…it turned out so sweet! XOXO

  22. Laura Sylvester says

    Small but elegant. You are such an inspiration to me Christy. I can’t tell you how many times I save things out of the trash that my husband put there before it was hauled away! 🙂 over the summer I collected so many items to work on. I’m at the point where I need to stop bringing things home and start working on them. I look at your Instagram all the time for inspiration but now I need to get moving. I’m having such a hard time trying to figure out what to do on each piece. You have such a good eye for what would make something look absolutely beautiful. Wish me luck!

    • Wow thank you so much, Laura! Your kind words mean so much to me! My pieces usually evolve as I go so when I’m stumped, I just start painting and the ideas come! Good luck with your treasures! XOXO

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